Best WordPress Plugins for 2020 For Bloggers


Best Wordpress Plugins

So you just created your first WordPress site with a great theme, beautiful logo and populated it with some good content. But there’s something missing. Something that could make your website fast, secure, marketable, accessible, optimized, or manageable. we have collected the Best WordPress Plugins for 2020 that are bound to make your website amazing.

Best WordPress Plugin 2020- List

Best WordPress Plugins

You think to yourself, “Now what?” Well, time for some plugins!

Plugins are small pieces of software that make your work easier by doing a lot of tasks in very little time. These tasks could be something simple like a Page Builder for creating & managing pages to migrate your entire website to a different web server easily. Of course, not without a good hosting service and WordPress add-ons.

Especially when it comes to WordPress, the best WordPress plugins are a Godsend that makes your website more than just a collection of web pages but scalable and optimized platforms. From e-commerce to SEO and Security, we have collected 10 hidden gems of WordPress Plugins that are bound to make your website amazing!

12. WordPress table plugin:

Forminator also offers a developer API that lets you create and sell your own unique extensions! Forminator also has released an integration with wpDataTables, a WordPress table plugin, to create a survey table easily.

GDPR Cookie Consent is a plugin that helps a WordPress website display a cookie banner and set cookies on the website based on the user’s consent. The plugin when installed and activated displays a banner on the website that is highly customizable.

You can easily display the cookie audit table easily with the help of a shortcode. The plugin makes it easy for the websites to comply with the GDPR for the usage of their cookies.

The features of the basic version of the plugin are extended by its premium version. The main features of the premium version of the cookie consent plugin are listed below:

  • Automatic cookie detection
  • Automatic script blocking
  • Provide granular control for cookies
  • GeoIP banner cookie banner display
  • Manage and categorize cookies
  • Manage cookie consent log
  • Support for multilingual website
  • Cookie policy generator

10. Debug WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins

A Debugger is a tool that tracks and reports bugs i.e. faulty code in your program or a website. Programmers use debuggers to analyze code before deploying any software or application.

Debug is a plugin wordpress by SoniNow team, that lets you solve bugs by making changes to the ‘wp-config.php’. You can also enable error reporting and notifications via email to get runtime bugs on your site.


  • Basic & simple to use UI
  • Option to Backup data in config.php file regularly
  • Simple Installation
  • Real-time Email notifications

Price: Free

9. Widget Options

Best WordPress Plugins

Widget Options is a widget management plugin that gives you access to loads of customization options like sidebar widget management, widget visibility, widget alignment, enable/disable options, search filter, area backup and much more. Widget Options best WordPress plugins get rid of a lot of hassle by integrating within your current widget toolset.


  • Ability to hide widgets on specific pages easily
  • Show/Hide widgets on specific devices
  • Custom widget alignment
  • Custom widget columns with responsive design
  • Custom styling for each widget
  • Custom widget animations


  • Personal: $29(1 Website)
  • Business: $59(5 Websites)
  • Developer: $199(Unlimited Websites)

8. Page Booster Pack

Speed Booster Pack plugin wordpress comes from a company obsessed with speed & optimization. Their core philosophy is that WordPress as a site becomes bigger with each update but it has to run fast.

In comes Speed Booster to improve site performance, page speed scores, clear cache clogs and better SEO rankings. Speed Booster Pack offers optimization for both PC and Mobile websites.


  • CSS Optimization by the option to minify all inline CSS
  • Movement of JavaScript to the footer section for better speed test scores
  • Use of loader script to render images as soon as they are visible to the viewport
  • Cutting down on clutter by removing junk files
  • WooCommerce Optimization

Price:  Free

7. BackWPup WordPress Plugin

As you might guess by the name, BackWPup is a backup plugin for all your WordPress files, folders, images, plugins and themes. BackWPup also allows the user to upload their backed up data to services like Dropbox, FileZilla and FTP in a single .zip file for an easy one-click restore.

BackWPup requires WordPress 3.9 & PHP 5.3.3 running at least for the service to work. BackWPup comes in 2 variants with a free and a paid(pro) version with additional features.


