Top 10 PNG To JPG Online Converter

As you know, both the PNG and JPG or (JPEG) are the most prevalent image formats that support the digital image. Even though they are using the image as the input file, both are having major differences. Listing here ten convert jpg to png software that are worth using.

The biggest feature of Portable Network Graphics (PNG) supports transparency while the JPG is a lossy compressed image format. In the JPG image format, unnecessary information will be permanently deleted. As the PNG is using the lossless compression image formats, the unnecessary information will not get deleted instead it will be compressed.

Best Tools to Convert png to jpg

A vast number of people are approaching the online websites to convert the PNG to JPG file format. Plenty of online converters are available and you have to select the best PNG to JPG file convert for the conversion without any loss. The article contains the top 10 PNG to JPG converter online that are having higher popularity.

1. ZamZar

Even though many online platforms are available for the conversion of the PNG to JPG, the ZamZar is always top on the list. In addition to the local image, the ZamZar will support and convert the image file of PNG to JPG from anywhere on the internet source without going for the download.

All you need to do is copy the URL of the PNG image and paste it in the online converter. Once after you complete the copy paste action, ZamZar will take the further steps to convert the image file from PNG to JPG format. When you want to convert the file from your local desktop, you can make use of the drop options and go for the PNG to JPG file conversion.

2. png2jpg

convert jpg to png online

As the name indicates, this online tool to convert png to jpg is exclusively meant for the conversion of the PNG files to the JPG file format. Whenever you want to choose the online converter tool that is free from registration and available in free source, you can go to

If you reach the online server, you can notice the UPLOAD FILES button, when you click on it, the online server will navigate to your local device. You have to choose the PNG images that you want to convert and then press the open button.

Once the PNG image is loaded on the server, you can download the JPG files after a few seconds. If you want to convert more than one file, you have to keep on choosing the number of files and the converter will continuously convert the files.

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3. Cloudconvert

Cloudconvert is another PNG to JPG image converter. Whenever you want to convert the image without reducing its resolution, quality, you can go for the cloudconvert image converter. In the online server, it will have the option to choose the input file and be able to download the converted file from the download option.

In addition to the free version, if you want to have the advanced and pro version of cloudconvert, you can purchase their service by paying considering amounts. You are able to know about the payment plans in the pricing strategies that are present on the website.

4. Ezgif

convert jpg to png online

Ezgif is one of the easiest and user-friendly online tools to convert PNG to JPG image format. In addition to the JPG, if you want to do some optimization in GIF, you can make use of Ezgif online converter. Similar to other image converter tools, the Ezgif is also supporting the URL option. The maximum file that is supported by the Ezgif is 35MB. Once after you select the PNG file, you have to hit the Upload button and wait for a few seconds to download the JPG converted file.

5. Soda PDF online

With the help of Soda PDF online, you can easily convert your PNG images to JPG file format. Whenever you want to convert the PNG file that is presented in the Google drive or dropbox, you can convert those PNG files to JPG image format. In addition to the online, if you want to do some offline PNG to JPG file conversion, you can make use of Soda PDF online.

You can simply download the tool and install it on your desktop for offline purposes. All you need to do is to hit the CHOOSE FILE button in order to upload the PNG image file and or drag the files from the local device. From the DOWNLOAD option, you can get the converted files.

In addition to this, the Soda PDF png to jpg converter online is supported by the SEND option to send the image directly without downloading it. But it can convert only one PNG file at a time and so the bulk conversion is absent in the Soda PDF online.

6. Hipdf

convert jpg to png online

Another excellent and highly recommended online PNG to JPG online converter is the Hipdf. The main benefit of using the Hipdf online PNG to JPG image converter is they are free and producing the results easily and quickly. In addition to PNG to JPG, it also supports the conversion between PNG to Word, Excel, PPT, RTF, and many more.

Whenever you want to compress any single PNG or to merge two different PNGs, you can make use of Hipdf. You cannot able to go for multiple PNG to JPG image conversions at a time but it supports and integrates with dropbox and drive.

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7. Counting Characters

The counting characters are one of the most efficient tools to convert jpg to png online. With the help of counting characters, you can get a high quality JPG image. But the counting character tools are free from the drop options and URL features. Whenever you are having the images in your local device, you can do PNG to JPG image conversion with counting characters. Apart from this, they are also available with more tools for different conversion.

8. Online-converter

Another reliable tool that is used to convert the PNG file to the JPG file format is the image. Online-convert tool. This tool is also available with the drop options to convert the files that are presented in the drive or dropbox, Google drive. You can also copy the URL of the PNG file from the online server and paste it in the tool to get the JPG file format. Whenever you want to make a change in the pixel value, you can make use of the options to alter it.

9. Easy2connect

Whenever you want to convert png to jpg, you can make use of Easy2connect. As the name indicates, you can easily connect to the online server and be able to get the converted image within a matter of seconds. If you want to convert the batch conversion of PNG to JPG, you can go for it with the help of Easy2connect. You can set the image quality, resolution, and color correction of the output file in the easy2connect online tool.

10. Softonic

convert jpg to png online

It it haunts you how to convert png to jpg, this branded converter tool is the best answer. Softonic is another PNG to JPG image converter that is available with a lot of features and options. With the help of a Softonic image converter, you can get high quality images. From the Softonic, you are allowed to resize the images and adjust the color correction.


The above-mentioned are the top 10 PNG to JPG converter online. You can make use of them, based on your needs and requirements. Select the best conversion tools and get the JPG image with high quality.

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