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There are numerous companies which have not been able to make the most of reputation management.

The Importance Of Reputation Management

Every business owner has his hands full with numerous things to do on a daily basis. Amidst all this, it is easy to lose sight of a few things in this growing online marketplace.

One point of internet business which is easy to overlook is reputation management.

Understanding reputation management

There are numerous companies which have not been able to make the most of reputation management.

Reputation is very important for every size and type of business in the industry. In olden days, if a consumer had an issue with the business, they could tell a couple of people and their reach was limited.

Today, anything one says or does can be spread across the world through social media.

There are websites where consumers can complain about business or individuals. Bad press can completely destroy your business. Every social media post, comment, and review is waiting to pop up when somebody does a search of your business.

Do not ignore the fact that somebody could be putting up information about you at this very moment.

Majority consumers have a habit of reading reviews before they commit to a purchase. Even a single negative review can erode the trust of the consumers in you and in your products.

Are you at the risk of reputation management failure?

When you put your brand or your business on public display, you are at risk. Internet is a very public domain and everyone has access to every information that is put up.

Even if there are no negative reviews, things can go to an extent where there will be poor light on your reputation.

Even innocent comments have been misunderstood in the past and it is best to learn from the mistakes made by many others.

How to protect your business from reputation management fails?

 There are numerous companies which have not been able to make the most of reputation management. This is due to poor judgment and improper use of social media which harmed their reputation.

The truth is that you can spend years cultivating a strong online reputation for the business but if one thing goes wrong, your reputation will be wiped out only in a few seconds. Here is what you can do to protect your reputation.

Make sure your customers trust you:

You need to give a reason for the customers to trust you. You need to follow ethical business practices and ensure that the associates and customers get to know you.

Build relationships and trust early in the business because it is difficult to make friends in the midst of a crisis. Every customer you serve should have a reason to trust you.

Stay alert on what is written online about you:

When you receive positive reviews and appreciation for your business or products, make sure you take out time and acknowledge the same. If you see negative reviews or comments, take time and address them as pleasantly as you can.

Damage control is more effective when it comes at the right time. If there is something crucial, you need to keep calm and address a concern patiently.

Notice what people are talking about you:

There are many consumers who use social media to inquire about products or services. They tend to use Facebook or Instagram for the same. You need to scan the pages and be aware of what people are saying about you.

Respond to everyone in the nicest manner possible. You can learn about reputation management fails and how to handle them on

Online Presence Is Essential

5 Reasons Online Presence Is Essential For Businesses

In this digital age, it is vitally essential for your business to have its own online presence. No matter if it’s a website, social media page, e-commerce platform or a mixture of all three, then getting your company online is sure to reap huge benefits.

Why Online Presence is Essential?

Online Presence Is Essential

Even if your business does not conduct any of its business online, potential customers and clients are still expecting to find and see your presence online. If they don’t, then it could be that you will lose out on the opportunity to increase your customer base and to spread the word about your business.

Making The Most Of Digital Channels

It goes without saying that in order to develop an online presence, you have to be present on multiple digital channels. But, in spite of this, a large number of businesses still entirely rely on the more traditional means of marketing.

Most of these companies lack websites, mobile apps and social media channels and a recent study showed that around


Physiotherapy Marketing Tips

Physiotherapy Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Although personal connections and networking can build your clientele, it can be challenging to keep both new and old clients coming in. Online and digital marketing is a powerful, cost-effective technique to gain more customers.

9 Physiotherapy Marketing Tips

Physiotherapy Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Having a solid marketing plan in place can help grow your business exponentially. To get new patients, your online marketing efforts should target your exact local market. Consider gender, age, and income bracket.

Advertise on websites and in publications that provide relevant information to your potential patients. Here, we offer some physiotherapy marketing tips to help you succeed.

1. Have a Website

In today’s digital world, having a website is a must for any business, big or small. A site can reach a wider audience than other forms of advertising. Having a website is not only about promoting your products or services — it is an opportunity to share valuable information with your audience.

