Top 6 Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android (Updated List)

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2021)

CamScanner had always been an excellent choice for document scanning until it was discovered that the app introduced malicious malware which could display intrusive ads on Android smartphones. Now the app has been removed from the Google play store. Google has also warned users to uninstall CamScanner from their Android devices.

6 Best CamScanner Alternatives 2019

If you have already uninstalled the app and searching for an alternative document scanner app that’s equally feature-rich, we have a list of 6 CamScanner alternatives. Please note, this is a random list without any order. These are equally popular apps bundled with similar features that CamScanner once had.

 1: Microsoft Office Lens

Top 6 Best CamScanner Alternatives

If you’re exploring an excellent alternative for CamScanner, Microsoft Office Lens won’t disappoint you. Being a Microsoft product, Microsoft Offline lens offers powerful features quite better than CamScanner.

The Office Lens is packed with capabilities to scan not only documents but also handwritten notes, whiteboard tables, and diagrams as well.

Once scanned, you can export these documents into Word or Powerpoint documents. The app is loaded with standard features like auto edge cropping, ID card scanning, OCR, and more.

The USP of this CamScanner alternative is its ability to access scanned documents on the cloud through OneNote. You can also export the scanned documents in your image gallery or as a PDF file.

2: PhotoScan – A Powerful CamScanner Alternative

Google’s PhotoScan is probably the best app for digitizing your printed photos. It’s an excellent app for scanning printed photos with amazing clarity and accurate color.

The app works on Google’s powerful post-processing algorithm to produce high-quality digital photos without missing any important details. App’s edge detection and automatic cropping features are far better than one found in CamScanner.

3:  Adobe Scan – CamScanner Alternative with OCR Feature

Adobe Scan is another popular CamScanner alternative you can go for. It’s an Adobe brainchild with a slew of superior document management features.  The app lets you scan documents, receipts, notes, ID cards or any other paper document with its smart scanner.

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Its AI-based algorithm can recognize the type of document and crop the image without error. The app packs several inbuilt options to enhance the image quality of scanned documents.

What makes Adobe Scan different from the other apps in the list is its ability to scan texts from documents (OCR).  The app allows users to export the scanned documents either in JPEG or PDF.

Thankfully, Adobe Scan doesn’t put an annoying watermark on scanned documents like the CamScanner. In the nutshell, the app is an excellent scanner app with all the features and functions required.

4:  Scanbot – Simple CamScanner Alternative

Meet another CamScanner alternative loaded with features to scan documents and create PDF files on the go. Scanbot is the closest CamScanner rival with matchless ability to scan documents, receipts, ID cards, whiteboards, QR code,s and more.

Like other apps in the list, the app sports smart edge detection and auto-crop functionality as well. Other features of the app include multi-page scan, OCR text recognition, document editing, and annotations.

A unique feature of Scanbot is that it can search for files by looking for text in documents. Once scanned, documents can be exported in PDF and JPG formats.

The app supports easy integration with cloud service providers to allow users to upload files on the cloud. All these capabilities turn Scanbot into a fantastic CamScanner alternative.

5: Evernote Scannable

If you’re looking for a scanner app for your iPhone / iPad device, Evernote Scannable can be your best. The app offers almost all the features of CamScanner with an even better user experience. The app allows users to scan notes, business cards, receipts, or any other paper document without comprising the document clarity.

Like other CamScanner alternatives, Evernote also uses a smart edge detection technique to crop the image automatically.  You can also save the scanned documents directly in your camera roll or export those scanned documents as PDF files.

The app offers email and cloud integration support to upload scanned documents on the cloud or email to friends directly.

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What may disappoint with the app is the absence of OCR and annotation. Evernote Scannable is a great app that offers all the basic features you expect from the CamScanner alternative.

6:  Google Drive

It may surprises you that Google Drive has a built-in scanner in the app. To find the feature, just tap the plus button and you are ready to scan documents, receipts, and notes easily. But unfortunately, it’s not as powerful and feature-packed as CamScanner is. It can though offer simple scanning features required in day-to-day operations.

Like the other 5 CamScanner alternatives explained above, Google Drive is also packed with edge detection and crop functionality with a basic image editor. Being the Google product, Google Drive keeps your document safe and protected. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and simple alternative to the CamScanner app, Google Drive can be a great choice.

As we are done with our list of the top 6 best CamScanner Alternatives, we hope that the list will help you in finding the right app for your use.

We have explained the most popular CamScanner alternatives with their respective pros and cons. We recommend you to visit their respective websites to read about their features in detail. It will make it easier to choose a better option.

Get Set and Go.

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