Beginners Guide to Adding Subscribers to Your Site

The stakeholders of your business have sat down together and identified that you need more subscribers signed up to your site. in this blog post, we are looking at a brief Guide to adding Subscribers to your Site, do read on.

From here there are a number of approaches you can take, such as long-term marketing campaigns, or collecting user feedback to seek improvement, but it all revolves around having those all-important subscribers first and foremost.

Guide to Adding Subscribers to Your Website

A Guide to Adding Subscribers to Your Site

The fact is that this activity can be one of the most important elements to your business, especially if you work in ecommerce, for example. The statistics still support the idea that direct email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing streams, even in this day and age of advanced digital marketing approaches.

So, the question is, how can you collect more subscribers to your website? The reality is that there are number of effective means by which this can be done.


This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and it remains popular for the very reason that it continues to deliver results. Giveaways are a great means of collecting new subscribers, but you have to be smart about this: which company can really afford to keep giving away stuff with little return.

The secret is to giveaway something that costs you, as a business, very little, but is in fact very enticing for a potential user. Prestige and social media influence is a powerful elixir, for example, and needed cost your business anything at all, so utilising something which bumps the user’s profile is a great way of enticing them in: just make sure they have to sign up for it first.

Exit popups

You may not have heard the term before, but you will certainly have come across them. Exit intent popups are those which appear when you attempt to leave a website. The intention is clear of course: one last attempt to reclaim your attention before you leave a site, and very often this goes hand-in-hand with a call to action involving signing up with an email address.

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Of course the potential user may have been lost at this juncture, but this is an approach which costs nothing at all and may just get you a few extra wins – research suggests up to 5 percent.

Offering discounts with signups

This is an obvious yet highly effective means of garnering signups to your site. Offering one price for casual visitors and another for those who have signed up is a great way of convincing users that they have secured a deal, and is really closely aligned with the giveaway tactic discussed previously.

You can tailor these discounts depending on the way that a user has engaged with your site (for example, if they have abandoned their shopping cart you can offer a discount on that particular product) and often the more creative the discount or offer the more effective it is at securing that all-important signup. Promising additional offers to those who sign up is another great way of enticing users in.

Use a blog

A blog is a great way to create attention for your site, brand and products. Most blogs are free to access without signups, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize them to entice users to provide their email addresses in order to access more great content that is perhaps not freely available, or of course deliver your blog articles directly to their inbox through a newsletter, for example.

Quite simply, the quality of your blog content will create interest, and that is what you need to go that extra step and get that subscriber.

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Use CTAs

Calls to Action (CTAs) are an integral part of getting click throughs and gaining subscribers. It is not enough for users to simply visit your site, they have to be aware of what it I exactly that you want them to do, so tell them. This is a CTA, and you must also state what is in it for them by following through with that particular action.

You can use these on your homepage, for example, but also in your blog articles and in popups too, and of course in your newsletters once you have managed to gain a subscriber.

Guide to Adding Subscribers to Your Site: Conclusion

There are many ways to go about gaining new subscribers, and very often it is a combination of all of these approaches that gets the most success. Always remember to track where your subscribers are coming from to fully optimize that approach.

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