5 Ways Brands are Using Smartphone in Marketing Campaigns!

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Digital revolution is accelerating global change in multiple industries. It is daunting for marketers and advertisers to ignore the mobile phone technology because the revenue and growth opportunities attached to it are too big to ignore. Smartphones are considered as indispensable digital co-pilots, and the proliferation of smartphones technology have made the phone more powerful and more utilitarian than ever before.

How Brands are Using Smartphone in Marketing

Smartphones are playing a critical role in changing and reshaping the business strategies simultaneously. Today, the rise of smartphone technology have made the world a highly connected place, and this is giving a chance to marketers and advertisers hitherto unheard opportunities to reach out their potential customers.

Smartphone in Marketing Campaigns!

The transformation of marketing is underway. The rise of internet era and integration of smartphone in our lives has transformed the shape of marketing. Highly disruptive and lucrative nature of smartphone technology has made it important for marketers to concentrate on revenue growth and maintenance of customer base. It is challenging for brands to connect with their clients through all these devices in real time and to create a digital marketing campaign. To compete and to survive it is important for marketers to view the mobile landscape through the fascinating and eye-opening view of the world.

Usage of the smartphone is growing throughout the world because smartphone, as an incredible blessing of technology, has made connections between brands and customer ubiquitous. Here is the glimpse of some ways in which brands are deploying smartphone for changing the landscape of marketing effectively and efficiently.

1. Mobile-friendly website is critical

 Mobile friendly websites are no longer an Avant-garde. Today it is imperative for marketers and advertisers to develop sites and optimize them for mobile. Brands are required to create a mobile version of their sites with high speed of loading on tablets as well as a smartphone. When it comes to creating a design, it is important to adhere to the minimalistic principle to remove unnecessary impediments to the website loading.

The smartphone is a critical element of successful marketing strategy. There are enormous opportunities for you in a smartphone. The mobile friendly site has potential to ensure brand visibility and drive traffic by increasing customer loyalty, sentiments, and brand engagement. According to a Google study, 74% said they prefer to visit a site frequently if it is mobile friendly.

The absence of a mobile ready site can limit the potential for your brand. Therefore, it is high time to create a mobile version of their sites with high speed of loading on these incredible handheld devices. Simple navigation, clutter-free icons, and hyperlinks allow the user to tap site easily. Relevant landing pages with an attractive call to action can help you to highlight your brand among customers.

2. Taking Personalized Service to a New Level

Android user searches for a product or service through a mobile web browser 1.25 times per day. New technology has empowered smartphone devices so instead of opening a browser, users can find a prominent display of information that they need based on their mobile behavior.

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Smartphone technology in marketing is responsible for taking personalization to the new heights. Unprecedented growth and rise of the app ecosystem, in this mobile insane growth era, made brands conveniently favorable in marshaling their users to use apps while shopping and engage them with the brand. Either it is user proclivities, past buying habits, user demographics or the superior ways of motivating consumers i.e. discount, deals, offers, etc., it is possible for brands to gather highly useful information and utilize such information to craft an effective marketing strategy.

Personalization has an inordinate amount of impact on making advertising and marketing department highly efficient.

User data and algorithms have made it possible for marketers to anticipate individual user needs to tailor mobile ads and app content according to that data. Smartphones by helping the user to personalize their devices have also made it easier for marketers as well as brands to add a new layer of functionality to mobile gadgets by automating the data collection tasks across apps. Thanks to smartphone devices for creating massive marketing opportunity because a new research revealed that customers are more open to receiving personalized marketing message as compared to the non-personalize marketing message.

 3. Gathering Information Instantly and Seamlessly

Thanks to a smartphone for putting endless information in the palm of customers’ hand. Now. The customer can look up their phone for reviews and compare prices of similar products from different brands. Information overload is the only way which can help you to beat the competition. Therefore it is important for marketers to focus on creating a unique brand with good reputation.

It is hard to digest the fact for marketers that today consumer is more informed and tech savvy than ever before. To bring your brand into the limelight, it is important for brands to put the tremendous onus on marketing fraternity. Marketers need to concentrate on brand USP for competing effectively and efficiently. There are various options available which can help customers to collect information about the brand such as online search engines, social media reviews and opinions, user comments on various forums, blogs, and news articles and so on.

Moreover, a smartphone not only a receiver but the transmitter of information as well. It is a huge repository of information on individual interest and taste. Advertiser and marketers have to be specific in their ads and marketing campaigns by gathering instant and seamless information of the market.

4. Location-Based Targeting is a Real Advantage

 Location-based targeting is a real advantage of using a GPS-enabled phone for marketing at any given time. Customer information collated via mobile apps help brands in building customer persona and allow marketing as well as advertisers to design suitable marketing strategy by keeping customer persona in mind. It is possible for the brands to deploy location-based push notification and alerts in real time.

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Location intelligence is a massive industry. Consumer obsession with mobile devices creates a significant amount of data and insight for marketers that drive them to build and implement an effective marketing strategy by making critical decisions for the brand.

5. Communication is One-to-One and in Real-Time

Smartphones allow users to take advantage of direct communication with the brand. Marketers can interact with the customer through two ways. One method is direct messaging to a customer who signs up for the special offer and coupons. This method of one to one communication is suitable in the case when people already know about your brand, product, and services. Another way of making interaction with the customer is to interact with customers through social media.

It is estimated that 52% of marketers have found Facebook an effective marketing platform. Marketers by being active on social media can make their brand more personable. It allows brands to talk to the particular customer and enable customers to interact with you on a personal level.  Other than social networking and instant messaging some other means creating one to one communication channel between brands are customer include web chat and video chat.


Fragmentation and proliferation of smartphone with an unprecedented growth rate is presenting a new raft of challenges for marketers, advertisers, and agencies. As I have mentioned before smartphone users are not only subject to receive the information they also a transmitter of information which is valuable for the brands. It is important for marketers to reach the doorsteps of customers and to be the part of their conversation to meet the evolving needs and demands of the society successfully.

Mobile devices and mobile apps are the only solutions to personalize the marketing experience. As smartphone technology is getting more sophisticated, the speed and relevance of ad and marketing are highly preferred for the brands to compete effectively and efficiently.

[How Brands are Using Smartphone in Marketing]

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