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6 Content Marketing Trends to Follow

6 Content Marketing Trends to Follow Moving into 2020

Content marketing has quickly become an essential practice for any modern business. It helps to build authority, attract customers, and increase trust all at once. Who wouldn’t want to experience those benefits?

6 Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

6 Content Marketing Trends to Follow

While more and more companies are doing content marketing, some are not keeping up with the rapid changes. This results in them falling behind competitors and missing opportunities.

That’s why we’re going to be outlining 6 content marketing trends you need to follow moving into 2020 and beyond. Applying these will maximize the ROI of content campaigns and competitiveness in your niche.

1. Don’t neglect voice search

You perform SEO, right? 236.5 million people use search engines in the United States on a regular basis and this number is only going up. However, SEO is changing just like everything else and specifically voice search is on the rise.

More and more users are searching from their mobile phones and other devices by asking questions via voice. While this might not seem like the biggest change, let us explain why you shouldn’t neglect it.

If you want to


Get Paid for Being Healthy From 5 Legit Apps

Many of you might have started this year with a new year resolution. Lots of resolutions include weight loss, getting healthy, and fitness goals.

Are you sticking with your vows or have got tired within a month or less? Everyone knows the benefits of staying healthy. One can gain energy and release stress with exercising. Most of you should exercise daily to transform yourself into a healthy being.

Get Paid for Being Healthy From 5 Legit Apps

Isn’t it enough to know the benefits for the sake of your well-being? It is important to stop being a couch potato. What if you get paid to stay healthy?

When you will be offered money to workout, the chances increase that you will exercise more frequently. There are some applications that pay people to stick to a healthy diet, meeting exercise goals, and many more.

The motive of these apps is to encourage people to stay fit and lose weight. There is no competition, you have to compete with yourself and by the end of the day, you will be the winner if you stick with the habits.

Many people might not be aware of these applications. If you are one of them, who has a major plan to lose weight this year, the good news is that you can earn money now.

If you are spending money at the gym, the applications can pay you some cash for your hard work. Besides getting physical and mental benefits, try one or more from below given options to get rewarded with money.

1. Healthy wage

Healthy Wage is an app that promises financial rewards to the users if they succeed in meeting the health goals. You can play a weight loss game, by paying an entry fee.

There are two options, either you can join a team challenge or bet on yourself. One more option is there for your employer- to conduct a workplace game to promote wellness among colleagues.

The best option is to choose the amount of money that you want to bet on yourself. On the application of a healthy wage, there is a calculator available on which you can calculate your prize according to the weight loss.

Keep on tracking your progress and after your time frame ends, make another video evidence to verify that you have successfully met the desired goal. Get rewarded for your victory.

You can go through the testimonials on the site that shows people who won more than $1,000 by losing weight. Isn’t it great? Just meet easy goals and get paid. You can get cash, check, money on PayPal, or get money credited at Amazon.

Why Custom PHP Development is Such Popular?

Having your own business website is a necessity nowadays to expand your reach globally. But did you know that websites are developed in unique languages, PHP is one of them? I will describe what custom PHP development is and its benefits in this article.

The world runs on technology we can’t deny that. It keeps on changing very fast and is hard to keep up with its pace if you are not well informed. The internet is not left out; in fact, it is the fast lane in technological advancements.

People need to access information and they need it quickly. If you are running a business whether online or offline, it is important to have a business website to advertise and market your business to your prospective clients. Business websites also help clients to make purchases and make online payments.

Like I mentioned earlier, websites are developed using various programming languages. Fortunately, you can also customize the language used to drive traffic to your website, using PHP development Services What is PHP?

Why Custom PHP Development is So Popular?

Why Custom PHP Development is So Popular?

PHP is an open-source language implemented on the server-side. Since its open-source, it allows developers to acquire scripting code for website pages. The code can be used as a reference point in the future. Why should you choose custom PHP development?

Here are six reasons why custom PHP is favorable when creating a website. It is platform-independent and the best thing is it will run on most of the platforms. PHP support large amount of databases and is extendible. It provides low development with very high performance and reliability.

Exact Requirement

What makes custom software favorable for business websites is its specific special design to meet the needs of a particular business. This provides a detailed analysis of a deeper understanding of current and future goals.

Therefore custom PHP performance is greater and has no hiccups compared to off the shelf software. Custom PHP development is not only tailored for a specific business but also improves employees input. So, if you want to add value to your website’s productivity, custom software is the way to go.

Easy Development

Developing a website is a hard task, but with the right tools, you’ll have an easy time. Custom PHP development is beneficial to developers because it allows numerous integrations with many tools. It can also integrate with major CMSs and several scripting languages like Jomalla, Magneto, JavaScript, Drupal, Tank CMS, and many others.

