10 Ways To Earn Income During COVID-19

The advent of COVID-19 has forced many to be kept at home with the closing of stores, restaurants, and offices. Many have also faced with income lost with the vaporization of gigs and work opportunities. However, with the downtime, there exists opportunities to make money from the internet.

Earn Income During COVID-19

1. Provide Opinions For Surveys or Focus Groups

Despite the economic setback, companies still pay for people to complete surveys and participate in focus groups. Brands are interested to find out the new and upcoming trends to catch the next wave.

Therefore, they are willing to pay to seek your opinion before launching any new product in the market. Surveys can take anywhere from one minute to half an hour and the payment can range from a few dollars to USD200. They can also be easily accessible through applications and typically need little guidance.

Brands like to organize focus groups so that they can conduct a more in-depth questionnaire and understand their marketing segment better. If you have time on your hands, why not try participating in surveys or focus groups. Hey a few bucks here and a few bucks there can help.

2. Get Employed in A Part-time Position

In times of difficulty, any income support will help. Despite the pandemic affecting many sectors of the economy, supermarkets and pharmacies remain as bright spots. Understandably, supply chains among many countries have been disrupted and are exerting tremendous pressure on the grocery staff, rushing to meet the demands of anyone.

Fresh groceries, toilet papers, and medicine are in high demand. Taking up a part-time job at your local supermarket can help alleviate the stress on the supply system and contribute to your society.

Since any help is likely to be taken with gratitude, you are likely to be able to select the time slot that you prefer. You are also likely to get paid earlier. However, as you are working on the frontline, it is important to don proper equipment to prevent contracting the virus.

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3. Giving Online Classes

If you have a special talent or something to offer, consider listing your skills and classes online. Specialized skills such as teaching how to cook, education can garner high returns. More and more people are receptive to online tuition, as they do not have to venture out of their house but learn at the convenience of their own home.

All you need is a videoconferencing platform such as Zoom and Google Meet coupled with a decent camera. Some tutoring jobs can command 20-100 dollars an hour. For those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, the pay is expected to be higher.

Popular tutors can teach several students at once, making their returns even much higher. With social distancing in place, it is not surprised to see many online tutoring platforms are getting more popular.

4. Make Your Own YouTube Videos

Making your videos nowadays is not a mammoth task. All you need is a decent video recorder and good content to drive traffic to your channel. Many amateur videographers have become successful YouTubers, and it is therefore certainly a profitable skill to pick up during this pandemic. However, it can be frustrating to come up with appealing content, and newcomers might find it difficult to attract viewers.

5. ProvidingConsultation

If you are always the go-to person when friends needed someone to go to, why not offer this service to more people? You could charge by providing a listening ear and offer pieces of advice to people facing relationship or psychological problems. Everything can be done remotely.

6. SellPre-ownedItems

You could also sell pre-own items that are no longer of value to you. This period of free time available is ideal for you to do a spring cleaning of your house and find clothing, toys, bags, or electronic appliances that you no longer have any need for. Then sell them off on the various online applications and platforms available. Do remember to disinfect them throughout before you send them over to your customers though.

7. Offer Babysitting or Dogsitting Services

With the daycare and childcare centers closed to prevent cross-infection, parents who are essential service providers are frantically searching for someone who can help take care of your children or dogs.

If you have vacant time and experience with taking care of babies or dogs, why not offer your services and earn an income in the meantime? If you are allowed to go out for walks, why not offer dog-walking services as well? However, do wash your hands regularly to prevent ensure you do not spread to the kids.

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8. Provide Delivery Services

With many people under home quarantine and unable to leave their homes, you could serve as a middle-man to bring meal deliveries or groceries to their homes! Earn a cut based on the total amount ordered, which can range from 3% to 5%. What’s more, you might be tipped for providing speedy services and making a situation so much more bearable.

9. Be A Virtual Assistant

If you have a computer with the internet, why not help busy individuals by offering your services through the net. Virtual assistance does work ranging from copywriting, email-checking, building websites, data entry, marketing, data-mining, and more.

Virtual assistants can either be paid by the hour and per project. You can find these freelance works and gigs online easily. If you have a deep experience and an impressive portfolio, you will be able to charge up to a thousand per project.

10. Rent Out Your Car

If you are forced to stay at home and not traveling much, why not opt to rent out your car to someone else who might need it? Some need to make large purchases and having a car to transport their items are desired. You could charge by the hour or a flat rate of 50/day, depending on the arrangement you prefer. However, do remember to do thorough disinfection after receiving your car.

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