6 Awesome Social Media Tips for Bloggers

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2020)

Blogs allow people to share their knowledge and opinions to the world. It is also a great way to offer products and services accompanied by detailed descriptions and an opportunity for interaction from the reader or client.  Here are some tips that every blogger should take into account:

6 Social Media Tips for Bloggers

Social Media Tips for Bloggers

1.  Every blog should have its own Facebook page

Once you have your blog all set up the next step is to create a Facebook page to accompany your social media scope. Facebook is right now one of the most successful networks and many people used on a daily basis.

It has already become a source of information and not only communication among friends.

On Facebook people research about the products, they want to purchase or the places they want to visit.

Since its Messenger allows the user to send documents and more, it has also become a medium to connect with employers and people who share the same interests.

The Facebook page that matches your blog will increase the number of people you reach, people will be closer to your page, and from there they can link directly to your blog for more information.

Besides, the Facebook page is friendlier for leaving comments and interacting with your content; this interaction will give you awesome insights of how interested they are on your page and the information or services you have to offer.

2. Add interesting videos and images in your post

When a post is full plain text, people do not stay to read. You need to have interesting and thought to provoke images to go with your content, images that will catch the reader’s attention and will make them stay.

Another great step is to add a video, a lot of people share the visual and auditive style of learning, so they always prefer to have an audiovisual element to deliver information more easily.

Be careful not to abuse of these elements, if a reader goes to your blog looking for valuable content and just finds images it may be disappointing and he or she will leave the page immediately.

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3. Display social media icons top of your website

Currently, the trend is to connect all social media networks so that when you interact on a page, you can share it immediately on your social networks and this way your friends can enjoy the content you have just found. Your blog has to offer the same benefits to visitors.

Once you know How to make a blog you will easily find the way to add social media buttons to your post and pages so that any visitor can share your content on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

On the main page of your website these share icons can be placed on top, usually to the right or right next to the title of the page. Remember to add the icons also to the other pages of your website so that visitors can share many different posts and sections of your blog.

4. Join blogger groups on Facebook

Many people are using blogs right now, to share their thoughts, to promote their services or products, to share literature. These people are sometimes the best sources of information on how to make your blog successful and attractive.

To avoid wasting too much time in trial and error, you can choose to join some blogger groups and read what they have to say. It is also a great place to ask questions according to the specific purpose of your blog. (cont.: Social Media Tips for Bloggers)

Another great advantage of sharing with bloggers on Facebook is that you can directly share your blog with them and ask their opinions on the subject, be ready and open to receive many different kinds of comments, and don’t take it personally if they criticize something. Take all the comment about improvement and make the most of them.

5. Effectively use hashtag

Hashtags are quite a controversial topic. Some people create them all the time as mini descriptions of the general topic, but this is wrong. Hashtags are a very important part of every post because they allow people to find your content easily.

When a user makes a search using some keywords the system will show the content that has been marked with those words and hashtags play a major role there.

The ideal is to use between 3 and 7 hashtags, and at least half of them should contain the keywords of the post, the other half can be more fun or can use the hashtags that are trending at the moment.

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For example, if you are posting about a new recipe you want to share some hashtags have to be related to cooking, #recipe #broccoliandcream #fastfood and there you can also get creative and add some new hashtags like #thislooksdelicious #tryingthistonight or something like that.

6. Always deliver valuable content to your reader

Last but not least, this is one of the most important tips. Quality, value, something worth reading, watching or listening, this is what people are looking for on the web.

Right now everything happens so fast, there are so many things to pay attention to that every piece of news is competing constantly to gain the viewer’s attention.

Blogs and websites need to focus on a topic or area of knowledge because there is no way of delivering quality content if the scope of the website is too broad. (cont.: Social Media Tips for Bloggers)

Becoming the expert in a field is the best way to delivering specific quality content. Find and use reliable sources for the information you post.

Additionally, find information niches that nobody has discussed before, this will give your site a fresh point of view and will offer something different to readers.

Current and trending topics must also be addressed since these are the ones that will bring most visitors to your page. There must be a balance between trending topics and different, out-of-the-box topics that will add extra value to your page.

Social Media Tips for Bloggers

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July 27, 2017 12:52 pm

Hi Vincent. Great article. Now I know how to get most out of social media. I have a question though, can CTA or call to action be applied to social media as well? I have read an article like this: http://www.logicinbound.com/5-highly-effective-calls-action-ideas-website/ -Do you agree?