Top 5 Best Free Animation Apps For Making Illustrations

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Are you exploring animation apps to create eye catching and innovative animated videos, here are a few that we are listing for.  Nowadays, animations are widely used in many professional domains.

Top 5 Best Free Animation Apps

From entertainment to cinema and advertising to presentation, these animation apps let you turn your imaginations in reality. Find our list of top five best free animation apps.

1: Animation Desk – Sketch & Draw

Top 5 Best Free Animation Apps

Animation desk is a renowned Android app for Animation with intuitive system. The app lets every one design own personal animated designs.

The app boasts of its inbuilt scrapbooks that consist of simple interface and realistic scenes for making beautiful animations.

The animation apps feature so many amazing drawing tools including fill, pencil, fountain pen, three types of brush and eraser.

These tools come handy while making animations and drawings. Users can resize the tools, change its transparency and alter their rigidity while using them.

If required, users can edit the frame rate or overlap adjacent frames to make animation more intuitive.

2: Flipaclip Animation App 

If drawing your favorite characters was most loved time pass, you will love FlipClip animation app.  Using the app, you can easily create cartoon clips of your choice. The cartoons you create using the app run on frame by frame principle.

To create a cartoon animation, change options and settings as you need them and begin creating an imitation video.

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Create individual cartoon pictures and the stitch them together using the app. It will eventually turn the pictures in a full-fledged cartoon. The FlipClip comes with a simple interface and ready to use animation features.

3:  Animation Creator HD

The app is one among those animation apps that allows you show off your creativity at its best.  The app brings together a slew of simple and powerful drawing tools.

They are assorted together in a user friendly management framework. Using the app you can create beautiful live animation with high-frequency reproduction frame.

Some of the features of the app include improved brush with advanced options, ink brush, the tool for drawing lines and import of videos from the camera etc.

4. Animation Studio:

Our fourth animation app in the list is Animation Studio. This is quite a handy animation app for Android. The animation program is able to export other animations in AVI, FLV (Flash), MP4 (QuickTime), or WMV (Windows Media Player) formats.

This app lets you create awe inspiring animations with best in class features such as unlimited number of layers and ability to import photos from your gallery or from the clipboard.

The app comes packed with eight realistic instruments including band scrolling, scrollbar, etc. If required, you can cut unwanted from your video.

5. LookSee Animator:

LockSee animator is another top notch Android animation app that provides slow motion and time-lapse animation technologies.

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These technologies allow users to turn camera pictures into live animation videos.  The app’s camera is capable capturing frames on proximity detector and managing movement or sound.

The app comes with a number of direct and indirect camera controls to allow you configure the camera remotely by tweaking through settings.

When the animation is created, it’s connected to an existing animations already made. Users can break video images and realign them together to form a new video.

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