Top 10 Best Food Delivery Apps You Must Try in 2021

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2021)

The food ordering apps have gained momentum over the past few years. The rise in momentum is due to the room for tremendous opportunity in the field. Did you know that the food industry is a trillion-dollar business and the delivery field makes only a small part of it? A full fledged food delivery app is the best tool to cash on the opportunity it offers to the businesses.

A lot of people have understood the demand and have set their foot in the delivery business. Food delivery apps have made life easier and more comfortable with food coming to the doorstep.

Best Food Delivery Apps for 2021

People welcomed food delivery apps and cherish them. It is estimated that the food delivery market will grow to become a 956 million dollar business by 2022. The food delivery apps introduce new features and discounts every day and try to exceed expectations. Here is a list of the top 10 food delivery apps to satiate your taste buds while you enjoy the cozy bed.

1. Swiggy

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Swiggy is one of the most celebrated food delivery apps today. A simple call to action, explicit UI and UX, online tracking, and a wide array of options make it popular people. It has gained credibility among the working class and millennials because of its no minimum order feature.

You can download the app from the play store both on iOS and Android operating systems. Another prime feature of Swiggy is the availability of various payment methods. They have almost all online payment apps such as Gpay, Paytm, freecharge, debit card, credit card, and also cash-on-delivery.

The swiggy online order app is a treasure-house for wonderful food from all cuisines. The best part it also has small-scale food shops that have mouth-watering foods.

2. FoodPanda

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The food delivery app established in 2012 by Rohit Chadda and others has become one of the largest networking food delivery apps. Food panda is the pioneer in the food delivery industry. It is a treasure for all your favorite destinations and cuisines. The user-friendly app has simple and super-fast steps to complete the order.

Foodpanda is probably the cheapest food delivery app available, specially for some of your favorite cuisines.  The app is functional across major cities and is a savior for people in hunger. Quick deliveries, discounts, exclusive deals, and vouchers throughout the year have secured its position in the tops 10 favorites.

3. Zomato Delivery App

Food Delivery Apps zomato

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Zomato app is the most used food delivery apps in the world. First named Foodiebay in 2008, it is an online market for finding the best restaurants nearby. Zomato extends its service in about 25 services.

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You can easily browse through the menu and dishes and order the one you love. The Zomato order app also has pictures of the dishes to give you an idea of how it looks. You can file your review, ratings and give feedback to the restaurant.

You can enroll as a gold member and, get discounts of up to 40 percent, 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks. You can also book tables beforehand on the app.

4. Shupple

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Shupple became a lifesaver in the lockdown as it gave delivery from local essential stores and restaurants. The app is available in parts of India and Australia with more than 85000+ products and 4000+ brands.

With its range of stores, products and restaurants have made it to the heart of people. Shupple has seen the highest ratings as it supported the small business in various ways during the lockdown. Shupple acted as a free platform for small businesses.

They also made a special COVID initiative called FANS (Friends and Neighbourhood Stores). It promoted contactless shopping in the local communities.

5. UberEats

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The cab giant wanted to set its foot in the food delivery industry and came up with UberEats. The UberEats food delivery app was started after some of the food delivery apps got popular. The app allowed the user to search for food based on different categories such as location, popularity, restaurant, and cuisine.

Food booking can be done in three easy steps. First, browse, then order, and then track your food. The live order tracking option and multiple payment options have made it one of the top-grossing apps.

Once you have ordered the food, you can easily contact the delivery agents and know where your order is. The success of various other food delivery apps has inspired apps like UberEats to enter the market.

6. Faasos

Food Delivery Apps Fassos

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The app Faasos tries to answer the most asked question of the era- What’s for food? The app houses a wide range of restaurants and foods and leads people to eat well and eat healthily.

The app works in major cities and serves the best delicacies around the city. For premium version owners, Faasos gives a feature called Bolt. According to the feature, if the food is not delivered within 30 minutes, the food is free for you. The Faasos food ordering app also has various discounts, vouchers, and multiple payment options for the users.

7. GrubHub Food Delivery

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GrubHub has more than 30000 restaurants on its list making it one of the best food ordering apps. The app was launched in 2004 and, they started becoming partners with various restaurants.

The orders made are easily managed by the 24/7 customer service team of the company. The app has an option that allows customers to search for their desired food. It also has a lot of filter options including working hours, customer feedback, coupons, discounts, and more.

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8. Deliveroo

Food Delivery Apps deliveroo

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This London-based online food ordering app has a great user experience and stunning interface. Even on a busy working day and holidays, the food gets delivered fast and quickly. Efficiency is the best word that defines Deliveroo.

This start-up has extended its service in more than 200 countries. Deliveroo charges a minimal fee like any other food delivery app. The fee charged by the app differs based on your order.

9. Dunzo

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Dunzo is a food delivery app that is not just reserved for foods. They deliver groceries and medicines too. Even if you can’t go out to get essential groceries, you need not worry as you can get them delivered at your doorsteps.

The best part is you can also get offers on groceries and also there are no local restrictions in the city. You can also order your food from the corner of the city. They too have multiple payment options. An additional point is if you are stuck in traffic, you can get on a Dunzo bike taxi.

10. Scootsy

Food Delivery Apps scootsy

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This is a Mumbai-based food delivery app with a diverse category of restaurants. The Scootsy delivery app has a wide range of products including gourmet food products, restaurant food, fashion, gifts, and other essentials. Started in the year 2015 by Rishi Khiani and Sandeep Das, the app has become quite popular.

It has a tracking feature that allows you to track the delivery. This android app gives an e-bill through your email. You can also pre-order the food and select a delivery time during which Scootsy will bring it to you.

Bottom Line:

Each app in the list is a competitor in its own ways. The difference is what you need and, the trust people have in their choices and app. Enjoy a tasty meal with the best app that you love.

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