Top 7 Best Free Fitness Apps to Try This Fall (Updated)

Achieving health goals is one of the biggest targets and New Year resolution. Many people aim to achieve a healthier life this year and that is why all of us are obsessed with exercise and healthy eating habits. But just eating grill chicken and doing regular crunches will not lead you to achieve your health targets. The article enlists top 7 best free fitness apps There are many fitness mobile apps which will help you set and achieve your health targets, it also motivates you and keeps you on track.

Therefore download some fitness apps and get you and get your health journey started and improve.

Top Fitness Apps

Top 7 Best Free Fitness Apps- 2019 (Updated)

Setting a fitness goal is not very difficult but it requires serious motivation, hard work and dedication to achieve it. We have listed some top fitness application which will accompany you on your fitness journey and help you make and achieve your goals.

1. Yonder – Free Fitness App

Yonder is a free app for Android smartphones and iPhones. It is designed to give you complete information about the outdoor experience by tracking your location. This will not only guide you where you can find good spots for swimming, tracking, biking, gym etc. but also provide you list of places for a healthy outdoor activity such as walk and jogging.

This app is design to bring you close to the nature and have fun with it. One another important feature of this app is the share your experience with others through your photos and review so motivation and inspiration can be shared.

2. Fitbit – Most Popular Free Fitness App

Top 7 Best Free Fitness Apps

This app is free but when you use its premium it will charge $49.99 per year, good thing is you can use it on android, iOS, Window Phones and on the web as well. This is a complete fitness app which allows you to monitor your daily fitness activities which is really cool as you cannot control and manage your fitness activities all the time.


  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • Fitbit dashboard and tracking (steps, heart rate, sleep)
  • New Female Health Tracking features
  • On screen guided workouts
  • Reminders to move
  • Guided breathing
  • Pandora play and storage

It shows you your daily footsteps by tracking your activity when you have your phone with you track your calories and calories you have burn, tells you about your weight and provide you your health information as well.

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Other than that this app is very helpful in keeping record of your other health issues such as your blood pressure, glucose level and our heart rate etc.

The Fitbit is a good app because it shows you your activities and information by automatically. This app can be synchronize with fitbit device which helps you keep track of all your activities and give you a daily report which will keep you motivated.

3. Aaptiv

Top 7 Best Free Fitness Apps

Aaptive is a complete app to provide you all the important information, motivation and fitness plan. As many people set their health and fitness targets but they feel lost and left behind. Many times demotivation also a big hurdle to get started again.

That is why Aaptive is design for you to stick to your fitness plan. This app can be downloaded on Android and iPhones by @9.99 per month. This app has it all; it offers an audio fitness program which is personalized according to your requirement.

This app provides you coaching and exercise sessions. The trainers also motivate you to achieve your health goals as well as this app has a fun music to keep you energize throughout the session.

4. Headspace

Top 7 Best Free Fitness Apps

This app is the fourth among top 7 best free fitness apps listed here. It’s free for the initial few stages and can be downloaded on both Android and iOS.

Headspace is considered to be the most popular app around the world having more than 10 millions of users. This app is also very well known in celebrities and athletes. This app is designed by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the peaceful mind and meditation.


  • Free introductory 10-day program
  • Sophisticated, user-friendly interface
  • Engaging animations to explain concepts
  • Downloadable Sessions
  • Practical, modern and secular approach to mindfulness
  • Scientifically-supported
  • Headspace for Kids content

Not only meditation is becoming very expensive when you hire or enroll into a program but by doing it by yourself is really hard to find a quiet moment for doing it. That is why this app provides you different programs which help you meditate for 10 minutes a day in 10 days.

This app unlocks different levels and durations of mediation by subscription and focus on those exercises which matters most. It also guides you through the breathing exercises and visually focuses on what you do.

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5. Charity Miles

Now you can do two good things at once, run for your health and charity money for any organization. The app called Charity Miles let you earn money every time you walk or run, when you complete certain miles the corporate sponsors will charity money that you earn to your desired organizations. This can help earn quite money when many people complete few miles.

6. Forks over knives

The studies shows although many people exercise and go gym, use different methods of weight loss and drink green tea regularly but fails to lose weight. This is because their diet is not proper and according to the research the weight loss and healthy living is directly related to the eating habits. That is why Forks over knives focus on your diet and eating habits.

This forks over knives app provide you more than 200 recipes which can is full of nutrients and designed by famous chefs around the world keeping healthy eating and food options in mind. This app will provide you step by step cooking instructions with the photos of finished dish.

You can easily make recipes your favorite and make notes as well as make a list of grocery for next time shopping to cook a certain recipes.

7. Fitstar

If you love workout or focusing to achieve workout goals this app is just for you as it shows you customized workout depending on your fitness level. Not only that this best free fitness Apps allow you to give your feedback about the exercise which were too hard, too easy or just right for you.


  • Health and fitness guidance
  • smarter insights with Premium
  • Guided programs
  • Avanced Insights
  • Advanced Sleeps Tools
  • Dynamic Workouts

This app also challenges you to complete workout tasks and now you can synchronize it with you fitbit device to keep tracks of your efforts.


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