6 Surefire Ways You Can Spice Up Your Blog Content!

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Okay, I won’t say that writing is an easy job for a newbie blogger. That’s probably the hardest part when it comes to maintaining a blog. Penning down words from the mind onto a piece of paper (or more rightly on your computer) is a feat in itself.

How to Spice Up Your Blog Content?


Unlike the writing in print media, blogging is a different ball of the game. No matter how experienced and veteran you are with the pen, you cannot get the same praises of the readers when it comes to blogging.

This is why the majority of bloggers fail as they lack the spark in their content to engage an online audience. Remember that unless your blog has the blend of certain elements, it is not going to hook attention of your audience for a long time.

Having said that, we also want you to learn the secret of engaging content and this is why are here with some insightful tips. Follow them and you’ll be on your way to a successful blogging experience. Here they are:

1.     Insert Imageries

Time and tested, adding photos will generate the pull. Remember that blogging is a visual medium and you’ll never reap itstrue results unless you’ve a good visual literacy.Pictures and images are an integral part of a blog and help the blogger convey the mainidea of your articles. Hence, you cannot ignore the power of a photo in a blog.

At times, imagery helps explain the text that otherwise may prove difficult for readers to digest. Imageries like Infographics, graphs, and charts not only make your blog interesting but they also reinforce the authenticity of your information. (Topic contd. :  Top Tips to Spice Up Your Blog Content )

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2.     Revamp Your Sidebar

A sidebar is a tactical part of a blog as it accentuates the important sections of a blog and allows the readers to find the most suitable and accurate information in a timely manner.

Since the sidebar enables the readers to get access to features pots, related posts and other important sections of the blog; it needs to be revamped in a way that readers can easily find their way to key areas of your blog.

Dissertation Point is a good example of how sidebar of a blog should be revamped to ensure a seamless navigation between the different sections of the blog.

3.     Add Quotes Sporadically

This technique is used to break the text in order to divert the attention of the readers to an important piece of information.

Just like in the magazine, the use of quotes in a blog highlights the main points of your article and help put across the most important points to your readers. In a nutshell, it allows you to say more in fewer words.

You can use quotes of famous personalities or celebrities to add more weight in your point. You can even get creative with these quotes and even integrate them as an image in your blog.

4.     Install Conversation Threading Tool

Threaded comments are a common way for the bloggers to pull in readers. It is because when a reader comments or leaves feedback on your post, the threaded feature allows for replying to that particular comment. Resultantly, a more engaging and stronger interaction ensues between the blogger and commentator.

Naturally, when readers get a personalized response, they feel more valued than a mere ‘Thank you’ or any other clichéd comments.  (Topic contd. :  Top Tips to Spice Up Your Blog Content )

5.     Be Choosy With The Headlines

Creating a headline that hooks the reader is an art few bloggers have mastered. There are plenty of tips available online to produce that masterpiece of a headline. Headlines that have aroused curiosity in theaudience are more likely to be viewed and shared.

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Headlines such as ‘7 ways…’ addressing a potential problem or that offers quick takeaways are a surefire way to boost the curiosity of the readers and increase views of your blogs.

6.     Add Relevant Keywords

If you are not garnering the much-needed attention as you would have expected despite all the above measures, chances are that your blog is running short of appropriate keywords or you are not making good use of them.

While readers consume the useful information in your article, Google feeds on the keywords that you use in your article. It allows the search engine to find the most relevant page matching with the query of the user. So unless your article has the appropriate set of keywords, it is likely not generate the readership that it truly deserves.

Last Words…

Lastly, we would suggest you to drift from the similar topics every once in a while and draw analogies from current happenings to stay relevant. This solidifies your standing even further. The above list is not exhaustive,so let us know in the comments section what we missed out on

Top Tips to Spice Up Your Blog Content

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