Top 10 Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Our Lives

Artificial Intelligence or AI is probably the most debated term in the tech arena nowadays. It’s being discussed globally for its consequences and after-effects.

If you think that we are a couple of years away from seeing AI directly intruding in our lives think again. It’s now evident that artificial intelligence or AI is very much a part of our daily lives and has already invaded deeper into it.

Top 10 Uses of Artificial Intelligence

I am listing here top 10 applications of artificial intelligence or AI that we are using in our daily lives.

1. Smartphones:

Top 10 Uses of Artificial Intelligence

Whether it’s Samsung’s Bixby or Apple’s SIRI, we have already under the influence of artificial intelligence with inbuilt personal assistants in our smartphones. The latest hack in the list is AI-based smartphone cameras that are accelerating our photography experience.

Look around, and you will find a multitude of smartphone apps made around AI. These AI features are meant to give users a life-like user experience while browsing apps on smartphones.

Believe it or not, just because of its AI capabilities, Google Pixel 2 can capture great portrait shots with just a single lens.

2. Smart Cars and Drones:

Top 10 Uses of AI

Smart cars and drones are the most striking examples of artificial intelligence. Car manufacturers like Tesla are already using AI to build a fleet of semi-automatic cars. Moreover, e-retailing giants like Amazon and Walmart are investing hugely in their AI-based drone delivery programs.

The fact will amaze you that more than 50,000 semi-automatics (driver-less cars) Tesla cars are already running in the US alone.

3. Social Media Feeds:

10 applications of Artificial Intelligence

Leave the drones behind, our favorite social media platforms are using AI big time. Wherever the platform you’re on, whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, their timeline feeds are generated through AI-based algorithms. These platforms have inbuilt AI-driven algorithms that track users’ past behavior, web searches, interactions, and everything else they do on these platforms.

They consider all these to tailor the experience just for you. When you come next time on the platform you get feeds in your timeline curated around the above abstracts.

4. Music and Media Streaming:

Like social media platforms, AI is very much an integral part of popular music apps and music streaming services. Whether it’s Spotify, Netflix or YouTube, AI decides the kind of music, playlist, and artists to be shown to you.

To pop upright kind of musical content to you when you’re one of the platforms, their AI-based system takes into consideration users’ past behavior, web searches, interactions, and everything else they do on these music streaming platforms. 

Haven’t you been through recommended video section there? This is the finest example of artificial intelligence in Music.

5. AI in Video Games:

Video games were early adopters of artificial intelligence. AI evolved from just creating certain levels that people can play, to creating strategy based gaming where players have to make decisions every second.

We need to thank AI for bringing video games to such a level. In popular video games like CS GO, PUBG, or Fortnite, players have to take on against a couple of AI-powered bots and then move to play against real players.

6. Online Ads Networks:

Another industry that’s exploiting Artificial Intelligence at its best is online ad industry. They use artificial intelligence to track user statistics and serve them ads based on those statistics.

Think how futile it would if ads got delivered to the users randomly and without knowing their buying preferences. Artificial intelligence turned into a game-changer with its massive abilities to track users’ interests and serving them ads.

7. AI in Navigation:

The travel industry is another big beneficiary of artificial intelligence technology. Navigation apps like Google and Apple Maps or ride-hailing apps UBER and OLA have been using AI. Map navigation apps use artificial intelligence to analyze hundreds of thousands of data points that they receive to give users real-time traffic data.

Likewise ride hailing apps use AI to decide right vehicle and accumulated fair when a users searches for a ride.

 8. Banking and Finance:

Banking and finance institutions across the world are relying big time on artificial intelligence. Since the banks and financial establishments are more prone to frauds, fishing and hackings, they are now utilizing AI to offer their customers better customer service, fraud protection, investment, and more.

You must have received automated emails from the banks trying to warn you of any fraud or unauthorized transaction.  In addition, financial institutions use AI to analyze data to find the best avenues to invest money.

9. Smart Home Devices:

AI has already entered our homes. The smart home devices that we are using nowadays are based on the artificial intelligence. These devices use AI to take clue about our behavior in order to adjust the device settings automatically.

We already have smart thermostats with us that adjust the home temperature based on users’ preferences. Likewise, we do have smart lights that change the color and intensity of lights based on time and much more. They all are AI powered. (Top 10 Uses of Artificial Intelligence)

10. Security and Surveillance:

Top 10 Uses of Artificial Intelligence

Security and surveillance systems are now using AI to keep monitoring multiple monitors with feeds from hundreds of installed cameras at the same time. With advancements in object recognition and facial recognition technologies, there would be a day in the future when all the security camera feeds are AI monitored and free from any human intervention.

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