Elements of a good website

  • Space: Make sure your designer establishes a proper flow of text and emphasizes readability. Visitors to your site need to have their eyes directed to relevant information. A page that’s too busy is hard to follow.
  • Simple Navigation: Keep the menu simple and easy to use; avoid overwhelming people on your home page — or any page.
  • “About Us” Page: Add this information to explain what your business is all about and your team philosophy. Keep the info impactful yet straightforward. Include photos of your staff and a short company biography.
  • Contact Information: Even if you will place these items in the header and create a “Contact Us” page, make the information visible. Include your phone number, the physical address of your store, and email (or link to a contact form).
  • Call to Action: Your call-to-action (the closing statement that suggests further action from the audience) should be clear and compelling. Explain to an interested reader what their next step is. You can use bold text or contrasting colours to guide users to click a link. Buttons should tell them what to do: Buy Now or Download Here.
  • Search Box: The search box helps users find older information or a specific product or service quickly without using the navigational menu.
  • Informational Footer: It often includes information that connects you to the audience. A small site map, links, company information, or context for your site are often found in the footer.
  • Logo: Your business’ visual brand expresses your business identity. A logo can instill trust and confidence. When it is immediately recognizable, it helps you connect with your target market. Get an experienced graphic designer to work with you on creating the logo that’s right for you.
  • Define Your Services – Some people may think that physiotherapy is solely for athletes, accident victims, and people with a disability. Your online marketing efforts should inform people that your clinic assists with everyday pain and mobility issues.

You may require professional help from a reputable SEO agency when building or updating your website. If you need advice on elements like graphics, design, or an internet marketing focus, Local SEO Search Inc. provides physiotherapy online advertising to bolster your business.

2. Outshine Competitors in Google Reviews

Online customer reviews influence the buying decision of


Mobile Apps Development Trends in Asia

Mobile Apps Development Trends in Asia- VR and AI Apps

According to Statista, the number of smartphone users has grown from 1.57 billion in 2014 to 2.71 billion in 2019, most of the growth is from Asia. Quite impressive.

Mobile Apps Development Trends in Asia

Mobile Apps Development Trends in Asia

Right? Well, just like the users, mobile application development companies have not been left behind – there were 2.1 million apps for Android users and 2 million apps for Apple users as of the third quarter of 2018.

Mobile development companies in Asia (especially from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia) have always come up with cutting edge inventions to maintain and grow their customer base.

And with the number of smartphone users in the world expected to continue rising, we expect smart developments to enhance connectivity, communication, and data exchange in 2019.

Here are some of the mobile development trends that will take technology to the next level in 2020s. (Web App Example of web design: Asia’s Skincare & Beauty Online Supermarket | Hong Kong Handmade natural skincare brand )

Integration of Wearables

Wearables have proven to be fruitful, especially in the medical field where doctors use them to get vital information like the blood sugar levels and heart rate of their patients.

And having been successful in the field, more companies are likely to integrate the wearable apps into their system to enhance the style and personality of the workforce.

The growing number of smart watches and wristbands is an indicator of the untapped potential of wearables. As people look to get more personalized information from their smart devices, more wearable devices are bound to be produced to fill the gap.

In fact, according to Statista, the market for wearable shipments is going to grow to 89 million units by 2022.

From fitness trackers, smart watches, health monitoring apps, smart glasses and headsets, only time will tell what other wearables get developed in 2019.

Embracing Virtual

Why enterprise businesses should hire ORM companies

Why Enterprise Businesses Should Hire ORM Companies?

Business is not what it used to be 20 years ago. Search engines, review sites, social media, and digital marketing have completely changed businesses.

Why Businesses Should Hire ORM Companies?

Why enterprise businesses should hire ORM companies

While these technological developments provide tons of ease in doing business, they also open new dimensions that business owners cannot afford to ignore.

Nearly every customer today searches for businesses online, write customer experience reviews online, evaluate businesses against competitors through online sources and campaigns, and sometimes even make purchases online.

Since most business owners already have their hands full with operations and business growth to handle, it is a good idea to outsource important but secondary business segments to other companies.

One of these is online relationship management. Online reputation management companies can help businesses in several ways:

Better reputation with clients

Building a reputation is a time taking process. Companies that focus on building an image that shares core values wits its target clientele, tend to have stronger brand loyalty and following.

It is important to give customers a sense of belonging and let them feel they are supporting good values by purchasing from your business. Over time, this repute results in better sales which translate in higher revenues and profits for the company.

Damage control

In any business, at some point, things will go wrong. It might be unhappy customers, union troubles, government matters at even force majeure. If such troubles in business are imminent, a plan to control the damage on the public front is also necessary.

Having the help of a professional ORM company enables businesses to spring into immediate damage control and share their side of the story with their customers.

In the digital world, stories spread rapidly, delayed or no response from any business in such a situation will reflect poorly on the business and will almost certainly affect business sales and image.

