6 Best Nutrition Tech Gadget and Innovation 2019

There has been a major rise in consumers being attracted to health-related products and services.

Now more than ever. Investing in consumer trends is a goldmine for businesses and as you’d expect they’ve made the most of health-conscious consumers and began creating innovative products for them to cash in on.

6 Best Nutrition Tech Gadgets 2019

Best Nutrition Tech Gadget and Innovation

Now, we’re seeing plenty of nutritional brands promising us the solution in solving our unhealthy habits.

Whether it’s a new form of health supplement or smart juicer, there seems to be a resolution to every possible health issue. With a range of products to choose from, it can be difficult to understand which ones are the best for us.

So, how do we know which best nutrition tech gadgets will be beneficial? Here are some of the recent innovations that you need to know to continue your healthy habits in 2019.

1. Beko Vacuum Blender

 For a real health kick and efficient gadget to make the most of your smoothies, consider the Beko Vacuum Blender. The blender uses vacuum technology that helps to remove air from the blender before blitzing all your ingredients.

This helps to retain the valuable nutrients and minerals that you can find in the body. There can be instances when you might choose to drink the smoothies over a few days, storing it for later consumption.

With the vacuum blender, you can be sure that your smoothie will taste just as smooth as when you first made it. The vacuum process in the blender helps to retain the nutrients that help to keep food fresh for longer.

2. Hydrate Spark 2.0 Connected Water Bottle

 You possibly couldn’t ever imagine that something as simple as a water bottle could be made anymore beneficial than it already is. However, Hydrate Spark has made an innovative smartphone connected water bottle that accompanies a free downloadable app for your smartphone.

It enables you to personalise your hydration goals based on your activity, physical goals and even where you are. A handy feature is the LED light installed in the water bottle that provides an alert to remind you to drink more when you haven’t had enough.

The bottle does require batteries in order to make the most of all the features, which means they’ll probably need replacing after a couple of months or so.

3. Food Psychology Clinic

 Sometimes, our bad eating habits are hard to resolve on our own. In which case, we might seek alternative methods such as therapy to help overcome them. An innovative technology introduced by the Food Psychology Clinic in London helps treat several issues to do with food.

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Therapists use a range of best nutrition tech gadgets and techniques such as hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to help patients overcome their issues.

The innovation is that the clinic can record your treatments and document them in your phone that can be listened to at another time.

It can help you keep on top of the goals that have been provided to you and repeat treatment that you weren’t completely certain about previously.

4. Nosh Detox VeganKeto

The Ketogenic Diet has been something of a phenomenon in the last couple of years due to its ability to break down deeply stored fat and tricking the body into using stored fats as energy to boost metabolism.

The issue is the diet is filled with many unhealthy foods including cheese and meat. This is where Nosh Detox have come in to make the diet more balanced and healthy, through a designed diet plan called VeganKeto diet plan.

The idea of the VeganKeto diet is to remove carbohydrates that prevent your body’s ability to burn fat. There are some foods that can cause insulin spikes which can enter your bloodstream and stall your fat burning goals. The diet’s also known to improve mood and prevent type 2 diabetes.

The diet plan is offered by Nosh Detox directly where they create a pre-made plan that’s personalised for you. Home delivery service is also provided which can help with choosing what food to buy and encouraging weight loss.

5. NutriBullet Balance

 The NutriBullet Balance is another product that combines with SMART technology through your smartphone. The blender connects to the app on your phone which can provide nutritional data in real-time right down to the specifics.

Every time you include ingredients into the blender, it monitors everything you put in there and tracks the foods that you include in there.

This is great for checking on calories, carbs, proteins and sugars which the bullet tracks through its unique Nutrition Sensor built into the blender.

This all helps in creating healthier smoothies and gaining a better understanding of what foods to include in your smoothies. The app also provides personalisation to do with your preferences and what you think tastes best before providing suggestions.

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6. BlueprintFit

A great way of understanding how to get healthy is understanding your genetic makeup. The BlueprintFit conducts data from blood tests to provide consumers with healthier decisions on their nutrition, fitness and exercise.

You can track your biomarker levels to understand how your body is programmed before acting upon the results it provides. The changes can help to improve your health as a result.

The technology comes through the app after the blood tests are taken. You can use the app to control and access your test results through the dashboard. Features also include integrating with Apple Health Kit so fitness data can be shared and stored in one place.

Final Thoughts

 The use of technology grows in several industries and continues to benefit them for the better. It’s likely that the craze of technology being used in health products is going to continue but with that can only come benefits.

The disadvantages may come from brands that specialise in more artificial health services and products like the productions of fish oil capsules, vitamin C tablets and healthy milkshakes.

If they take on the technology, there could be many risks involved which is bound to give them a setback, but for now, the technology looks like it could easily take over the nutrition industry from the products that it’s already produced.

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