The Different Types Of Hosting For Your WordPress Website

When first starting out with your website and are looking to have it online, you are more likely to cut a few corners as a startup – and that may include opting for the cheapest or most convenient shared hosting package that your budget or immediate preference or needs call for at the moment, and put it at the back of your mind afterwards.

After some time has passed and your website has managed to become a success and gain a considerable amount of audience and following, your ought to look into upgrading your hosting to a managed solution. You may not realize this, but your initial existing hosting package may be making your website perform slowly, which is more than likely to be hurting your audiences’ experiences and perceptions, as well as your bottom line.

Audiences in recent years are documented to have decreasing attention spans, which means that they are less willing to spare the time to wait for slow-loading websites. In fact, any more than 2 seconds of loading is bound to lost their attention. This translates to your potential audience spend less time browsing your website, and this negatively affects conversions according to studies.

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While your website may also be slow due to a number of factors – off-the-shelf theme that is too old for your website, numerous plugins that eat up bandwidth, or having an image-heavy website full of high-resolution images that take a couple of seconds to load – your hosting still plays a major role in terms of your website speed. Even with the other factors not being applicable, if your hosting is not optimal for your website and its needs, you are continually playing a losing hand.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t remedy the situation. Even though the topic of website hosting may be daunting to website owners who have very little knowledge about it, information is but within reach. Learning what you can about them in order to make a sound decision is your first step into furthering your website’s performance.

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According to WPShrug’s infographic, there are several types of hosting, as seen below:

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