Professional ORM companies are well-versed in dealing with any untoward situations, and business owners can benefit from their practical experience and advice in any unexpected situations.

Attract top industry talent

The best employees always look for the best companies to work with. People who take their career seriously work for businesses that take themselves seriously.

Since in the public eye employees of a company are synonymous with the company itself, good employees always prefer working at companies they can be genuinely proud of.

Having the best employees is one of the main ingredients of business success. ORM companies understand how to protect the business’s intended image to prospective employees to make the business their desired place of work.

Bringing customers back after a bad experience

A business’s success truly depends on returning customers. They not just fuel the sales but also act as word of mouth ambassadors sending in more clients. No matter how much attention to detail is exercised, there will inevitably be some unhappy customers over time.

While there is no way never to end up having dissatisfied customers, there are many ways to plan how to deal with any such untoward situations.

Unhappy customers are more likely to speak of a business to their friends and family. It is very important to make the utmost efforts to reasonably satisfy the customer. ORM companies know well how to manage customers leaving you bad reviews on social media and review sites.

While no business can stop unhappy customers from posting negative reviews, ORM companies can seek out such content on the go and

Top Blogs for Designers to Learn Web Development

Leaving your target audience awestruck is not an easy thing to do. Only a well-designed or well-developed app can do the trick.

Best Blogs for Designers to Learn Web Development

Well, I have scavenged a wide range of inter-webs FOR YOU! From high and low to finding the best blogs out there that will keep you up to date on the latest news, innovations, and tips.

Are you ready to unveil one of the best ways to attain prolific success? Here we go!

Ever Increasing evolution in the technologies has upgraded the way of the website designing and development processes across the world. More and more professionals are going all guns to make a benchmark in the current era of change.

New ideas, trends, innovations are seen emerging within a span of minutes. And that’s the reason businesses keep on chasing upcoming trends to stay ahead of the curve. But the question is can they always get it right?

Most of you have this misconception that people stop learning at a certain age or experience. But I say learning is a continuous process which has nothing to do with the age. It is truly said that one of the best ways to learn is by doing.

So surely another great way is by reading. Down here I have collected some of the best web design and development blogs to take into consideration. So, sit down, grab a cup of coffee and read away.

#1 Smashing Magazine

Top Blogs for Designers

This one’s my favorite! Since its inception in 2006, the site seems to have evolved a lot! Ignoring this news site is something you cannot afford to ignore; you may have a lot to lose!

Right from HTML to CSS and Java-related topics, the site publishes information-rich content at a span of two days.

Do you wish to master in front-end web development technology? If so, look no further than Smashing Magazine. Go ahead and explore new topics for design, coding, graphics, user experience, mobile development, and CMS framework!

#2 Web Designer Depot

Call it an effective website or an effective way of collaborating between designers worldwide. Here you can find everything from features to articles and tutorials on a plethora of topics such as HTML 5, CSS3, responsive design, typography, usability, jQuery, mobile apps, resources, business, freelancing, inspiration, and more.

#3 InstantShift

Another promising community for web designers and developers. You will find several posts about WordPress, Web Design, CSS, Tools, Tutorials, Fonts, Photography and so much more.

Although, the site isn’t concerned with a specific bunch of resources, but it also encompasses a deep insight into the latest web technologies. So for those who aim to keep a close eye on the industry’s latest news on web development? Go for InstantShift.

 #4 Six Revisions (webpagefx)

The site probably offers content regarding web designing, web development, and Search Engine Optimization. Established in 2008, the website seems to have constantly updated with the latest material especially the ones that are authored by professional web developers and designers.

The resource is for as well as by developers and designers across the globe. Within a span of 2-5 days, a fresh, highly readable, informative content seems to be published.

 #5 David Walsh

Are you looking for a personal blog that offers articles, posts on a plethora of both front-end and back-end technologies like AJAX, Canvas & SVG, CSS, Dojo, Firefox OS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, etc.? Now I have come across many professionals who are just passionate about software development.

If you belong to the same clan, try David Walsh’s blogs out! I am sure you will simply love it! Being a tech-savvy geek, I couldn’t find the content very detailed, but it does solve a lot of common development problems, making the blog well worth your time.

#6 SitePoint

In comparison to other web development blogs, Site Point is more like an online learning platform meant for beginners to


Why You Need an Editor For You Content Team

6 Reasons Why You Need an Editor For You Content Team

Digital marketing is gaining over increasing popularity by the day. When we talk about digital marketing, organic marketing definitely comes to mind since it is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

Every SEO team needs building blocks to work around which are available in the form of content. Content creators with formidable skills and flexibility can go a long way towards the success of any company in the current era.