Custom PHP development makes it simple for developers to create dynamic websites that cater to both start-ups and enterprise-level. Changes on the website content can also be done by the user through the Admin Panel easily.

Another great benefit of using custom PHP development is its compatibility with various operating systems such as UNIX, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can easily target a specific audience and lead it straight to your website, using custom PHP development.

Easy to Manage

If you are PHP WordPress Developer and want to give your clients an easier time managing their websites, then custom PHP development is the best choice. Any user can easily manage a website that is developed with a customizable programming language, including those with zero or minimal coding skills.

Website management is done seamlessly and clients can enhance development levels by employing popular PHP structures and frameworks like Kohana, Flight, Symphony, CodeIgniter, and Zend.


Compared to development from other programming languages, custom PHP development is cheaper. Being an open-source programming language, custom PHP is free and you pay nothing to use it.

Additionally, no license is needed for its implementation on the server. Therefore the cost shouldn’t be a reason for not using it. However, the cost is incurred on additional features that are needed to improve productivity in a given business. This cuts the cost significantly and it experiences this benefit in the long run.

Flexibility in Database Connectivity

On database connectivity, this method offers flexibility. As a developer, you can synchronize one of the databases with MySQL, Oracle, DB2, and SQLite as backend. Popular among them for developing e-commerce websites is MySQL.

If you want to develop applications like CMSs and

How to Boost Content Marketing with Guest Blogging?

Over the last few years, Content Marketing has been the most talked about and popular marketing strategy to gain and retain the customers by creating relevant content within the niche.

Boost Content Marketing with Guest Blogging

It is estimated that the content marketing industry will be worth $412 billion by the end of 2021. You may be applying different content marketing strategies for your online business, but have you ever used the guest blogging to boost content marketing growth?

Guest blogging is a key strategy that you can implement to boost the content marketing growth of your business. In this article, we are going to discuss how to boost content marketing growth with guest blogging.

So, first of all, we will discuss what guest blogging is?

Guest Blogging is the process of posting your blog post on other authority blogs within your industry or niche. Guest blogging is often known as the guest posting, and it can also be said as one of the best content marketing strategies for your website if appropriately implemented.

Let’s bust the myth “Guest Blogging Is Dead”.

The digital marketing world has gone crazy after reading the ex-Google software engineer, Matt Cutts post about guest blogging. Some digital marketers opposed his opinion while some of them agreed what he was saying.

If you think the idea behind guest blogging is to build links, then, guest blogging is dead for you. But, if you see the other side of the spectrum and think that guest blogging can help you in increasing your authority and expanding your brand then, the same guest blogging can skyrocket your content marketing growth.

Hence, guest blogging is not dead, and it is the best marketing plan for your content.
Finally, that being said, the myth “Guest Blogging is Dead” is busted.

How will guest blogging help you?

Guest blogging helps you in several ways; some of them are listed below:

  • It builds your authority and credibility in your niche.
  • It helps you to get high-quality traffic to your blog or site.
  • It builds your community and reputation in the industry
  • It helps in your website’s SEO and also builds quality backlinks

Now, you can get all the above four benefits by


Software Development Cost

Software Development Cost: A Guide for Beginners

The term – software development is a lot more than what user knows about it. The development itself is a tricky session where all developers, coders, and testers are involved to give a shape to an idea.

Most software development companies follow a pattern which starts from learning about the clients’ or business requirements and ends with providing support and maintenance to the final product for a specified amount of time.

In between the planning, developing and delivering, there’s an important stage which any business and software development company cannot take for granted. That is the stage of cost estimation of software development.

It starts with the negotiation stage and both involved parties final down a number that suits them. This is important as cost defines the shape of the entire project. The more the cost, the higher the chances of software laden with high-end rich features and functionalities and vice versa.

Software Development Cost

Before moving forward, let’s see why cost estimation is required at an early stage of the software development discussion.

  • Cost defines the features and functionalities list of the software project
  • It supports developers to prioritize the tasks of development
  • Detailed understanding of the impact of variation on development due to unexpected market changes
  • Plan and implement necessary needs and requirements in the project
  • Cost comparison support for customers

While there are more to prove the need for cost estimation, we shall take you ahead with more details. For startups and beginners, it’s a very crucial part to get over with.

Software Development Cost: Main Components

Since working with beginners has always been a risky business, there are still chances that the turnout of the output is beyond expected. This can only be achieved if the startups or beginners tend to take advantage of cost estimation into their operations.

Let’s mellow it down a bit for all the beginners and startups out there and bring a clear picture of what and how to consider notes in software development cost estimation. Let’s begin.

1. Developers Cost

One of the major aspects which can be used to estimate the software development cost is Developers Cost. In the development phase, there would be many developers who would be working on the software project.

