How to Choose the Right Hosting Platform For WordPress Website?

In simple words, hosting is a place on the server where a website is physically located. Such a server is always connected to the Internet so that users can access your website 24*7/365 days.

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How to Choose the Right Hosting Platform?

Those who are going to create websites often face the problem of choosing the right hosting platform. In fact, there are many hosting companies on the market.

All of them make tall claims about their features and functionalities. Sometimes, even the best hosting server fails to meet your demands fully.

A good hosting server promises at least 90% to 99% website uptime, quick loading speed of the site or its pages, protection from different types of online security threats, and helps visitors to find the desired stuff quickly.

All these are necessary for constant business growth. So, how to choose the right hosting server for your WordPress website. Let’s find out how to choose the right hosting platform.

1. Determine Your Hosting Needs At First

You will never get the right web hosting service without knowing your needs very well. Therefore, think about what you really need before choosing a hosting company. Consider the following questions carefully:

  • What type of website you are creating?
  • Do you want to add a blog, plugin or extension on your application?
  • Do you need an application for windows?
  • Do you need support for a specific script?
  • Does your site need special software?
  • Overall traffic estimate? etc.

Be clear about all these questions to choose a good hosting company. If you run a large business website or E-commerce portal, then a dedicated server may be required to manage a large amount of traffic.

If your website is new, start with a good shared hosting account. Always keep in mind that shared hosting account is cheap, easy to maintain and sufficient for most new sites.

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It also allows you to focus on the core activities of websites without worrying about other server-side tasks, such as database maintenance and server security.

These days, almost all hosting plans scalable. It is best to start with small packages and move to a bigger package when your website starts getting lots of traffic every day.

2. Server Location

Be sure to find out the geographical location of the server on which you want to run your website. It is always recommended to choose a local server for website operation. It will help users to access your website quickly on all devices. If you choose a server away from your location, the loading speed and performance of the website is affected adversely.

3. Website Uptime Ratio

 All websites are supposed to remain live 24*7/365 days. But, it doesn’t happen. Website downtimes happen from time-to-time. During such periods, your website remains unavailable to users. It results in a great loss to the business and reduced trust in your brand.

Therefore, individuals tend to choose a hosting server with maximum uptime. In simple words, it is the percentage of server uptime for a specific time duration. In other words, uptime means the availability of your site on the web-the time when server works without failures.

It is almost impossible to achieve 100% uptime. High uptime is an indicator of the stability and reliability of a hosting server. It displays the percentage of time when the server works without errors and was accessible to Internet users.

So, it is important to choose a server with excellent uptime rate. Try to know ​​how often technical problems occur on the server and how quickly they are eliminated by the service provider.

4. Data Transfer Speed

A novice webmaster worries a lot about this aspect. Actually, this is a small nuance which is worth thinking about if you have a pretty big site and you are not satisfied with the loading speed of your website for some reasons.

Choose a good-quality server which promises excellent data transfer speed. It makes your website faster and helps users to find the desired stuff easily and effortlessly.

5. Reputation in the Market

 Always keep in mind that reviews of real customers are one of the most objective evidence of the quality of the services provided in any field. And, hosting companies are no exception to it.

People who are satisfied with the quality of the services provided to them give positive reviews and recommend a particular company to their friends and colleagues. If a client is dissatisfied, he/she will give negative reviews.

Therefore, while choosing a hosting company, always consider the opinions of those people who have already used its services. This will help you to make a smart selection easily and effortlessly.

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6. Free Trial Period

Before giving preference to any hosting company, check its free trial period. Good hosting companies that are confident of the quality of their services provide a free trial period to customers for a certain time to let customers verify the legitimacy of the advertising text and capabilities in reality.

The trial period will allow you to understand whether the service provided by the company suits your needs perfectly or not. Take a decision accordingly.

7. Traffic Limits

 It is important to understand that you need to configure the CMS yourself from time-to-time. In order to use WordPress easily, you will have to get acquainted with the system settings.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a hosting company that allows you the ability to edit the basis, parameters of PHP, MySQL, e-mail, etc. Be careful about this while choosing the hosting company.

8. Technical Support Service

Sooner or later, you will need the technical support service to operate your WordPress website. Professional and friendly support staff can help you deal with the technical glitches of the WordPress website & keep your website in functional mode at all times. Adequate, fast and competent technical support is the identity mark of good hosting companies.

9. Consider Hosting Company Experience Seriously

The longer a hosting company is in the market for providing hosting services, the more the trust factor will be. After the long-term work period, an enormous and invaluable experience, professionalism and knowledge are accumulated.

All these lacks in start-up companies. Apart from this, the long life of the hosting company in the market serves as a definite guarantee of its reliability and stability to users.

Final Remarks.

Consider all these factors while choosing a hosting company for your website. Weigh the pros and cons of different hosting companies to make a good selection. A standalone blog or website requires a good hosting server to perform as per your expectations. Best of Luck!

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