7 Tips How to Build Your Brand on Instagram?

Are you looking to brand your company on Instagram, but don’t know the necessary steps to take? Building a successful brand on Instagram can be a tricky challenge to most newcomers, however once you have established yourself a snowball effect will take place. (How to Build Your Brand on Instagram?)

Once your brands gains a small following Instagram will suggest your brand to other users leading to the snowball effect.

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How to Build Brand on Instagram?

Want to learn more on how to gain an Instagram following? Well, read this article to find out the main methods to attract users to your profile. With that being said here are 7 tips to build your brand on Instagram.

1. Mainly focus on the content

When starting out on Instagram the main aspect you should be focusing on is the content, because this is what’s going to lure in followers. When a brand has great content users want to engage a lot more, so find out what customers in your niche love consuming and post content that is related.

Depending on your firm posting helpful tips can boost popularity. For example, if you are in the cooking niche then posting a recipe is ideal. On the other hand, your brand can post entertainment-related content, instead of informational.

2. Have a visual

Users are more likely to engage with your content if they know it’s you, which is why having the same style is important. When a customer sees a certain style they know exactly what brand it is, which makes it easier for firms to market themselves.

Stick to a set of colours whenever possible, since this will make it a lot easier for customers to notice you. Also, don’t over use captions on your images, because it looks unprofessional try to keep it as simple as possible.

3. Hire some outside help

Maybe you don’t have the time or you’re not the creative type. Don’t worry, because hiring a professional is a great option that can be cost-effective. Hiring a person that knows what people want is going to be a huge asset, plus no longer will you have to think of what to post next. What most big brands do is hire companies to create content for them, which is a great option.

In addition, when hiring a professional ask for their previous work, because this will give you a better understanding of what content you will be posting on the platform. Also, consider hiring a marketing professional too, since they can help speed up the process. Options like assignment writing are an example of what you and opt for. (How to Build Your Brand on Instagram?)

4. Make use of all posts

Although you are focusing on Instagram gaining a base of followers on all social media platforms will boost your brand’s exposure. Instead of posing just on Instagram you can take the same image and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

This way you will be maximizing your potential, plus making yourself popular. Great photos can build bridges between the platforms, therefore when followers see you on Facebook they may want to check on your Instagram. In addition, if you already have followers on other platforms they you can direct them to your Instagram.

5. Optimize hash tags

Hashtags are a popular method used to gain followers through the search bar. When a user inputs a text what they will most likely see is posts related to the tags, which you can take advantage of. Instagram allows you to use 30 tags, however, aim to use around five to ten so it doesn’t look like spam. Use hashtags that are popular and get a lot of monthly searches, a great example is #funny. (How to Build Your Brand on Instagram?)

Here you will find anything that is to do with comedy, which brands take advantage of. They hire entertainers to create content for them and all they have to do is simply add the hashtags.

6. Partner up with other brands

An eye for an eye is the principle where going with here. If a popular brand gives your brand a shout out you should give one back in return, thus each getting something out of the transaction. However, it’s very unlikely a big brand is going to shout out a brand that is a lot smaller, which is why purchasing paid promotions is a must.

Although this option is for those with a bigger budget it will definitely boost a brands popularity quickly. Also, ask them to include a call to action in the promotion, which can lead to more fans following.

7. Engage the audience

It doesn’t matter which platform you are operating on, engaging the audience is a must. Look for ways to be interactive with your audience, because if followers see this they are more than likely to keep up to date with your content. Fans love when big brands respond to their messages.

As with any platform find out what’s the best way to contact your followers, you could even hire a virtual assistant to reply to followers.


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms and it’s still growing every day, which is why building a brand there is essential. Figure out what works best for your brand, whether it’s entertainment content or informational. Also, never forget to talk to the audience, because this can lead to so many potential long-time customers. Furthermore, hire outside help if you need to, marketing experts can help you in the long run.

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