Best WordPress Q&A Plugins to Stir Up Conversations

Popular Q&A websites like Stack Exchange and Quora have become the new web bulletin boards where people ask questions and share their knowledge with the community.

In fact, these popular Q&A platforms have dominated the industry so much so that they garnered millions of monthly active users.

For instance, Stack Overflow, a Q&A platform for developers currently have over 50 million monthly active users, while Quora hit 300 million monthly active users last year.

Now, whether you want to create your own Quora like Q&A platform or just want to add the Q&A functionality in an existing WordPress site, you can use any of the below WordPress Q&A plugins to create your own Quora or Stack Overflow.

The below-mentioned WordPress Q&A plugins can help you improve your website’s user engagement rate and build a healthy relationship with your users.

5 Best WordPress Q&A Plugins on The Internet

Best WordPress Q&A Plugins

If you’re planning to add the Questions & Answers functionality on your WordPress website but do not have the required skills or budget to build it from scratch, then here are some plugins that we’ve found to be extremely helpful.

Let’s check them out right away!

1 – DW Question & Answer

 The DW Question & Answer is a truly comprehensive WordPress plugin that comes with forms, filters, and nearly everything that is required to create a question & answer platform like Quora.

The plugin is completely free to use (including the add ons) and provides support for 22 languages including Spanish, Hindi, and Czech.

As far as the deployment is concerned, the backend settings of DW Question & Answer is very easy to understand and offers a variety of customization options.

Overall, the DW Question & Answer plugin is best for you, if you’re aiming to create a Stack Overflow or Quora-like Q&A the platform using WordPress.

2 – CM Answers

 The CM Answers WordPress Q&A plugin comes in two different forms – Free and Paid. In the Free version, you will get basic moderation options, answer and vote counting functionality, email notifications, and other limited customization options.

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The Paid version greatly extends all the free functionalities. For example, you will get an enhanced version of moderation options, huge questions category, shortcodes, and a lot more.

Compared to the DW Questions & Answers plugin, the CM Answers is a bit complicated plugin to set up, but on the bright side, it also provides better options to adjust functionalities like who can submit answers or where the form should be shown in the website.

Overall, CM Answers is best for you if you want to build a Reddit-like platform.

3 – AnsPress

 AnsPress is basically the free version of CM Answers’ Paid version, meaning you get all the premium features of CM Answers plugin in AnsPress plugin for free.

For instance, some of the AnsPress’ primary features include voting, submitting new questions, searching for existing questions, and answering posted questions.

Although, if you would like to create a question & answer platform using AnsPress, then it’s highly recommended to integrate BuddyPress to build a Quora like Q&A platform.

The reason is, BuddyPress offers better options for user-profiles and features to better engage users with messaging.

Overall, AnsPress is best for you if you’re on a strict budget. The plugin is completely free to use including the add ons. And the best part is, it provides beautiful user interfaces using which you can create not only a Q&A platform but also ticketing systems, FAQs, and much more.

4 – Sabai Discuss

 Sabai Discuss is one of the Paid WordPress Q&A plugins for integrating Quora like functionalities.

Although you do have free options to go with, if budget is not a constraint for you, then you can definitely go with Sabai Discuss since the plugin offers incredible features for a reasonable price.

For example, the discussion stream in Sabai Discuss plugin is so brilliantly organized that users can easily filter and sort questions that are important for them.

In addition, the user reputation system in Sabai Discuss is also up to the par. Not only it gives credibility to users who provide detailed answers, but it also gets rid of users who post spam answers.

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In a nutshell, Sabai Discuss comes with every single Q&A feature you can imagine and it’s best for you if want to build a Reddit like platform.

5 – WP Answers

 WP Answers is another paid WordPress Q&A plugin that costs $34 per year. Just like Sabai Discuss, WP Answers is worth every penny for the wide range of features and customization it provides.

In simplest terms, WP Answers is basically a standard WordPress Q&A plugin that comes with an intuitive design.

Unlike other WordPress Q&A plugins, WP Answers also allows users to signup/signin using their social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Apart from this, the best feature of WP Answers is its gamification system. The plugin allows you to reward users with points who regularly answer questions on your platform.

There are also voting buttons, automatic spam reduction system, and spam moderation tools, which makes the plugin an excellent choice to build either a Q&A platform or integrate the functionality in your WordPress website.


 These are the best WordPress Q&A plugins available in the market today. We hope that you find this list helpful. That being said, if we have missed an important plugin to mention in this list, let me know in the comment section below.

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