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12 Best WordPress Restaurant Themes to Download

Are you a restaurant owner and looking to build an attractive website on WordPress? We are here to help you choose a theme which will be best suited for your niche. WordPress is today one of the largest platforms to publish websites. Read on our list of Best WordPress Restaurant Themes that you can download and use today,

There are numerous user-friendly themes to choose from. Like you are the owner of a restaurant so your website should showcase the menu, photos, location, business hours and regularly update the followers about the services you provide.

12 Best WordPress Restaurant Themes

WordPress nowadays is the easiest to use the platform to build a restaurant website. You get access to different payment platforms, third-party add-ons, thousands of templates and plugins. A self-hosted WordPress.org site is required to take advantage of all the features of a WordPress site. First, you’ll have to create a WordPress hosting account and a domain name. The domain name is the website’s address on the internet.

We recommend that you should choose a theme that is easy to use and engages users by providing them the requisite information. Let’s take a tour of the best wordPress restaurant themes. 

1. Brooklyn

12 Best WordPress Restaurant Themes

Brooklyn theme has customization features and a stylish new design. The theme can be changed as per your need and is very easy to use. There’s an admin panel and more than 32 ready-made demos and the portfolio manager. The layout also contains the pricing table where you can upload the prices of your menu’s different items. It is used by more than 30,000 users.

2. Enfold

best wordPress restaurant themes

Enfold is a unique and one of the top-selling themes of the WordPress marketplace. It is known for its incredible user support and recently the company has released another update of Enfold which has improved the overall loading speed. It can be customized in no time and set up is also faster.

There is a performance panel to change the layout. Add your cookie consent pop-ups, set up your blog, upload pictures, add the menu, and many more. You can build your templates therefore if you want a stylish theme then Enfold will be a great choice for you.

3. Umami

best wordPress restaurant themes

Umami is yet another stylish restaurant theme for WordPress. It has a unique fullscreen layout and every post and page can have their own unique background. There’s also a restaurant menu management system where the menu items can be added with images that open in a lightbox. It has all the premium theme features such as custom widgets, shortcodes, Google Fonts, slideshow, etc.

4. Foodie Pro

best wordPress restaurant themes

The design of Foodie Pro is such that it can be easily customized and made into your tailor-made unique theme. There are many features you can play with. However, most of the restaurant owners don’t have time for customization and for them, Foodie Pro has a range of pre-built layouts.

There are 6 layout options along with the theme customizer. You can use widget areas and custom page templates to add unique elements so that the website stands out from others. The customizable header allows changing the pictures.

5. Mise En Place

Mise En Place is the most beautiful theme from WordPress for restaurants. It has a menu management system, page builder, Woo Commerce support, custom widgets, shortcodes, and support for large header images, Google Fonts integration and live theme customizer.

6. Molino

best wordPress restaurant themes

Molino is a stylish theme for restaurants and cafes featuring a modern and hip look. It has powerful features like page builder, layouts, content modules, events calendar, etc. The users can easily find you with Google Maps and contact form support built-in. 5 color schemes are ready to use otherwise choose your own color scheme.

7. Uncode

Uncode is a multiuse theme and was designed to impress users at which it succeeded very well. You can upload your restaurant’s menu and add pictures. Highlight everything unique about your restaurant. Various tools for easy customization like slider scrolling feature, shape Dividers are available.

You can access the Gallery Manager and RTL support features. A lot of new demos for restaurant owners are there. Create your own custom new designs, headers and layouts using the Visual Composer. Uncode offers more than 70 module variations and a customer showcase to add high-quality pictures.

8. Cafe Pro

best wordPress restaurant themes

Cafe Pro is built on the StudioPress’s powerful Genesis theme framework. It has a rock solid foundation and a great set of features for a premium WordPress restaurant theme. The homepage layout can be customized using the four widget zed areas. There is an easy to use theme options panel and custom widgets showing contact info, address, business hours, etc.

