Digital Marketing Trends to Know For 2017

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Digital marketing is currently one of the most lucrative businesses you can get into and this trend will only continue throughout 2017. Social media advertising as well as every other form of online marketing always leaves room for innovation and devising new strategies to get your brand known.

If you’re just stepping into this world, then there are basics that you should cover, but it’s also paramount to keep up with the latest tendencies of this ever-changing world. Without further ado, here are some  marketing trends that will continue to develop and grow in 2017.

5 Digital Marketing Trends 2018


Have Clear Goals

This has always been one of the basic rules of marketing, as well as life in general. Everything starts with your product and the goal you have set for it. First of all, whatever you’re promoting or selling has to have good quality, otherwise any initial success you might have will soon turn into ashes, because you will lose your clients quickly. Second, you have to have a formulated and applicable marketing campaign that gives attainable goals and measurable results.

Finally, even though you should stay true to your strategy, within your plans should always be some room for innovation and new trends that might come up along the way. With time, you’ll come to understand how the world of digital marketing works and then it will be much easier for you not only to follow the fluctuations, but also predict them and find ways to fit them into your strategy.

Make Your Peace with Paying

We’ve seen far too many business owners who believe that they won’t have to pay for their digital marketing endeavors, because they’re certain they can simply use social networks to promote their work for free. We hate to burst your bubble (but you should really know better by now), but social media won’t help you get more eyes on your brand unless you put some cash in it.

If you decide not to pay for post boosting and other forms of advertising on the networks, barely 10% of your followers will be able to see it, which pretty much amounts to nothing. Decide on a budget you want to spend every month on your campaign and monitor how well it works. Are the results you’re getting from your investment worthy of the money you’re spending? If not, edit and adapt accordingly, it will need some time until you get it right but once you do, you’re golden.

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Hire People Who Know More Than You

Having an effective marketing campaign requires a lot of knowledge and experience and unless you’re a marketing expert yourself, considering one or a whole team of them, if you can. The most successful businessmen know how important it is to surround themselves with people who are not only good at their job, but also uniquely fit the needs of their company.

You want to do the same – having someone professional that keeps close accounts on how your digital marketing efforts are coming along will mean you’ve got someone accountable for everything that is going on in that sphere. Unfortunately, too many people still believe that they don’t need a professional to deal with their marketing campaign and you by hiring one will momentarily be at the top of the game comparing to your competitors.

Pay Attention to Your Internet Security

Unless you want to deal with cybercriminals who are constantly finding victims among businesses, you need to take some precautionary measures to protect yourself, as well as your business transactions. Digital marketing in itself requires frequent online money transactions and you want to be sure that your sensitive bank account details are in check.

Also, you’ll want to protect your clients’ trust because security breach within your business can momentarily mean that their privacy is endangered as well and that is a certain way to lose many customers and fast.

Having strong security software should be one of your primary concerns and you should also think about getting a virtual private network (VPN) that will protect your privacy whenever you’re online. Picking the best VPN might be a bit challenging,

because there are dozens of providers out there, but once you determine what you need, it will be easier to pick a VPN that fits your requirements. Digital marketing exposes you to a great deal of threats, so be sure to do all in your power to stay protected at all times.

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Communication with Influencers

As you well know, social networks are based on the feeling of community, the feeling that everyone belongs somewhere, even if it’s in the virtual realm. For your digital marketing needs, you should do your best to make contact with some of most important figures in your niche.

Becoming closer with influencers of the community in which your business is trying to find its place paves the path to having those important names mention what good work you’re doing and share that information with thousands of their followers.

Nourishing these relationships takes time and patience (and sometimes money), but the benefits you could reap are nothing short from extraordinary. With one mention from an influencer you can get results that would otherwise take months of hard work, which is a pretty sweet deal.

Digital marketing era is here to stay and you’d be wise to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible. Always keep in mind that most things in this area a marathon, not a sprint, so you’ll have to be patient and diligent to witness some seriously good results.

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