Why Should You Consider Xamarin for Your Cross-platform Development?

You should consider Xamarin if you’re trying for a cross-platform development platform that offers the greatest user experience. Microsoft introduced Xamarin, which gives users the ability to code once and deploy their apps on numerous devices, including iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Xamarin has bindings for each platform’s unique API, so developers can access native features. If you’re looking to hire a Xamarin developer, then you should hire a developer from India.

You may build iOS, Android, and Windows apps using Xamarin, a free open-source framework. The shared code is abstracted from the underlying platform code by Xamarin, which is a communication interface.

To relieve technical pressure, Xamarin runs in a managed environment with memory management and garbage collection features. Hire a dedicated Xamarin developer to take advantage of these features.

Xamarin is known for being edgy because it allows C# coders to develop apps. It also has a similar class library and runtime environment for all three mobile platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows). Xamarin applications may be created and compiled for both PC and Mac platforms, resulting in native application bundles such as the .apk file on Android or the .ipa file on iOS.

What’s New in Xamarin?

The latest version of Xamarin is Xamarin.Forms 5 This new version includes many features and improvements such as:

New Controls

You can now use the Shell control to create a tabbed interface or flyout menu easily. The Visual property has also been added, allowing you to change your controls’ appearance without having to write any additional code.

Improved Performance

With the new version, you will significantly improve your applications’ performance.

XAML Hot Reload

You can now make changes to your XAML code and see them reflected in real-time without recompiling your application.


A new form of view that expands a menu when swiped. Email viewing applications are one example.

WebView on iOS

One relevant change for everyone is that UIWebView is no longer available on iOS devices. Apple has warned that using this control in apps can lead to them being rejected, so it is recommended that everyone switch to WKWebView.

More Experimental features

C# UI, Expander, and MediaElement are now available in the Xamarin Community Toolkit. These features and controls are constantly growing and improving. Xamarin.Forms, on the other hand, are scheduled for a long-term stable release. These features may be reintroduced to the main library at some point.

Developers may build native user interfaces for their apps using Xamarin.Forms, which is a cross-platform UI framework. It offers controls like buttons, labels, and text boxes that may be employed to construct user interfaces.

Why Use Xamarin for Cross-Platform Development?

When it comes to cross-platform development, Xamarin has a lot of benefits. Here are just a few:

Code can be shared between platforms

You may create apps for various platforms with Xamarin thanks to its shared codebase. This means you can write your code once and then deploy it to multiple devices without recompiling it for each platform. With C#, you can mix and match any code you create for Android or iOS with minimal modifications.

As a result, it shortens the development process while lowering future code maintenance. When you Hire Xamarin Developer for mobile app development, he can work on all three platforms from a single codebase.

You have access to the entire API

When you use Xamarin, you have access to the entire API for each platform. This includes all of the latest features and updates from Apple and Google. As a result, you can create apps that take advantage of the latest platform features as soon as they are available.

You get a native user experience

You may develop a native user experience using Xamarin. As a result, your app will be compatible with how your users interface with other apps on their devices.

Top-quality design and development tools are available with the Xamarin platform. Microsoft Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio can help you achieve visual beauty as well as simplicity. By linking APIs and SDKs from various platforms, Xamarin enables developers to build high-quality apps.

Safe and Secure

Since certain components are hosted in the cloud (Azure), Xamarin-based applications are safe and secure. HTTP Certificates provided by Azure are very secure, ensuring that apps and cloud data communicate securely. DDoS mitigation, intrusion detection, and malware removal are just a few of the world-class security features used to safeguard Azure.

Efficient Communication

When you Hire a dedicated Xamarin for mobile app development, he will be able to communicate with the clients more efficiently as Xamarin provides full documentation of its features and tools.

Also, regular updates are provided by Xamarin so the developers can keep themselves updated with the latest trends.


Xamarin is an open-source platform, so it doesn’t cost anything to develop apps on this platform. Also, you don’t need to hire different developers for each platform. You just need to hire a dedicated Xamarin developer, as one Xamarin Developer can work on all three platforms.

Scaling Up is Not a Challenge

It isn’t easy to scale an application across platforms. However, you may make your cross-platform apps appear and feel the same on all devices with Xamarin. If you’re a web developer, this is great news! You may build apps for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Mac with ease!

If you create one app with multiple user interfaces, you’ll be able to reach out to millions of potential consumers all over the globe! You’ll be able to deploy smoothly across platforms without spending months developing each upgrade using Microsoft Visual Studio integration.

Great Flexibility

Xamarin apps are flexible. With Xamarin, you can create an application in C++/CLI or F#, allowing complete code reuse across platforms. This is perfect if you want to share non-UI code between your applications or if you want to use an existing library written in another language.

Faster Development

Xamarin apps are faster to develop. With Xamarin, you can use your existing skills and code base to create native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps. You can also share code across your apps, which means you can ship your app faster.

Great Community Support

The Xamarin community is large and active. There are several resources available to assist you in learning Xamarin, including books, videos, blogs, and discussion forums.

This means that regardless of your technical expertise, you may get help with your project. It also suggests a number of places to display your progress or test out a new idea.

In a short period of time, the community has grown leaps and bounds. In general, if you’re trying to get help from a big company while building an app, Xamarin is the way to go.

Conclusion –

Xamarin is a cross-platform development tool that has many advantages over other tools. It allows developers to share code across platforms, saving time and money. It also has great community support, which is helpful for developers of all skill levels. You can hire a developer from India to get started today.

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