9. Bettaso

Bettaso is one of the best-suited themes for restaurants and bistro owners. It can be customized in a number of ways so is suitable for a small deli, a kiosk, or a big dining restaurant. You can put beautiful pictures of the food items you serve at your restaurants along with the menu. There are numerous layout options with unique color choices available with this well-designed theme. You can easily customize the content modules and add new reservations with the help of the appointment manager. The visitors can reserve tables in the restaurant through the website. Also, the bookings are confirmed online only. This gives customers a hassle-free experience thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

10. MyCuisine

best wordPress restaurant themes

MyCuisine is a great theme which offers some amazing visuals of different foods. It is best for those who are looking for a stylish theme to highlight different dishes on the menu. It can go a long way enhancing your online presence. You can add a separate menu section. MyCuisine offers built-in templates. It has a secured and validated code around it and can be completely localized to meet your requirements. The theme is compatible with all the major browsers. There is a dedicated ePanel for maximum customization.

11. Divi

Divi is a multi-purpose theme. It can be customized for all kinds of small businesses, including restaurants. You will get maximum control over customization and can change the entire layout as per your need. Its real-time designer is one of the best layout managers that you will get with any other theme. It is incredibly fast and you can customize almost everything. Make changes with the Visual Page Builder and sync it with global elements if you want. There are more than 46 content elements to choose from. You can save layouts and import and export others as necessary.

12. Ronneby

So you are bored of those uninteresting ‘customizable’ themes for your restaurant. Ronneby will impress you because with it you can change virtually every aspect of the site. There are different features that restaurant owners can use to improve website performance.

40 fantastic demos help you choose the demo suitable for your restaurant’s style. It’s compatible with WooCommerce so that if you want to on-sell some of the unique products online, you can create an online store quickly. The theme is unbelievably fast-loading that comes with blog capabilities.

The restaurant competition is fierce nowadays, and you require to give your best to gain triumph. 60% of new eateries fail within the few months after opening, so sustaining a restaurant business is a constant battle.

How to Promote Online Restaurant Websites?

So, read out the some of the best restaurant marketing strategies by industry experts that can aid you to gain a competitive advantage and move continuously towards generating income.

Here is four restaurant promotion ideas and course of action that promises to assist you to progress your business and get discovered from growling stomachs in all places.

1. Foodie Photographs

If you have signed onto Instagram, you must be acquainted with that food porn is alive and fit. Therefore, the great way to market your restaurant online is with top-notch quality, drool-inducing pictures.

Nowadays, visual content is in very high demand online, and getting enchanting-looking pictures on your site and across numerous social networks is vital for captivating hungry eyes. Instagram is a great platform to share your food pictures on your account.

Having a lot of followers can greatly help you to increase your brand exposure. Consider buying Instagram followers and likes as well to promote your business on this biggest platform. Secondly, share captivating photos to grab the attention of the audience.

Hire a pro to take a few top-quality images, or do it yourself with your mobile phone. Be cautious though as taking dandy food snaps can be harder than it looks, as lighting and lighting is a key factor.

2. Geo-Targeted Ads

For several hotels, hometown is actually the name of the game. Numerous people look for delicious foods close to home, and you can get the most out of your online marketing campaigns by investing mainly in geo-targeted ads.

These ads aid you in saving money, making sure that only buyers in particular cities or within a certain radius see your ads (rejecting non-relevant clicks that cost you big ad money).

Various online promoting services, from Google AdWords to Instagram and Facebook, propose geo-targeting ad choices.

3. Send an Email Newsletter

Summon up, your hotel’s newsletter does not need to be sent every week – in fact, consumers would appreciate less frequency and if you send them your newsletter per month. You can use the newsletter as a chance to rejoice in your success, talk about new menu things, or share special concessions.

4. Start a  Blog

A blog is the best way to build your community as well as to attract your customers. Starting a Blog provides the chance to test your eatery’s voice and personality. Share your achievements and endeavors, over-indulging recipes, or anything else you might think to interest your buyers.

Try to keep your blog as simple as you can because you do not have to post repeatedly. However, it is always a great idea to start your hotel’s blog when you have news you would like to spread to the folks.

Best WordPress Restaurant Themes : Conclusion

We hope you liked the post covering best WordPress restaurant themes. There are numerous other themes available. You can choose the one which best suits your requirement.

Never go for a cluttered theme or design for the online representation of your dream restaurant. Try to adopt a clean, easy and minimalist style. The focus should be to present your dishes in an eye-catching way and provide maximum information to achieve maximum customer engagement.

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