7 Best Health Apps That Have Helped Us Through Coronavirus

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a year that’s been obsessed with health and wellbeing. Coronavirus has much of the population worried about contracting the virus, affecting our physical health. On top of this, many of us have had to restrict ourselves from staying or working from home as government officials tried to avoid spreading the virus further.

Best Health Apps That Helped Us Through Corona virus

As such, many mobile app stores have aimed to help those in need with the development of health apps. Whether it’s helping with keeping you occupied from a wellbeing point of view or having you do exercises in your back garden whilst gyms remain closed throughout the pandemic, there has practically been an app for everything health related to help through the tough times.

Here are 7 health apps that have been useful during the Coronavirus times that have proved difficult for some of us.

1. MyFitnessPal

Perhaps you’ve found yourself putting on a few pounds whilst staying at home this year. If that’s the case, MyFitnessPal might have been one of the health apps that you referred to in your time of need to lose weight.

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It’s considered as one of the best food tracking apps around that offers nutrition information from a wide database of foods around the world. Users will be able to set their personal goals and from this, the app will generate how many daily calories are needed. This can be catered to whether you want to lose weight or build muscle.

2. Headspace

Health isn’t only related to your physical health, but also your mental health and it’s been quite a challenging year for those who have been stuck at home and not been able to stimulate their minds the way they’d normally do.

Headspace provides meditation tools to help reduce stress and improve overall happiness in individuals. It has a large library of meditation sessions available to users which has programs catered to specific moods and lifestyles. It has many benefits including helping you to sleep better, reduce stress and relieve anxiety.

3. Fitplan

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of being unable to visit our gym during Coronavirus as they close as a precaution. This means we’ve had to revert to home workouts and purchasing equipment online to make up for the lack of fitness we have at the moment.

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Having a personal trainer is a great way to motivate you to do more at the gym, but without that privilege, you’ll probably need a replacement. Fitplan is a great way to have your own personal trainer without the hefty price.

The app offers training sessions that are detailed step-by-step and can last anywhere from 20-90 minutes. You can choose a plan based on your personal goals.

4. Sleep Cycle

It’s no surprise that many of us would have been suffering from anxiety during these strange times, as a result lack of sleep it’s likely to have been a common problem.

How much sleep you have on a daily basis plays a crucial role in your general health and a lack of it can lead to many health problems such as being unable to maintain blood sugar levels, repairing blood vessels and balancing your hormones.

The best way you can get a good night’s rest is to monitor your sleep cycle. It also tracks the quality of your sleep through sleeping patterns throughout the night. This can ensure you know when you’re most interrupted during sleep but also when you sleep the lightest.

5. Fooducate

Perhaps during the pandemic where we’ve had to stay indoors, you’ve had the opportunity to take up a new skill, like cooking. The last thing you wanted to do though is cook unhealthy food that’s making you put on weight and affecting your mood.

With Fooducate, you can gain a better understanding of the foods that you purchase at the grocery store. By scanning the barcodes of the items, you can be provided with a personalised nutrition grade that provides you with the pros and cons of each product. It’s there to provide you with transparency of the food you’re actually eating.

6. Happify

Recent deaths in the country since the pandemic have been well being related, with many of those being caused by stress. Happify is an app based on huge research around mental health to help users to become more resilient to emotional health and stress-related scenarios.

The app includes exercises and games that are research based to help and guided by meditation and relaxation. They can help to give your mood a quick boost and uplift your emotions. The creators of the app claim that using the app on a regular basis can help to improve positivity.

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7. Healthtap

The internet can sometimes be riddled with fake news and advice, which makes it difficult to determine which information is correct and which is not. We’ve also had the unfortunate event of some health practices having to close completely such as local cosmetic surgery practices and physio practitioners etc. who would normally be able to help us in such situations.

Instead of reverting to Google to find the answer (that could be wrong), Healthtap is the app for all your curious health issues. It helps by connecting you with dedicated physicians and doctors to answer any health related query that you have. This is perfect considering many patients have found it difficult to travel during lockdowns. It helps to connect users with advice when they need it most.

Aiming to stay healthy when you need it most

It’s been a strange year in 2020 and many of us would have witnessed unique and strange experiences whilst we get used to the ‘new norm’. As such, you should be utilising any tools possible to help us get through it and ensure we come out better on the other side.

The apps above have been considered some of the best apps available to you to work on both your physical and mental health in these struggling times. Don’t wait and download these on your phone today and get on your path back to good and positive well-being.

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