The developers assigned can be skilled, experienced or beginner. According to the skill set of the developer, the cost can be adjusted. The more skilled and experienced need of developer would entice higher price and vice versa.

In case the project is big and important, a business may want to have skilled developers which would automatically elevate the cost of the overall software development. In such a case, outsourcing software development companies is a much cheaper option because of low wages per hour in developing countries.

2. Product Complexity

Most software development projects are well understood by the team involved to work on it. Balanced understanding is a must when it comes to development so that client’s expectations can be met at the time of delivery.

However, there is a time when the project is quite complex and could require more than what was planned for the project. Product complexity has a wide impact on the cost of software development and thus needs to be discussed before finalizing the cost of the software.

Complexity can impact the cost in multiple ways:

  • Limit or increase the number of personnel working on the project
  • Overall productivity gets hampered
  • Delivery timelines may get altered
  • A complex project may demand specialists

3. Project Development Duration

Another aspect which estimates the cost of the software development project is the duration of the project running in the software development companies.

The duration is important since it decides the delivery of the project to the clients and helps them plan the launch of the software application to the final audience. If the duration of development exceeds the decided timelines, the cost is sure to shoot up.

This usually happens in software development as the development is no simple task and may take more time than expected. However, both parties acknowledge such scenarios and work without charging anything extra.

But in cases when there are multiple modifications in the software during the development requested by clients, then software development company may charge for all the modifications made in the project.

4. Technology, Trends & Language

While most software development companies work on similar technology, language, and platforms, there might be demand from clients to build the project in some


Ways to Generate Sales Leads through Digital Marketing

Ways to Generate Sales Leads through Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing is a promotion of goods and services that uses digital technology to interact with consumers at all stages. With the availability of both offline and online channels, this highly effective technology allows every businessman to reach a large part of the target audience.

How  to Generate Sales Leads through Digital Marketing?

Ways to Generate Sales Leads through Digital Marketing

Many successful small and large business owners are constantly striving to increase sales in the business, expand their customer base and grow their business.

The peculiarity of digital marketing generally promotes the brand, products and build effective communication with the target audience, which further helps to generate leads. Lead generation is the creation of interest among potential and existing customers in your business aimed at increasing the level of conversion.

In fact, there are a number of tactics and strategies of digital marketing that helps the business to generate sales leads. It includes social networks, content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, etc. However, this write-up will explain effective ways to increase sales and leads:

Optimize your Site for SEO

In order to receive leads, you must provide your customers with full information about the product or services. Therefore, to disseminate knowledge, you should resort to promotion.

Many people trust on top results pages of SERPs, so make sure your site is ranked on the top results of search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) will allow you to put the site in a higher position in the search engine results.

Inserting appropriate long-tail keywords, building the right link strategy, posting meaningful content, semantic mark-up and more will help your site to rank. A right promotion of business’ services and products can disseminate information about your product, and thereby generate leads.

Distribution of Content

A business can more effectively attract new leads by promoting viral content. Blogs and e-books allow potential customers to get to know your company better, explore the range and list of services.

Webinars and seminars are also an excellent resource for creating a base of potential customers interested in the products you offer.

Content marketing is aimed at reaching the target audience through information or entertainment content. The idea is that when your target audience is attracted to this content, they will learn about your business as a result.

The content you use can be presented in any of the following formats articles, video, audio, illustration, infographics, eBooks, white papers, case studies, reviews, and text of your homepage or About us.

Since content marketing does not directly request a sale, it works best primarily as a brand acquisition strategy rather than a sales strategy.

By complementing your marketing strategy with content with more direct approaches, such as email marketing or


G Suite Organization Tools

G Suite Organization Tools Boost Company’s Productivity

G Suite Organization Tools can boost your company’s productivity and performance: Now is the best time to adopt it!

G Suite Organization Tools


In case you are still wondering whether you should switch to the G Suite organization plan that Google has made available for business executives, it’s highly probable that you are wasting on the golden opportunity.

Over the last couple of years, the implementation of G Suite in various industrial aspects has proven to be the biggest productive decision that small business owners, as well as larger enterprises, have made.

If you are confused whether G Suite for business is the best option for you, we believe you must not think twice about it and get started with the G Suite organization package, right away.

How it all started?

On April fool’s Day 2004, when Google first published their email app, Gmail, it hardly appeared to be an email app that could displace the company email industry standards set by Microsoft.

Google offered a generous 1 GB of storage facility, which was indeed innovative, and its mail organization capabilities and the quick searching abilities still distinguished it from other email providers. But for Hotmail and other private email service providers, Google seemed to be a threatening competitor.

The eventual construction of the G Suite Organization kit

However, piece by piece, Google has finally developed an organization-ready suite. Microsoft had developed the initial office suite; however, it was Google that brought the entire concept to the next level of excellence by making it available on the cloud, which took the concept beyond desktops.