Why You Need an Editor For You Content Team?

Why You Need an Editor For You Content Team

To make you content more effective, you need dedicated editorial resources. Capable editors can bring out the true potential of your content team and can very well be considered as a necessary component in any environment.

Let us consider some important aspects, which will prove why your content team needs the help of a dedicated content editor.

1)    Managing time

Stay Updated with the Latest SEO Trends

Why It’s Important to Stay Updated with the Latest SEO Trends?

You don’t need more than two years in the industry to know how fast SEO trends can change. All of us remember the days when we could trick Google with smart usage of keywords.

Why to Stay Updated with the Latest SEO Trends?

Stay Updated with the Latest SEO Trends

Today, Google is smarter and more vigilant than ever. It can see through your intentions, thanks to the semantic search algorithm. It is why results are more relevant than ever even if the search query has grammar and spelling errors.

Many SEO strategies that were once successful are now labeled as black hat and can negatively impact your ranking.

If you are not up to date, you will not just stay behind in the race, you will face penalties and disqualification. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more reasons to stay up to date with the latest SEO trends.

Search Engines Are Evolving at a Faster Rate

Back to the keyword stuffing dates, life was simple, and search engines were even simpler. All they did was match keywords to the text, quite like the search feature of a typical word processor works.

Fast forward to 2019, we have seen more than two hundred updates of Google alone. Many of these updates are phantom updates. They are officially announced, but they are silently released to catch SEO black sheep.

In a nutshell, search engines are now focusing on two things mainly: quality and relevance. No matter how fragmented the query, they can show results that are almost unbelievably relevant.

Technologies such as AI and machine learning are being employed to make search engines equally smart, if not smarter, than an average human. And at this pace, it won’t be surprised if the search engines will get smarter than the smartest human.

In that case, it would be impossible to outsmart them, but at least one can try to outpace a machine in terms of advancement.

If you are wondering how Google got so smart and why search results are so refined and relevant by the day, the answer is 200.

Google uses more or less 200 ranking factors to see if your page is worth a better rank, and this is something that was revealed back in 2009. We don’t know if Google has added a thousand more; they are never clear about it.

Anyhow, SEO trends and techniques depend on these factors, so you need to be aware of what the crawlers are really looking for now.

Consumer Search Behavior is Changing

It isn’t just the search engines. Consumer behavior has also changed drastically, and it keeps changing as new technologies and trends come into the mix.

One of the major forces behind the change in consumer behavior and how people utilize search engines is mobile technology. The availability of high-speed internet on a mobile device has made search engine the best on-the-go buddy for the consumers.

Whether they want to the closest restaurant that serves organic food or they need to compare two products while standing in the mart, they need quick answers. This means brands need to be able to present users with instant answers that can help them make decisions.

It is why SEO is no longer limited to old school blogs and articles. Reviews, ratings and user-generated content is a huge part of SEO strategy. Customers rely on what other customers are saying more than what you say about your own brand.

Moreover, mobile technologies have sparked an industry-wide change that calls for a more responsive approach. Google now favors websites that are built with mobile users in mind.

So, new SEO trends mean you will have to keep making changes to everything from content to design and even the code. That is why SEO is no longer a one-person job, and you might need your local SEO agency by your side.

Search Is Not Longer Limited to Text

Speaking of changing consumer behavior and SEO trends, it is worth noting that users aren’t searching through text anymore. Thanks to Siri, Alexa, and numerous other voice assistants, a huge majority of users now rely on voice search.

Search engines are using a completely different algorithm to process voice queries, and a lot has changed in the way content needs to be optimized.

Not to mention, there is a lot of videos and image-based content that has more weight in the search. Search engines are now capable of processing images to understand the meaning or intent.

They no longer rely solely on tags and labels. Their ability to analyze an image or video will only improve with time. That means SEO will soon impact the way videos are created and produced for digital platforms.

New Regulations Have an Impact

For the sake of understanding, let’s limit this discussion to the GDPR, as it is the most talked about regulation in a while. While it is a regulation passed by the EU, it affects any business that has at least one customer in Europe.

This automatically includes any seller on a global platform such as Amazon. That requires a little SEO update on your Amazon content since GPDR compliance will now affect your ranking.