Which is the Complete E-commerce MLM solution?

The MLM domain has witnesses’ stupendous growth over the years. Brands and businesses are rallying over reliable MLM software solutions to create a high impact that helps them streamline their business processes.

Direct selling software now comes with advanced integration options such as an ecommerce MLM integration that can help marketers in managing their very own ecommerce store by simply using the MLM software.

This has the added advantage of getting your business in front of your audience and helping network marketers in gaining traction over the ever-growing online business atmosphere. The ecommerce MLM integration helps network marketers in managing their ecommerce portals right from the MLM software and saves them the hassle of relying on separate platforms.

Features of a Complete E-commerce MLM Software Solution

Although there are a variety of features that define a complete direct selling software, in

This post, we will be looking at the top features that make a direct-selling software complete. Let’s begin!


A secure MLM software provides enormous customization options to its users. These customizations can range from compensation calculating options to the interface that your members use to communicate with the software. A secure network marketing software can be customized to work with any compensation plan such as binary, matrix, or a hybrid plan.

 Ecommerce MLM integration:

An ecommerce MLM integration module helps you in managing the ecommerce aspects of your business right from the MLM software solution. This integration can help your members in operating and maintaining their e-commerce store. Hence, a complete MLM software with ecommerce MLM integration allows members to sell products through the software itself.

Payment Gateway Integration:

A complete MLM software solution has an integrated payment gateway that can help direct selling ventures in facilitating easy payments for its members as well as its customers. A network marketing software’s payment gateway has been developed by keeping all the aspects of security in mind that keep the user’s concerns regarding the security of their transactions at priority.

Integrated E-Wallet:

Owing to the E-wallet integration in MLM software solution, users can carry out transactions with a pre-loaded amount in their wallets. MLM software solutions with integrated e-wallet take out the hassle of making a transaction every time and the pre-loaded amount can be used instantly.

Secure Pin Access:

The transactions and user data on a complete MLM software solution are protected through a secure access pin. These secure pins are dynamic in nature and a new pin is sent to users whenever they make a transaction. This ensures that any payments made on a complete MLM software solution are safe, secure, and compliant to the higher security norms.

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Multi-Language Support:

A complete MLM software solution diminishes the linguistic boundaries and supports a plethora of languages. Members or customers can choose from several available languages and ensure seamless communication between the team members and customers.

Automated Backups:

MLM ventures typically deal with loads of data on an everyday basis. A complete MLM software solution provides automated backup options that upload user data on highly secure servers with the option to restore the database to any point in the past.

 Website Replication:

Website replication is a feature that allows the members of an MLM venture to have their very own website. A complete direct-selling software can help marketers in promoting the products or merchandise they sell. A customized website for every member can also help the business in developing a high level of brand authenticity and garnering user trust.

Visually Appealing UI Design:

A visually appealing UI design can go a long way in persuading new members for joining an MLM venture. A complete MLM software solution comes with a visually appealing design and a responsive UI that can adapt to any display resolution, depending on the platform the service is being accessed.

Multi-User Management:

A complete MLM software solution provides multi-user role management for MLM business owners and members. This can help in differentiating user service areas and ensuring that only relevant data is presented to the end-users. This has the added benefit of limiting the data that users get exposed to, considerably limiting fraud risk.

As you can see, there are a host of factors that make network marketing software complete

And appealing to users. For an MLM venture, it is crucial to choose the most complete MLM software solution that provides a high level of functionality and is user friendly at the same time.

MLM software solutions have evolved and have more functionality than ever.

If you are looking to deploy a cutting edge MLM software solution for your direct-selling venture, you must choose a platform that provides all the integrated modules in a single package.

MLM software solutions with ecommerce MLM integration are developed using advanced development practices and deploying the latest available technologies. Open-source technologies such as MySQL, PHP, Ajax, jQuery are usually deployed when developing complete MLM software solutions.

Benefits of using an ecommerce MLM integration

An ecommerce MLM integration provides you with a host of benefits. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Complete ecommerce solution:

An ecommerce MLM integration helps you in maintaining the product orders, deliveries, order confirmations, and rejections along with a host of options for you to perfectly compliment your MLM venture.

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A complete MLM software with ecommerce MLM integration can help marketers with scalability issues that they might experience. These integrations are modular and can perfectly complement the business requirements of any MLM venture as these can be scaled depending on the business requirements.

Manage lead times:

An ecommerce MLM integration helps in managing leads and sales prospects effectively. Ecommerce strategies can be developed to leverage the ecommerce MLM integration and helping ventures in achieving their sales targets effectively.

An enormous boost in productivity:

The boost in productivity is probably one of the best reasons for the switch to an ecommerce MLM integration. A complete MLM software can help marketers in managing business reports and tracking sales effectively along with a periodic performance evaluation of all the team members.

Flexibility in business management:

A complete MLM software solution is flexible and helps you in managing the day to day aspects of your business precisely. With the ability to add modules separately, you can rest assured that any feature or functionality that you want from your software, is just a module away!

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, there are a host of other advantages that come with ecommerce MLM integration. Once a complete MLM software solution has been deployed, a business can rest assured that their day to day operations will be managed effectively in a time-efficient manner.

In this era of technologically advanced direct selling software solutions, you must choose the right software for your business requirements. The right MLM software solution with ecommerce MLM integration can help you in managing leads perfectly and driving your direct selling business to success.


Deploying a complete MLM software solution with ecommerce MLM integration is one of the best business moves that you can take. Adopting these solutions can help you in ensuring seamless business operations and ensuring that every minute that you spend on these applications leads to the enhancements of your business prospects.

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