Writely, an online writing app was quickly acquired by Google, and the product came to be known as the Google Docs.

Other applications quickly followed; bundled into a single package, which came to be renowned as the Google Apps for Your Domain, later re-branded as the Google Apps for Business, which was further rebranded as the G Suite.

Mass popularity for G Suite products

G Suite connects all the Google apps to the online office suite. The chances are high that you’re already accustomed to using certain applications from the house of Google for carrying out everyday tasks.

Maybe your private email is based on Gmail, or you might use


8 Time Management Tips for the Busy Blogger

8 Time Management Tips for the Busy Blogger

You can already work for yourself. So, you set your hours and deadlines. Life can’t get any better, right? No? What’s the matter? Are you keeping up with your personal goals? Time management is essential for one to become a productive and successful blogger.

Here are eight best practices that can help you meet your goals through time management.

Eight best practices for busy bloggers

8 Time Management Tips for the Busy Blogger

While there are professional bloggers, who have the whole day dedicated to writing and promoting their latest posts. Others only get a few hours to blog each week. The difference comes with how you choose to optimize your time for great success. Let’s get started.

1: Automate when you can

Promoting your blog might seem like a time-consuming task. But it doesn’t have to be. Using automation tools, you can easily save time by automating the basic promotional details.

You can automate processes such as sharing new posts and scheduling tweets for upcoming blogs, depending on your needs for social media engagement.

For example, Twitter is an essential traffic source for most bloggers. Likewise, it is also a major productivity killer. Luckily, using social media planning tools, you can prevent wasting time and create more for other things.

2: Assess how you spend your time

If you evaluate how you spend your time, you’ll realize that you put a lot of time into things which you probably don’t consider a priority. Go on, try it. First off, write down all the tasks you do in a day. Include everything from taking a shower to watching Netflix.

Next, indicate the time when you start and finish. How long did you take browsing Instagram or writing a new blog post? Evaluate your results and identify the thing you consider a high priority and allocate more time to this task.

3: Plan and schedule

So here’s what you need to do. Start by creating a daily and monthly schedule. To do this, purposely take time off to plan out all your priorities. First, set your monthly goals and deadlines. Next, create a daily schedule in a way that allows you to meet your monthly goals.

But, remember to plan and schedule everything in a manner so that you don’t miss anything important. Use tools such as trello time tracking extension. Have everything you need to organize your time on your dashboard and crush your blogging goals.

4: Eliminate distractions

Now here’s something most of us are guilty of. It can be your phone, TV, or a dog. Whatever it is, once you get started, eliminate the distractions. Quit multitasking too; you can’t improve your productivity if you can’t stick to a particular task.

If your goal is to increase your blogs reach through Instagram, then get off Twitter. Proper time and management require you to work toward the fulfillment of your goals. Cutting out all the unnecessary things will help you stay on course to achieve your goals.

5: Undertake small tasks first

Blogging is a beautiful world, where you can share, discuss, participate in a debate, learn, and teach about a particular subject of interest. Usually, when the tasks seem too big, you could end up losing motivation. A great trick for this is to work on the small tasks first.

This technique will help you get more

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide: Insanely Important Factors

With the improving technological market, there are now many options available for PC gaming lovers. But it is not as simple as picking lemons for lemonade.

There are many important facts to keep in mind while opting for a gaming laptop that caters to all your needs and desires.

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

Through our Gaming Laptop Guide, we have put down the most significant details to take into consideration before buying your next gaming partner.

Plan based on your budget

People who plan prior to purchasing and that too based upon their budget are the wisest and probably the happiest customers.

Entry-level gaming laptops can start from as low as $200, but let us look at what can you expect from which budget laptop.

$200 to $500

A $200 to $500 laptop cannot compete with the most high-level gaming laptops around due to their moderate specifications, but it is quite understandable because of their retail prices.

However, you can get a considerable amount of gaming joy from this range of laptops, and they are reasonably amazing for all entry-level games.

$500 to $1000

As the prices go up from $500, you can raise your expectations too. With this increase in the price, you can get a faster processor, higher RAM and hard disk storage and even improved display and graphics.

Gaming Laptop Under $700 is pretty much ideal for intermediate to advanced level gamers as it’d have all the above average features and specs which we are going to discuss below anyways.

All this is good enough to play all the mainstream games and let you have a considerable amount of joy and satisfaction from gaming

$1000 & above

Now if the above two situations do not apply to you and you are a hardcore gamer having a higher budget, then you can get some splendid gaming features both in and out.

With $1000 and above budget comes a high-speed processor, plentiful storage, amazing graphics and display, and some stylish looking external features too.

Pick a platform