5 High Technology Gadgets For Your Bathroom

With this day and age, homes are becoming better and smarter, technology is becoming a part of our lives and it is essential to make our lives better and faster. Because of this, even the bathroom is becoming technology based and smarter as well.

Gone are the days that the bathroom is just a place where people do their business and leave, bathrooms are now a place where you can relax and do things other than taking a bath.

High Technology Gadgets For Your Bathroom

Who says that only spas, hotels and resorts can have great and update bathrooms? You can upgrade your own bathroom too.  This is necessary because during the whole course of your life, you will spend most of it in the bathroom, since you need to do your business everyday and you also need to take a bath every day.

This is the reason why smart technology for bathrooms was invented, so that you can still enjoy your stay in the bathroom and you can also relax while you do your own thing.

There are now gadgets that you can have installed in your bathroom to make it more fun and practical.

It can also improve your overall experience and it makes bath time something that you can look forward to. Here are some of the top 5 gadgets that you can have installed in your bathroom.

1. Waterproof TV

You may have seen it in TV shows and movies, and this may not be new to people since there are those who already have waterproof TV’s installed, but there is a good reason why a lot of people are getting TV’s installed in their bathrooms. Imagine taking a bath or soaking in your bathtub, you can relax while watching your favorite show or a game.

You do not need to worry about the TV getting damaged since there are in-wall, waterproof television that you can have installed now.

There are even TV’s that are touch screen, so you do not need to use a remote control while changing the channel or the volume. You can even have speakers installed under your shower, so you can have the full experience.

This is an incredible investment if you love to unwind and relax in your bathroom while catching up on your favorite TV shows. It can also be a part of the decoration of your bathroom as it looks good on a bathroom wall.

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2. Whirlpools with lighting

One of the most relaxing and one of the most luxurious investment that you can place in your bathroom is a whirlpool bath.

They may be pricier than any regular bath, but they are worth it. Whirlpool baths can make bubbles in the water that you put in them and it can also help massage your sore muscles and it can help you relax as you take a bath.

This is perfect for those who are active and exercises a lot. There is mood lighting that are installed in the whirlpool bath and they can upgrade your relaxation and it can also help create a certain mood in your bathroom. It will make you feel like you are in a resort or a spa.

The type of light in your whirlpool bath will depend on the mood that you want for your bath. There are whirlpools that already have lighting in them, so you can purchase them package.

Whirlpools can accommodate two people, so you and a special someone can enjoy the spa like experience in the comfort of your own home

3. WC bidet systems

One of the best inventions for bathrooms, the bidet system can make you wonder why you ever settled for toilet paper. This toilet can automatically flush on your behalf as soon as you stand up and it can also wash you and dry you off before you put your pants back on.

This WC bidet system is perfect for anyone who wants to upgrade their hygiene, it is also perfect for those who have limited mobility.

This is also perfect for elderly people and children, this can help them in cleaning themselves up. This item is a bit pricey, but it is worth it. Once you try this system, you will no longer want to go back to using the toilet paper. It is convenient, and it is not messy to use, unlike the traditional toilet paper.

4. LED shower heads with speakers

Having a shower head that is unique is one of the things that most people are aiming for. You can live your dream of performing while taking a bath and it can even take that experience to the next level.

You can choose more than just showering, the LED shower heads can give you a relaxing feel as you take a bath and you can even play any music that you want as you scrub yourself.

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There is a Bluetooth speaker that is built-in the shower head, so you can hear your music all loud and clear.

The wireless Bluetooth speaker can be connected to your phone or through your TV, so you can play music through your gadgets.

The gorgeous LED lights will make you feel like you are in a stage as you sing your favorite songs. If you have this installed, then you can make your bathroom your own stage and you can sing your lungs out as much as you wish.

5. Toilet seat warmer

The toilet seat warmer is perfect for areas where winter is harsh, or any place where the temperature is more on the cold side.

You can even have this installed if you are the type to use the bathroom in the early hours of the morning. With this kind of toilet seat, you can sit like a king or queen without having to worry about your bum freezing.

You can also purchase a toilet seat warmer that can clean themselves after you use them, so it is more convenient to use.

Say goodbye to the days that you need to brace yourself for the cold toilet seat, this gadget can keep you warm and comfortable throughout your session.

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