How to Win Buyers and Influence Sales with Great Photography?

If you sell products and services online, you need to upload clear and attractive photographs to attract a great customer base.

After all, people always like buying what they can see. It’s important to take good pictures as your product will be judged based on the images and the design of your website.  Here are simple tips on how you can take great pictures that win over buyers.

How to Win Buyers and Influence Sales?

Use good lighting

Using natural light goes a long way. To get good shots, take pictures of the product near a window or outside so that the light hits your object from the side. If the object is shiny, shoot it from the back. Alternatively, you could use polarization filter or light box to reduce reflection. It’s much easier to shoot in the morning or in the afternoon when there’s soft lighting.

If it’s dark, use your camera’s white balance feature. You can also photo shop the image if you haven’t achieved the perfect level you’re looking for. Adjustments could include increasing colour saturation and contrast or making colors lighter.

Take a tight snap

Ensure that the item you are shooting is the focal point of that picture. Avoid a cluttered environment, busy surroundings, and reflections.

You can, however, keep trying until you find what works. Shoot in different backgrounds, with a white card and without one to see if the customers will like the pictures. Always remember that the object is the most important object.

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A gimbal is important

A gimbal will help you get better shots as it will hold your lens allowing you to take better images. This piece of equipment will also make it easier to capture different angles.

Shooting the objects from different angles and taking a lot of shoots will allow you to have a variety to choose from.

A gimbal is particularly helpful if you are shooting moving objects or if you are taking pictures from above. The best gimbals in the market today will not only help you take stable photos, but will also allow you take crazy combination of camera movements that are impossible to pull off with conventional tools.

Large image sizes are better

Always shoot big pictures. When taking photos, ensure that you pick ‘large’ when selecting size settings. Also choose ‘superfine’ in quality settings.

This will enable you to use all pixels to produce a good quality image. If the image is too big, you can always shrink it to reduce the size. To check the size of the picture, right click it on your computer or website.

You’ll be able to see its dimensions, and determine if it will be clear enough for your customers.

Final Verdict

When taking sales photos, remember that photography is an art, and not rocket science. If you follow basic tips and strive to produce beautiful images, you’ll be fine. However, the images shouldn’t outshine the products that you’re selling.

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The last thing you need is a stream of visitors clicking on your website to admire photos instead of purchasing products!

To get an idea of what’s suitable and appealing, look through your favorite website, magazine or newspaper. Chances are that the sort of photos that you find attractive will also appeal to potential customers.

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