A List Of 7 Brilliant A/B Testing Tips!

For those who do not know, A/B testing or split testing is an experiment in which you compare two different versions of a homepage or email simultaneously.

Some of the hardest parts about this are what to test in the first place. Interestingly, website testing generates far more questions than answers.

AB Testing Tips

Split testing is the one thing that can spice up your conversion rate optimization (CRO), or get more insight into your traffic. To help you get the best results out of your A/B testing, here are some of the best tips to help you on your way.

7 Surefire A/B Testing Tips

1. Check The Subject Line

A subject line is extremely vital for testing your email copy. Whether the quality of your business content is good or notdepends onhow good your subject line is because it is the very thing that will decide whether your email deserves to be opened or not.

You should test different subject line phrasing to see which one yields the highest number of click-through rates from your subscribers.

2. Test Your Software

You must understand that not all A/B softwares are the same. Sometimes an increase in conversion does not result in an increase in revenue.

It is what leads people to think that there’s something wrong with the software. So the only way to tell of the software is right is if you do an A/A test.

In other words, test the controls against the controls. If there is a slight difference in the results, then the software is inaccurate.

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3. Do The Promotions

Because of how high customer expectations have gone, simply offering discounts and promotions is not enough. Even if you were to hand out free money, it would not do well in capturing the attention of your customers.

Test out different phrasings in your promotional efforts to see which offers are more enticing to subscribers. No matter if you own an online shoe store or run a professional assignment help service, if you do the promotions successfully then you have won half the battle.

4. Use CallTo Action

The sole purpose of your website is to allow visitors to take action. It means allowing them to read, purchase, download, sign-up or share. Some of the most common CTA words and phrases are:

  1. Buy Now
  2. Checkout
  3. Purchase
  4. Add to cart

You must change the CTA text to see which of these phrases or words convert the most followers. Try to vary the location of your CTA button, which could make some CTAs more prominent than the others.You could test multiple CTAs per page against one CTA per page.

Use hyperlinks instead of buttons to see which display your users prefer.

5. Be Very Particular About Quality Of Content

If you’re a B2B company, then you cannot do business without content. By testing how you position and advertise your content, you can increase your conversion and engagement.

Try testing gated-content against non-gated content. Determine if your users are willing to sign-up or provide more information to access more information on your site.

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Test adding or removing “about” content on your homepage to see if your customers want more information about your company before signing up.

6. Use A Compelling Headline

The headline is another important feature that needs constant testing. Like the subject line, your headline phrasing will be what decides the success of your landing page.

If the subject line was alluring enough to open your email, then the headline can boost your click-through rates.

7. Leverage The Power Of Visual Media

By far, the biggest tool in generating interest, engagement, and conversions is the digital media.

With the aid of A/B tools,you can find the right media that can subconsciously influence people to act in the way you would want them to.

Test different types of images on your landing page. People vs. product is a good place to start. If your users prefer images of people, test gender, age, the number of people in the image and more.

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