Best QuickBooks Alternative: Software Similar to Quickbooks

# Last Updated On: April 3, 2020 #

Looking for cheaper alternative to Quickbooks? Listed here are free Quickbooks alternative for small business. Read on and if you find some noted software missing from the list, do tell us in the comment box.

QuickBooks is the best entry-level accounting solution in the market. It has been widely used by various organizations. QuickBooks is considered best because of its ability to manage a good chunk of your daily accounting tasks.

10 Free Quickbooks Alternative 2020

To run your business successfully, it is crucial to staying top of the finances. Many organizations contact top development agencies like Cubix, Iflexion, Diceus and more to develop software solution for managing finances.

However, other professionals prefer to rely on QuickBooks. There are more small businesses entering the market who take QuickBooks as difficult to use accounting solution. For them, these ten software similar to Quickbooks are handy and useful.

1. FreshBooks

best quickBooks alternatives

FreshBooks is a most loved and popular Quickbooks online alternative for small businesses and freelancers. It is incredibly easy to use and set up. The software is winning users’ heart because of its ability to track time and expenses.

The accounting software lets you perform several operations, including creating customized invoices, sending payment reminders, and automatic late fee collection.

All-in-all, it’s a great accounting program for self-employed individuals and a powerful accounting software better than Quickbooks. What’s more? The feature set is almost unignoreable as it also allows you to organize and compile accounting data and financial reports for an easier review.


Starter plan starts at the cost of $15 / month.

2. Sage

 free quickbooks alternative

Are you looking for a free Quickbooks alternative for small business? If yes, then there is nothing best than Sage. The all-rounder accounting software knows it all and manages all your accounting concerns like a pro.

With Sage, you can easily organize and manage multiple account activities, including creating estimates and invoices, linking bank and credit card accounts and much more.

In case if you like to use an app then Sage app is also available for all the accounting needs. The cheaper alternative to Quickbooks supports an invoicing app for both iOS and Android that enables small businesses to send invoices with expanse record keeping.

If you are still not convince for using this integrated accounted solution called Sage, then let us mention that it’s a world-recognized accounting software that offers a suite of attractive features.


Starter plan starts at the cost of $6.99 / month.

3. Xero

 free quickbooks alternative

If you are not completely satisfied with Sage, then here is another cloud-based accounting solution and a software similar to Quickbooks named Xero, launched in New Zealand and Australia. It’s a great software and has been used in more than 180 countries.

What makes it so accessible is its ability to let you create and send invoices, quotes, expense record keeping, cash flow reports and much more is available. Not only that, Xero also smartly categorizes your transactions and quickly creates statements. It supports various currencies and more than 700 apps plus, craft purchase orders instantly.

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Starter plan starts at the cost of $9/ month.

4. Wave

Alternative to quickbooks

If you wish to manage things effortlessly, then tryout Wave. The affordable, cloud-based accounting solution is offering easy accounting services for non-accountants.

Moreover, if you are time-savvy person, then this accounting solution is specially designed for you. It lets you link the bank and credit card accounts that ultimately save time. Also enables you to upload receipts online via email or the app.

In case, if you are willing to get more, then you can also get your hands on a set of additional services provided by free Quickbooks alternative Wave.

The other services include credit card processing and payroll. Keep in mind that you have to pay some amount for using its extra features. Also, Wave provides online customer support that you can utilize by submitting an online ticket.


Wave basic service is completely free.

5. Zoho Books

 free quickbooks alternative

With this best alternative to Quickbooks, we have got you covered completely. Let’s enjoy another Quickbooks online alternative  Zoho Books. It is an online accounting solution that is quite secure and simple to use. The smart accounting solution lets you connect with your bank account easily.

It also seamlessly manage payment flow, payment tracking and categorize each transaction accordingly.We are sure that when you will use Zoho Books you will not get enough of it because of its amazing features. The accounting solution also manages your inventory and integrate it with various services such as payment services analytics reporting and CRM.


Starter plan starts at a cost of $9/month.

6. ZipBooks

quickbooks alternative

For small businesses who want to get started with a free accounting service, ZipBooks is a go-to choice.

Just like other free Quickbooks alternative for small businesses, it provides a broad set of features. ZipBooks lets you send invoices and help you get paid quickly. The best thing about this accounting software is that it supports all the credit card services, including PayPal, and other payment methods.

If you find it daunting to manage your bills, then ZipBooks will do it for you. The online accounting software helps you in scheduling your payments while automating your billing processes.

You can also do seamless payment categorization with the help of one of its feature name color-coding that make categorization accessible and straightforward. Besides, ZipBooks lets you leverage the smart reports through which you can retain high-paying clients and enhance your revenues.


Starter plan starts at a cost of $15 / month.

7. FreeAgent

best quickBooks alternatives

FreeAgent is one of the best free Quickbooks alternative for small business owners. It a professional accounting software designed specifically for freelancers, small companies and website owners. It comprises the list of most appealing features like recurring invoices, automatic payment reminders, notifications and a lot more is available.

In case, if you are bad at collecting receipts then FreeAgent also has an incredible feature that allows you to snap the receipts and save it in the phone. Like every other proficient accounting solution, this Quickbooks alternative on open source lets you connect with the bank and track the transactions while giving you a real-time cash flow view.

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Starter plan starts at the cost of $10/month.

8. Pandle

quickbooks similar software

Pandle is a free cloud-accounting software designed for small business owners. It manages the most common accounting operations while using a visually appealing graphical format to represent your income cash flow. This free accounting software like Quickbooks enables you to link your invoice and lets you get paid promptly.

If we say that Pandle is a smart accounting solution then we wouldn’t be wrong because it is capable enough to manage your finances through intelligent categorization of the transactions.

You can also instantly send quotes and invoices with Pandle mobile app. The app lets you enjoy a fantastic bookkeeping experience while escalating your business growth.


Pandle basic plan is completely free.

9. Gusto

Free Quickbooks Alternative

The choices are limitless, and thankfully you have another free accounting software like Quickbooks. Explore Gusto, an online payroll service that help your business to settle payments effortlessly. Gusto also lets you connect with the companies that offer employee benefits. Small business owners can utilize Gusto for automating in-house transactions easily.


Starter plan starts at the cost of $12/month.

10. Kashoo

Free Quickbooks Alternative

Small business owners who find it challenging to use accounting software solutions can completely rely on Kashoo.

This cheaper alternative to Quickbooks is the best for the new business owners because of its easy-to-use dashboard that displays all your transaction in real-time. People who are tired of searching for the better-fitting accounting software can trust Kashoo.

It is an extremely professional QuickBooks alternative that can reconcile data of over 5000 bank feeds that ultimately help you manage cash flow without putting much efforts. It allows users to send invoices to the customers.

Looking for more? Well! It also supports various payment methods like PayPal and others. We would recommend this alternative for sure because it is incredibly worth using with easy setup and usage.


Kashoo has a 14-day free trial service.

10 Free Quickbooks Alternative: Conclusion

We want you to manage your account activities like a pro, and that’s the reason we have compiled ten free alternatives to QuickBooks with great feature sets and market competitive prices.  Let’s decide what your favorite accounting software is and start using it today to enjoy an entirely new bookkeeping experience.

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