  • WordPress file export in an XML format
  • Database optimization
  • Resolve database errors
  • Provide logs & backups by email
  • Multisite support for network admin
  • PRO: Backup files directly to Amazon Glacier
  • PRO: Backup files to Google Drive


  • Basic: Free
  • Standard: $69 (1 Installation)
  • Business: $119 (5 Installations)
  • Developer: $200(10 Installations)
  • Supreme: $279 (25 Installations)
  • Agency: $349 (100 Installations)

6. WP Security Audit Log

Best WordPress Plugins

There are numerous changes and activities that happen on your site per day. A lot of those go unnoticed or ignored in hindsight because you’re busy handling the bigger stuff. But what if you could monitor them closely so that you can stay aware of everything happening on your site?

That’s what this backup wordpress plugin does for you. WP Security Audit Log is like an accountant for your website. It keeps real-time activity logs on every change with great detail. So that every time anything goes awry, you can trace the problem easily and apply diagnostics.


  • Ability to monitor over changes like:
  • Widgets & Menu
  • User Changes
  • WordPress Settings & Core Changes
  • Database Logs
  • WooCommerce Stores & Products
  • Advanced Custom Fields(ACF)


  • Starter: $89/yr(Single Site)
  • Professional: $99/yr(Single Site)
  • Business: $149/yr(Single Site)

5. Keyword Research Tool

Best WordPress Plugins

Keyword Research Tool wordpress seo plugin lets you search longtail keyword suggestions for your topic to improve your SEO and site ranking. You can enter your focus keyword and browse through related keyword matches. After browsing through all the similar keywords, you can select the ones you like and bundle them into keyword groups.


  • Simple UI for Quick Suggestions
  • Unlimited Keyword Search
  • Embeds itself into your WordPress interface
  • Multi-country support

Price: Free

4. Squirrly SEO 2019 (Strategy)

Squirrly SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin that works like a GPS to help you navigate through Google’s giant search jungle. Squirrly SEO claims to work on scientific methods to improve your site’s ranking by always running and reporting. This gives you a detailed look at how Google views your site.

Neil Patel, the SEO tycoon, prefers Squirrly SEO as his go-to plugin every time he writes a new post. Hence, Squirrly has a lot of fan-following even among the elites.


  • Imports all settings from previous plugins
  • Keyword Search Assistant
  • SEO Live Assistant
  • Copyright-Free Images
  • Blogging Audit
  • Content Marketing Analytics


  •  Pro: $29.99/month for 35 Websites (5/website)
  • Business: $71.99/month for 70 Websites (10/Website)

3. Starbox WordPress Plugin

Best WordPress Plugins

Comes from the same guys who made Squirrly SEO, Starbox allows you to add an author box at the bottom of your pages. Starbox offers professional quality themes to enhance your author’s bio and promote social. Starbox wordpress extension works great for authors as well as guest writers with links to keep engagement at the most and help build a faithful readership.


  • Wide selection of themes
  • Google Authorship for all your writers
  • Manageable links to all social media profiles
  • Option to upload your custom image
  • Works well with WooCommerce/eCommerce
  • Widget Support


  • Pro: $29.99

2. Compress JPEG & PNG images

Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin utilizes popular image conversion services like TinyJPG and TinyPNG to compress data without loss of quality in the post-compression stage. What this WordPress addons basically does is, upload your images to TinyJPG & TinyPNG, analyze them to fit exactly with your website and return the compressed result while saving storage and bandwidth.


  • Automatic optimization of new images
  • JPEG encoding
  • Dashboard Widget
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce
  • WordPress mobile app
  • No file size limits


  • Pro: $25/year

1. Forminator

Forminator WordPress plugins is a form builder plugin that lets you create a wide variety of contact forms, interactive polls, quizzes, feedback widgets, registration forms and much more along with payment portals like PayPal & Stripe.

The thing that makes Forminator unique is its drag-n-drop UI which makes creating or updating forms easier. Forminator also offers a developer API which lets you create and sell your own unique extensions!


  • Intuitive UI
  • Easy Integration with WordPress
  • Payment Portal Support
  • Third party integration of services like email, CRM, storage & project managers
  • Gutenberg block support
  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Price: Free

Best WordPress Plugins List: Conclusion

This sums up our list of the best WordPress plugins that are going to help your site gain more traction in 2020. Now, a lot of plugins mentioned here aren’t the most popular ones or don’t have millions of downloads. You might already know those anyway.

This list was about those niche ones that slip under a lot of people’s radars, and stay hidden away under the giant pool of plugins that WordPress is.

Rare plugins are great and all. So now what? How about some great themes to redo your website with our handpicked fresh selection. Have any suggestions or some other plugins you can add to the list? Comment down below & let us know!

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