What is Merch by Amazon and How to Utilize it?

# Last Updated On: July 7, 2021 #

Merch by Amazon is a print-on-demand service. You would have known about selling products online through Amazon. Unlike selling a direct manufactured or brought product online, Merch by Amazon is an initiative by Amazon that helps you to sell your designs online. This is similar to the patenting of scientific designs for which you will get royalties.

What is Merch by Amazon

The concept is simple that you will submit your own design for a t-shirt or a hoody online and Amazon will print the product on demand and sell it awarding you with a royalty fee for your design. Anyone can sign up and upload their designs on Merch and can get royalty fees whenever the product he designed is sold to a customer.

Table of contents

  • You get approved by Amazon
  • You should create your design and upload it
  • Amazon does the printing on demand
  • You get paid
  • Tips to succeed in Merch

You get approved by Amazon as a seller

Before you start uploading your designs online, you should be approved by Amazon and you should have a Merch account to get approved. If you wish to start selling your designs on Merch, you should go to the official website of Merch and click on the Request Invitation button.

This will take you to a window where you will be asked to provide your details like name of the individual or business, tax information, contact details, and websites if any. You can even add additional information about your marketing capabilities and your reach in social media.

You should demonstrate why you will be the best seller for Merch. This application may take up to 6 months to get approved because of the high demand for approval from sellers. Amazon considers your request only when they have space to allow your designs on the products.

You should create and upload your design

After getting approved by Amazon, you can start designing your design using any software. At the initial stages, you are allowed to upload up to 10 and 25 designs. Once you sell 25 shirts or other items with your designs, you will be promoted as a tier 3 seller and you can upload up to 100 different designs and so on thereby getting more royalty fees.

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To add your design on Amazon, click on the “Add products” button from the Merch dashboard. Then you can add any designs to the shirts and other items that are shown by clicking “Upload artwork”. If you are not an expert in designing, you can also download some templates for assistance from the site itself. You can also hire a designer to do the job for you. Your design should meet the design requirements of Merch as below.

  • The print dimensions of the artwork should be less than 300 dpi (dots per inch)
  • The size of the PNG file should be less than 25 MB

Amazon prints on demand

Once you upload your designs on the selected product and provide the necessary descriptions including the size and color, Amazon will create a product listing page for that. Thereafter, you do not need to do anything other than promoting your design on other platforms.

Amazon will take care of receiving orders for the product and printing the shirt with your design. The packaging and shipping is also done by Amazon and in the same way as that done while a normal product is sold in Amazon. The customer support is also carried out by Amazon.

You get paid

Once a product with your design is sold to a customer, you will be paid the royalty fee. Based on the price and pre-determined calculations of royalty, you will receive a royalty amount of approximately 13% to 37% of the original price. However, this price is fixed by you at the time of uploading the design. Royalty calculation page will be available on the site itself where you can find how the royalty fee is being calculated.

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Tips to succeed on Merch by Amazon

To succeed as a seller in Merch, you should do some of the activities listed below.

  • Research the product trends in the niche before selecting a design
  • Do not use a copyrighted image or design
  • Research for top ranking keywords to optimize your listing
  • Use some tools to find the trending keywords
  • Promote your design and the product through your social media accounts and other platforms
  • List all the descriptions of the product clearly
  • Track and analyze your sales


If you decide to sell your creative design on Merch, you are about to enter a long time process of money-making. Merch should not be considered as a “Get rich quick” opportunity.

The approval of your account alone can take up to 6 months. Although it is time-consuming, consistent effort and knowledge in the trending designs along with an ability to create attractive designs can help you succeed on Merch.

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