Top 7 Most Trusted Delivery Management Systems

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The world has evolved and changed in many different ways. There have been apps for every single thing. The way we travel has changed and definitely, the way we shopped has changed completely.

7 Trusted Delivery Management Systems

Top 7 Most Trusted Delivery Management Systems

With busy lifestyles, people tend to go online for almost all their needs. There was a time when only clothes and footwear was available online. Now, you name it and that product is available online. From toys to groceries, apps fulfill all the consumer needs.

Thus, this development has created a compelling need for real-time monitoring of all the delivery systems. A lot of eCommerce and websites fulfill the need of their customers by providing them Real-Time Delivery Tracking Management System.

It is a must to have a proper and organized delivery management systems so that it has the potential to address and solve all the productivity-related challenges. Some of the delivery management systems which require immediate action include food, cake, flowers, and groceries delivery.

The effectiveness of a particular delivery system is measured on the basis of operations and the ability to generate more tabs by transforming the delivery process.

Delivery management systems also need to run some promotional offers for better revenue and business. Apart from that, it is important for them to also recruit smart delivery candidates

so that they can offer their consumers cash on delivery model. Some of the amazing last-mile delivery solutions available in the market are listed below. Read on to find out.

1: ManageTeamz

This a delivery management system which is used for multipurpose businesses. It comes with real-time delivery tracking management system. Thus, it is very easy for monitoring delivery agents and their status updates.

It is also very easy to optimize routes, customer reviews and even truck management. This last-mile delivery solution is available on Ios and Android both.


  • GPS with accurate location maps
  • Mobile App available which can be used online and offline both
  • Direct calls to customers are possible
  • Complete tracking control available for the Web admin
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2: Tookan

This is again a management system which is the best. It can be completely customizable as per your needs. It manages end to end business resources completely. This particular system contains the ability to dispatch things by streamlining different business operations.

By doing this, it ensures to cut down the operational cost of different tasks. The whole last-mile delivery solution can be managed easily as it contains a notification system with a status update. It contains dashboard interactions as well.


  • Tookan is best for restaurant delivery apps and websites
  • It contains a complete integration of the route map
  • It has a feature of surveys and feedback
  • It comes with a push notification system

3: GoTrackApp

This is a great management system as it is real time-based GPS management dispatch system. GoTrackApp maximizes the delivery efficiency of almost any business.

It also has the potential to reorganize the whole delivery process all the way from dispatch location till the scheduling location. It can totally be used for a wider market audience as it offers bi-lingual support.


  • It provides with job tracking
  • It offers prior scheduling
  • It comes with a portal which is assigned to self-service
  • Prior scheduling is available with this Real-Time Delivery Tracking Management System

4: GetSwift

It is again a delivery-based software which provides real-time updates of the products to its consumers. It comes with a very simple and easy user interface.

It helps the delivery managers by creating route optimizations. This gives greater efficiency and delivery management can be carried out smoothly.


  • It offers a real-time tracking system
  • It also provides automated alerts
  • It provides with proof of delivery
  • Route optimization is possible with this one
  • It has a system of automatic dispatching of the goods

5: Zippykind

It is a powerful and efficient last-mile delivery solution to run your local business smoothly. It can take care of literally every step-in order delivery process by increasing the productivity level of every operator.

The app is available for iPhone and Android users both. It notifies them with real-time status updates as well.

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  • A simple dashboard with interactive maps
  • It helps to track the delivery driver
  • It contains instant notification with the scheduling process as well
  • It offers surveys and feedbacks to the consumers
  • It can create custom route maps as well
  • The software provides driver and delivery analytics both

6: GoJentha

It is an amazing transport management software which can be used for various delivery businesses.

The options can include logistics, medical and even field services. This software is designed for businesses that can take care of their own orders plus provide with last-mile delivery solutions as well.


  • It provides with route optimization
  • It provides a web admin dashboard as well
  • It gives proof of delivery
  • It gives tracking alerts as well
  • It also gives visibility in reference to multiple carriers as well

7: Track-POD

It is a delivery software which is efficient, powerful and also different. It offers route planning and so you can finish multiple deliveries on the same day. It obtains proof of delivery from customers so that the delivery managers can maintain their productivity level.


  • It offers with proof of delivery
  • It provides live tracking service
  • It offers notification for delivery


These were some of the apps and software which are offering great last-mile delivery solutions. Read their terms and conditions carefully and then opt for a particular one for your business.

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