10 Best 3D Animation Software in 2021

# Last Updated On: July 22, 2021 #

The animation industry has secured an appreciable position within the last decade. Currently, creators and animators are working on 3D animation projects. And, 3D animation projects are equally significant for films, visual effects, and TV series.

Additionally, they are in high demand for architectural visualization, and there are endless possibilities to use your creative 3D animation ideas.

That’s why you would require competent 3D animation software for your upcoming animation projects. Creating landscapes, characters with minute details is possible with this 3D animation software. Well, there is countless software available right now, and some of them are even available for free.

10 BEST 3D Animation Software [Free/Paid]

Hence, they will be of great use, especially when you’re just a student or animation is your hobby. On the other hand, you need to sneak into other factors before considering free and paid 3D animation software for you. So, we have reviewed more than twenty 3d animation makers and come up with the best 10 ones.

1.  Cascadeur – 3d Animation Software

Cascadeur 3D animation

Released by the renowned game developer Nekki, Cascadeur is one of the best 3D animation tools for movies and video games. When it comes to physics-based animation tools, Cascadeur is a considerable one.

It lets you create detailed and realistic animation of desired characters. You need not completely rely on motion capture technology to create animals, humans, or any creature that comes into your imagination.

Be it handmade animation or motion capture, and every animation technique comes with its perks and downs. Cascadeur made a revolutionary approach towards 3D animation for creating realistic animation figures and surroundings from scratch.

You can fix the design with the help of a physics tool. Otherwise, you can utilize MoCop data. Additionally, the platform is beginner-friendly and able to support most of the animation workflows because of integration.

2. CrazyTalk


If you want to transform photos into realistic 3D animation, then CrazyTalk 3D animation maker online is the sensation that you need. You can create a 3D head by utilizing the front and side-faced photos for maximum accuracy. Additionally, you are free to use different in-built tools to accessorize those characters that you have made.

On the other hand, users can decide facial behaviors by selecting parts of the face. Moreover, the tool is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Deploy timeline editing assisted by motion clips and much more, along with 4K support on CrazyTalk.

3.  AutoDesk Maya – 3D Software

3D Animation Software

This is one of our personal favorites due to the strong features of this 3D animation software. Are you into 3D games, models, or movies? Maya is capable of creating powerful animation materials with the help of high-quality graphics. Moreover, you can run the software on Mac, Windows, and Linux environments.

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Maya 3d Software provides unmatchable accuracy and controls for both beginners and experienced ones. In addition to this, speed enhancements are there to improve the Animation Performance features. Engage those ready-to-use graphics with AutoDesk Maya and its reliable package for a year. The good news is, it comes with a one-month free trial.

4.  K-3D

Versatility should be at the core of 3D animation software, and if you adore that, then K-3D is for you. The visualization pipeline architecture of K-3D enables all the powerful components of flexible plugins. In case you’re a beginner, then it’s quite user-friendly. However, it doesn’t mean that professionals can’t use this tool for creating amazing 3D animations.

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The main strength of this free 3d animation tool is its flexibility that inherits from the node-based feature. You can take help from the Undo or Redo function to wipe out the previous mistakes. K-3D lets you mirror the other side of a 3D model, and you can end up working on one side.

Overall, the software comes for free. However, the free version might not include superior features of paid 3D animation software.

5. Adobe Character Animator

3D Animation Software

Adobe is a familiar name in the computing industry, and professionals value the name and performance due to its amazing support for countless fields. Indeed, Adobe Character Animator lets you animate characters, and that’s too in real-time. Use the software and readily turn an art piece into an animated character. You can deploy the webcam for this function.

Yeah, it’s that easy. Animations created by Adobe character animation software are an exact match with the facial expressions that you have used. Additionally, animating legs, arms, and heads are no big issues with the tool.

The Adobe 3D animation software offers different features such as Keyframe, close-up, and zoom to make your animations realistic. Moreover, the animator software would let you sync audio to your animated characters.

6.  Blender – 3D film Animation Software

This 3D computer graphics software is one of the most renowned software available to work on animation films, 3D models, or visual effects. If you think that you have to pay heftily for using Blender, then you are misguided.

The blender is free 3d animation software for beginners and comes for absolutely free, along with awesome 3D animation features like rigging, simulation, modeling, motion tracking, and rendering.

Blender is one of the top choices for professionals due to its versatile use in 3D applications and games. Apart from the above features, Blender is known for its UV unwrapping, texturing, particle simulation, raster graphics editing, camera restoration, and customizable interfaces. The software is supported on Linux, macOS, and Windows environments.

7.  Cinema 4D

3D Animation Software

Introduced by Maxon, Cinema 4D is a simple yet strong 3D animation software. It lets you use the intuitive interface for creating quality tools and engaging tutorials. You can gradually develop your animation skills from the training site, Cineversity. Additionally, the software helps you with the feature to keyframe material or tag parameters.

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This software also reflects the quality of node-based XPresso Editor. However, this software doesn’t come for free. But it’s worth the price when you’re about to learn or engage in something so exciting.

8.  KeyShot

In case you’re in search of software for rendering visual effects in 3D, then you can give KeyShot a try. The advantage of using KeyShot is the support for 35 file formats. Additionally, the software comes with free plugins, and you can load them with just a single click. KeyShot works fine with both macOS and Windows operating systems.

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Create your signature animation style with pre-loaded 750 materials. Enter the world of Virtual Reality using KeyShot and preview your creation. Furthermore, the software permits you to refine, iterate, and create new designs.

There’s no limitation in applying labels, variations, textures to any image. Interestingly, you can create visuals for mobile devices and web platforms using KeyShot.

9.  Houdini – Software to Create 3d Animation

Mostly used by professionals, Houdini comes with a free trial version. After all, it’s a leading 3D animation software in the industry. All the animation tycoons such as DreamWorks, Disney, Sony Pictures, and Pixar rely on Houdini. Developed by SideFX, Houdini is designed with a node-based workflow. Whether it’s landscape or complicated characters, nothing’s beyond Houdini.

Create 3D characters with the help of auto-rig tools, and the fluidity of the creation adds up to reality. Well, you can choose from four paid plans such as FX, Indie, CORE, and Apprentice. While the Apprentice is open-source, you can go for Indie if you like to pay for the best package.

10. MARI

3D Animation Software

It’s a 3D painting software that would create a texture around any object. If you’re looking for HD textures, then MARI would be competent for UDIM workflows. Make additional adjustments to your paint before you start working on a photo.

Additionally, the tool provides support for the Ptex format. Control color transforms and imports sets of textures to MARI material with this software. Furthermore, the software has a Python API.

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