The 8 Feature-Packed 3D Animation Software

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2021)

Animations are more than just entertainment for the children; today, they’ve evolved into something that drives engagement, boosts revenue, and creates a loyal following of your business.

There are many different animations like Stop-motion, 2D animation, motion graphics, and 3D animation. Out of these animations today, we’re going to focus on 3D animation.

3D Animations bring your story characters, objects like vehicles, and props to life. Over the years, 3D animation has been used in numerous shows, films, and games. Also, there are many steps involved in the creation of a 3D animation. One such step includes a 3D animation software that is used to create 3D animations.

Several animation software is available in the market today. Some free others are paid. Since the 3D animation industry is booming, 3D animation software is becoming more and more advanced to meet users’ demands.

Let it be VFX, motion graphics, video effect, editing, intuitive 3D animations, or character animation, the 3D animation software of today has got you covered for all your animation requirements. The most useful and feature-rich 3D animation software that we’re going to tell you about today are listed below:

The 8 Widely Used 3D Animation Software

The 3D animation software mentioned above are hardwired for performance, and their simple yet powerful and abundance of tools enable you to create stunning 3D animations.  So, let’s start exploring these software in terms of their features, toolset user-experience, and specifications without any further ado.

1.  Maxon

3D Animation Software

Maxon is a powerful 3D animation software that lets you do much more than just 3D modeling. The software has an intuitive set of tools that let you add lighting, texturing, and animating easily. In a nutshell, this spectacular tool is perfect if you want to create both 3D Graphics and animations.

Moreover, you can create both realistic and abstract models using this 3D rendering software. You can create top-notch product visualization using customizable models.

The drop-down menu within the software is extremely useful and lets you change fonts quickly. Also, you can refine your product video furthermore by leveraging the procedural object and shader tools.

2.  Unity

Unity is basically a game development engine that lets you create super-engaging games integrated within highly detailed graphics. You can also create other 2D and 3D interactive content using Unity.

The software gives you the advantage of converting your art and assets into scenes and environments that look realistic and super-engaging. Moreover, Unity works perfectly fine on Mac, Windows, and Linux. The quick and fast nature of the software lets you create animations quickly while ensuring quality.

Perhaps, the most outstanding aspect of Unity is that it fosters communication by allowing collaboration. You can also expand the functionality of the software by adding other tools according to your requirements.

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3.  KeyShot

3D Animation Software

KeyShot is an intuitive 3D development software that enables you to create 3D animations. The 3D visuals you create via KeyShot are visually stunning and flawless. KeyShot’s feature of providing free plugins that offer single-click loading and its compatibility with Windows and Mac make the user experience remarkable.

Moreover, KeyShot supports 35 industry-leading file formats. You can create your style by leveraging the 750 preset materials that have highly advanced functionalities. The software also lets you experience VR (virtual reality), and with its 3D rendering characteristics, the software also allows you to create, refine, edit and conceptualize your designs and product.

4.  Blender

Blender is free software that you can use for your 3D animation requirements. The software is equipped with some of the industry’s most in-demand tools such as modeling, rigging, editing, simulation, and animation creation.

Generally, we believe that Blender is perfect for beginners and professionals who are always creating complex designs.

Although an open-source software, Blender gives its users various features that they can use to create outstanding 3D animations. Some of these features are VR rendering, HDR lighting support, user-friendly interface, 3D painting tools, and even a Python-based scripting language tool that lets you create custom libraries.

5.  Autodesk Maya

Let it be 3D animation, 3D games, 3D movies, or video effects – when you have Autodesk Maya by your side, you have everything covered.

The Autodesk Maya is yet another powerful platform designed by the creators of AutoCAD. This software is integrated with numerous advanced tools that you can use for modeling, texturing, editing, adding lighting, and even rendering.

Autodesk Maya covers all the aspects of 3D modeling software and adds its flavor to the overall experience making it one of the most widely used 3D animation software in the industry.

Moreover, the video editor programmed within the software lets you create realistic and top-notch animations. You can also perform the perfect cloth simulation with accurate results using Autodesk Maya. However, this amazing software’s most outstanding feat is that it lets you import SVG files easily.

6.  Cinema 4D

3D Animation Software

If you’re looking for software with all the essential tools you need to create stunning 3D animations? Well, then Cinema4D is the one.

This spectacular software offers all the necessary features and functionalities of traditional 3D animation software, and 3D animators and artists widely use it.

Moreover, the platform’s quick nature offers immense results in no time, and the lagging free experience lets you create amazing 3D visuals without any hassles.

Cinema4D also has a massive loyal community that supports users with tutorials and guides. The advanced rendering features help you craft realistic images.

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The standout feature of this software is the MoGraph. This tool is perfect for motion graphics, animations, and procedural modeling. So technically, in a nutshell, when you’re working with Cinema4D, efficiency and quality are ensured.

7.  Daz Studio

Daz is yet another open-source but extremely powerful 3D animation software used to create amazing animation that embodies stunning visuals.

This 3D animation software offers amazing 3D modeling, scene creation, detail adding, and much more. Daz Studio, however, requires exceptional expertise and skills to operate it.

The product also has pre-made scenes and models that you can work on. You can manipulate built-in models to create your specific models.

Moreover, if you’re willing to use this software, we recommend that you go through its tutorials in-depth and understand its features so that you can leverage the power of Daz Studio to its fullest.

8.  ZBrush

ZBrush is a 3D animation software that focuses more on the detailing, quality, and overall modeling of your 3D animations. The software comes integrated with some of the best tools and features that you need to create a great 3D product.

Moreover, several aspects make the ZBrush standout, like the ZRemesher that helps the user create polygon fibers in the model, the Polypaint function, and a Rendered that supports a full 360 scene map by leveraging HDRI images.

The Polypaint function is special because it allows the users to paint the object without assigning a texture map to the object first.


Here’s a list of the most innovative and feature-packed 3D animation software. Note that these software are specially meant for professionals, and several of them may require relevant and exceptional expertise to operate.

There are simpler and beginner-level software available in the market to use for your 3D animations. However, the software mention on this list are designed to provide maximum facility and features to the users. These software are hardwired with unique specifications essential for creating desired 3D animations. This quality makes them highly useful and in demand by all means.

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