What does LSI mean for your SEO?

There are many theories on how to have a strong ranking within the search engines for longer, being able to predict your position and even use your own competitors keywords, content and backlinks against them. Think of LSI, your content and SEO as a strong foundation to build your business, blog or personal presence.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) In SEO

By now you would have read about SEO or more specifically search engine optimisation and how it improves website traffic which increases your sales leads.

There are other methods or types of SEO that can be used which apply just to the content on your website. One of these methods is Latent Semantic Indexing also known as (“LSI”).

LSI can be explained simply or in depth the definitions do not vary but the intentions, wording and language does. LSI is used by SEO companies to allow search engines to index your content and attribute it to other elements on your website without internal links, backlinks or hybrid links.

Top SEO Sydney has been in Search Engine Optimization Consulting for almost 16 years, in this time what we have learned is that duplicate content is extremely painful and does more damage in the short term and long term, rather than provide any benefit.

Here is how to apply LSI to your website and benefit:

  1. Delete duplicate content and replace it with content that is relevant to what you are discussing, allow room for call to actions and internal links to case studies on the topic if you have them.
  2. Remove duplicate alt-tags and images, no images on your website should be used more than once, if it’s one thing Google rewards its innovation and originality.
  3. For every post in your blog you should make sure that your content is easy to read. You are writing your content for people to read and share.

You have three principles: Write your content for humans, Don’t duplicate content and use original images.

Now, applying these principles to the content on your website will take a lot of time, but that’s okay because that’s the easy part. Now for the final step I want you to write this sentence out as practice.

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“As milk comes from cows, honey comes from bees”.

It’s that simple, that’s LSI, which is  one of google’s many elements that are applied when it reads your website.

If you write a blog about home improvement you are going to write in detail what you are improving, why you are improving it, the process and steps you took, the safety precautions required when you did the renovations, the results of those renovations and finally any improvements or lessons you have learned and how you would apply those next time.

After you insert a video with a transcript regarding your home improvement blog, inserting your keywords. Your LSI article is ready. It’s perfect, the grammar is great, it reads well and it will engage audiences, now all you need is to submit your URL to google and get some backlinks to your content.

If your content writes well enough like this SEO Sydney article you are going to get a lot of natural backlinks.

But wait there is more. I talked about writing and article, I talked about the duplicate content but I didn’t mention was how search engines will index and affiliate your new website content with the old on your website.

Using the example of home improvement, I talked about writing an article that is professional, detailed and ticks all the boxes that are required by Search Engine Optimisation Consultants to rock, rank and anchor, but how does it link to the rest of the site.

Simple. The keywords from the article, the way the article is written, the original content but it’s similarities, will give natural juice and a lower bounce rate to your website, over time these analytics are processed by search engines and the content is affiliated with LSI based off the bounce rate, keywords and layout of the website.

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It becomes easier for search engines and seo agencies to work with your website over time and fine tune the results as your website becomes further optimized and easier to work with.

The less time it takes for search engines to crawl your website and index it, the more user friendly content on your website, the more original media you have on your website you will gain better results from SEO and LSI.

You will start to notice that your rankings for keywords become more stable over time, it will become harder for competitors to rank for your keywords. You rankings will drop less often as a result of your content it’s LSI and SEO optimised keywords.

Another method of improving your LSI is to have an external link to a subdomain blog article and having the subdomain blog article link back to the parent domain.

Top seo sydney is a local seo agency that offers tailored solutions such as content writing, LSI and SEO. Our agency principle has over 16 years SEO experience and is an industry leading expert that offers small businesses a path on how to reach their sales goals, public presence and internet audience.

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