How to Drive More Sales with Better Product Images?

Whether it is an online store or e-commerce website, can be said to be captivating only if the images of the products and services are visually alluring. This is important and enhances the visual appeal of the product or service which you intend to sell. The article covers many aspects of how to drive more sales with better product images.  

You may come across numerous websites that have a wide range of products but have limited or poor displays at that. Moreover, in the absence of physical touch and that a potential buyer has in a physical retail store, any unanswered questions about the product will only culminate in significant losses.

Main Aspects of a Great Product Image

Drive More Sales with Better Product Images

That is the reason why product photography is important to showcase your product in the best possible way. The importance of product pages to any e-commerce site is underscored. The product images or photographs also provide the required push so that a potential buyer gets attracted to it and decides to buy it.

It is true that images speak louder than and can boost your sales significantly. Moreover, images can do the actual selling because even a casual visitor to a site is influenced by product photographs. 

It can be more beneficial if these photographs are displayed more convincingly and represent what the product says. Some of these examples include- what are the sizes, dimensions, durability, and many more.

Let us take a look at some of the major aspects which are necessary for product photography and how to drive more sales with better product images: 

Attention to Detail:  

It is one of the key things which are necessary to sell high-quality products where special features and branding is to be highlighted.

Moreover, they are to be used as a descriptive measure so as to pinpoint the unique qualities of the craft which specially focus on qualities such as tradition. This level of attention to detail develops trust between both the seller as well as the buyer.

Alternative Images:  

Multiple photographs of the products including the angled images are very much suitable so as to convey the related information which includes the features, versatility, and its advantages. Moreover, these photographs ensure that the potential buyer gets the relevant information about the product and also help them with the purchase.

Display in Environment Best Suited 

These are mainly useful for various products such as fabric for all-weather or any other material. As the buyer gets the actual view of the product not only in a studio setting but in actual usage.

Opting for the lighting in the indoor setup may not be that suitable or recommended for the high-class products. As for the outdoor products, showing them in their natural environment will surely enhance their appeal.

As for a website that usually deals with clothing, then mannequins won’t be as appealing. Nowadays, the clothing merchandisers work hard to display images of models wearing clothing to allure the customers in choosing their size along with the details of the model’s height, and garment size as a reference.

Importance of the Product Images

How to Drive More Sales with Product Images?

Commercial product photography is ideal for any website and has many benefits. If you want your products to have or maintain the quality as well as the content when turned into a picture or entire catalog isn’t attracting more buyers, then what else would be beneficial other than hiring the best commercial product photography services.

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 1. For Online Retailers

Moreover, it is essential for the online retailers to expand their profile and regain their clientele base by portraying a suitable and relevant image of their products. This type of photography is quite helpful in making the products look more expressive which in turn will attract more buyers.

After all, e-commerce websites are all about expressing the best of their products via images. All the viewers are your potential buyers who usually go through the pictures of your website. And if those pictures are not so impressive or simply not attractive or are confusing, then most probably the buyers will lose interest in those products and in turn affecting your sales.

If and only if those product images are impressive and demonstrate clearly about your product, then only the viewers will automatically get converted into your potential buyers. The use of pictures which are captured professionally and also of high quality will immensely help this to accomplish much faster.

2. For Improved Search Results

Another aspect is that it also augments its search engine results, bringing the website to the top position. And these pictures will surely increase the sales of the products and will enhance the value of the brand, especially if the website is not a dedicated e-commerce one.

When you have to display several pictures of the products and that too in a single page, then every one of them has to be its own impressive appearance in order to allure the clients. Product photography can be highly beneficial and will help in solving this issue.

Although you may also be able to click pictures on your own, but the overall result achieved will not be as good when compared to a professionally clicked photograph. The professional photographers who have the proper training and experience can accomplish your product photography needs.

How to Click Best Product Photographs?

These professionals will most certainly use various software to accomplish these tasks. The software is used to correct the pictures after being captured. Well, the post-processing software are frequently used to give the photos a touch up including a little adjustment.

Not to mention that it is one of the most time-consuming parts, and only a professional who has relevant expertise in this field will be able to do so.

As there will be numerous photographs which have a really busy background which distracts the buyers from your product. By using the photo editing techniques, the images will be clicked in such a way so that the viewer’s attention doesn’t divert and instead sticks to the product only.

Nowadays, you will find various product photography services at reasonable pricing. These companies have the appropriate equipment and techniques to undergo the best product photography. They have skilled photographers that are the best in the field and have what it requires to complete the project in a given time frame.

If you sell products and services online, you need to upload clear and attractive photographs to attract a great customer base. After all, people always like buying what they can see. It’s important to take good pictures as your product will be judged based on the images and the design of your website.  Here are simple tips on how you can take great pictures that win over buyers.

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How to Drive More Sales with Product Images? 

How to Drive More Sales with Product Images?

1. Use Good Lighting

Using natural light goes a long way. To get good shots, take pictures of the product near a window or outside so that the light hits your object from the side. If the object is shiny, shoot it from the back. Alternatively, you could use polarization filter or light box to reduce reflection.

It’s much easier to shoot in the morning or in the afternoon when there’s soft lighting. If it’s dark, use your camera’s white balance feature. You can also photo shop the image if you haven’t achieved the perfect level you’re looking for. Adjustments could include increasing colour saturation and contrast or making colors lighter.

2. Take a tight snap

Ensure that the item you are shooting is the focal point of that picture. Avoid a cluttered environment, busy surroundings, and reflections. You can, however, keep trying until you find what works. Shoot in different backgrounds, with a white card and without one to see if the customers will like the pictures. Always remember that the object is the most important object.

3. A Gimbal is Important

A gimbal will help you get better shots as it will hold your lens allowing you to take better images. This piece of equipment will also make it easier to capture different angles. Shooting the objects from different angles and taking a lot of shoots will allow you to have a variety to choose from.

A gimbal is particularly helpful if you are shooting moving objects or if you are taking pictures from above. The best gimbals in the market today will not only help you take stable photos, but will also allow you take crazy combination of camera movements that are impossible to pull off with conventional tools.

4. Large Image Sizes are Better

Always shoot big pictures. When taking photos, ensure that you pick ‘large’ when selecting size settings. Also choose ‘superfine’ in quality settings. This will enable you to use all pixels to produce a good quality image.

If the image is too big, you can always shrink it to reduce the size. To check the size of the picture, right click it on your computer or website. You’ll be able to see its dimensions, and determine if it will be clear enough for your customers.

How to Drive More Sales with Better Product Images: Conclusion

When taking sales photos, remember that photography is an art, and not rocket science. If you follow basic tips and strive to produce beautiful images, you’ll be fine. However, the images shouldn’t outshine the products that you’re selling.

The last thing you need is a stream of visitors clicking on your website to admire photos instead of purchasing products! To get an idea of what’s suitable and appealing, look through your favorite website, magazine or newspaper. Chances are that the sort of photos that you find attractive will also appeal to potential customers.

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