5 Hidden Unknown Features That Every Windows User Must Know

We often work on a Windows PC at home or at work. It is already having a user-friendly interface but to enhance your productivity you may realize the need of knowing some amazing tips and tricks. You need not to install any third-party software to get the best out of your operating system you just need to explore some hidden features.

5 Hidden Windows Features Every User Should Know

They are already there on Windows all you need to do is to know how and when to use them. In this article, we will discuss 5 Hidden windows features that every Windows user must know to use it efficiently and productively.

1. God Mode:

God Mode is something next to control panel. When you launch control panel in Windows you find some categories and then settings into them. God Mode is a dedicated folder that allows you see everything you can do with control panel in one place — here, you’ll be able to do everything such as adding clocks for different time zones to defragmenting your drives. And it’s a snap to set up.

hidden wondow features

To use God mode on your computer right click on the Desktop and create a New folder. Name this folder GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Press enter after naming this folder. You will see that folder icon changed to control panel icon. Now by opening this control panel icon you can access all the settings at one place.

2. Problem recorder or problem steps recorder:

While working on your computer sometimes you might have realized the need of a steps or screen recorder. In this situation, you might have downloaded a software to record screen. But you should know that Windows has an inbuilt feature to record the screen now. You can record your steps and can send the zip file for troubleshooting purpose or the case maybe you want to tell someone about the issue you are facing.

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To start screen recording press Windows and R key on the keyboard and type the command psr.  This will launch problem recorder which is having very simple interface and you just need to click record button to start the recording. When you are done click stop button and then it will ask you to save a zip file. You can give any name to this zip file and can save it on your computer. Zip will have html documents each having one step of the problem.

3. Calculator is more than then it looks like:

You can do some more than expected things from your calculator. You might have used an online calculator for unit conversion date calculation and for many other such complex calculations. After knowing this feature of Windows calculator, you will not even need internet to do such calculations.

Open calculator on your computer and click on view you will find number of options such as Scientific, programmer statics, Unit convertor date calculator. When you will click on any of the options interface of your calculator will be changed accordingly.

4. Reliability monitor:

If you need a graphical representation of the system performance, then you can depend upon Reliability Monitor for this. Same as some other features this feature is also included in Windows and you do not need any external software to execute it.

Go to the start menu and type “View reliability history” you will be able to see the reliability of the system and when you will click on the symbol which looks like close button you will find the list of programs which were responsible for making system unstable. If your monitor reliability of your system on regular basis, then this makes your system more reliable and stable.

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5. Smart toggle between Windows:

Our computers are multitasking and we enjoy this feature at the fullest but to be most productive while multi-tasking you should know some play of keys. You might have heard and used Alt+tab to navigate between open Windows. You can also use Windows + tab key to smartly navigate between open Windows it shows comparatively a large screen so you can figure out to which program you should navigate. Other than this if you have to work on two programs simultaneously you can fit them together on your screen by pressing Windows key + right arrow key and left arrow key for the other program.

Apart from this if you are facing issues with Windows slow start up then you can also fix it by managing start up programs. So, these were 5 Hidden Windows features that every Windows user must know. You can use them to surprise your friends and to be more productive while using Windows.

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