Top 10 Tools To Compress PDF Online

There are so many reasons to look for the PDF converter to reduce the size of the PDF. When you need to send the file through mail or some other means online, there are some constraints in the size of the PDF. In these scenarios, you can find the best tool to compress pdf online and upload content to them to get them compressed.

Tools to Compress PDF File Online

So, here is the list of such converters and continue reading to more on the tools.

1. Smallpdf

compress pdf online

Smallpdf is one of the best online pdf size reducer that are considered among the people to compress the images. In this app, you just need to upload the PDF file from your computer via Google Drive or Dropbox account and this tool will automatically compress it without any needs of manual intervention.


  • Unlimited access
  • 16 Tools to compress and convert
  • Sign documents with your eSignature
  • Unlimited document size
  • Secured with 256-bit SSL
  • Connect multiple tools for faster workflows
  • Two-week money-back guarantee

Then, you can use this tool to compress pdf to 200kb online and save them in the desired destination. With this tool, it is possible to convert even 7.4 MB files to 5.3 MB. When there is less amount of storage like 911 kb, it will be converted to 143 kb.

2. PDF Compressor

This is one of the oldest tool to compress pdf file and it is now newly updated. This new version is loved by the people as it offers the best quality compressed images.  The PDF compressor is the windows only program that will be more interactive for the users. It will allow you to upload multiple PDF files from different folders and all these will be processed batch by batch.

It will work without the intervention of the people. Particularly, when you are choosing the regular compressor like 656 KB to 153 KB, 911 KB to 174 KB, or 7.4 MB to 5.88 MB, there will be perfect compression and high quality can be assured.

3. 7-Zip PDF Reducer

compress pdf online

This is another popular tool to compress pdf file size and making it easy to share online. This tool will allow you to compress any type of file. However, it will not work to decrease the size of the original PDF file, but it will just compress the format of the file.


  • Open architecture
  • High compression ratio
  • Strong AES-256 encryption
  • Multiple compression, conversion or encryption method
  • Supporting files with sizes up to 16000000000 GB
  • Unicode file names
  • Solid compressing
  • Archive headers compressing

When you need to view it after the process is over, you need to extract it with the help of 7-Zip or some other tool for compression and the file size will be reverted back to the original file size. This is also a good solution to compress pdf online to 100kb when you need to send them only with a particular size.

4. PDF2Go

This is the other important one when you need to compress the PDF from larger to smaller. Here, loading the file will be done by dragging the PDF directly on some interface. When you need to open it, just click on the close file bottom or just access the files directly from the cloud storage for the further process.


  • Full & unlimited access to all PDF editing tools
  • Tools to convert, edit, compress, unlock & protect PDF documents.
  • Unlimited document size (up to 8 GB)
  • No ads
  • Encrypted data transfer.

Aside from loading the files individually, you can select the tools in a batch-wise and compress multiple files at the same time individually. So, before you start to reduce pdf size online, you need to choose the quality of the image you need to compress by clicking on the “settings” and then click on the “Save changes” after choosing the relevant size. When the compression is completed, you can just download the PDF in the folder you need.

5. DocuPub

compress pdf online

DocuPub will generally offer more compression presets when compared to some other freemium PDF compression fools. This has an upload limit of 10MB per file and further process will be easier. This tool will give you complete control in the process of PDF compression.

Features :

  • Keyword Search
  • Print PDF
  • Private Document Sharing
  • Document Statistics
  • Document ID
  • Increased Document Control

With this pdf file size reducer tool, you will be allowed to present the compression and the image of the quality. Select this compatible compression and the image settings to get some lower sized PDF if needed. Based on your convenience, you can also discard objects in some forms like threads, bookmarks, named destinations, and several others. This will allow you for the fast compression with ease and hassle-free process.

6. Nice PDF Compressor

The best quality output is the vision of this nice PDF compressing software. You can have this software in either a free or paid version based on the service you are looking for in the software.

There is also a huge command line in the supported version of the same. This will be capable of being integrated into the system for some faster and completion of the task of compressing the image. When you start the process, this software helps highly as you can save more time and effort.


  • Convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint to pdf and vice versa
  • Up to 4000 dpi printing resolution
  • Color printing and publishing
  • Active hyperlink with hyperlink appearance, line style, and color options
  • PDF initial view setup
  • Bookmarks extraction and creation

By implementing the algorithms for compression, you can be assured to reduce the PDF size to the possible smallest size required. With the PDF file reducer, you can also keep the tab in the latest advancement in bringing out the feasible experience. Overall, you can have the software as per your expectations to share it online.

7. Orpalis PDF Reducer

compress pdf online

Available with the localized user interface, this tool to compress pdf size online can automatically select the language to be used for you based on the region with the default English language.

As the best PDF compressor software, it is also capable of processing the batch file on the top of the convenient as it will allow you to drag-to-drop option when you need to add the file to the PDF compression. So, the software will reduce the size of multiple files and simultaneously.


  • Content segmentation and optimal compression.
  • Automatic color detection engine and layout analysis.
  • Embedded raster images re-sampling and re-composition.
  • Fast Web View support for sharing PDFs on the Web.

They can also achieve great levels of efficiency in the conversion process. Here, you do not need to worry about the color or layout as it will be detected automatically without the intervention. With all these sophisticated techniques, the free pdf compressor tool will be able to achieve the top-class lossless data re-reducing without any compromise on the quality of the file.

8. Neuxpower PDF Compressor

This tool is available to download an offline PDF compressor or if you want to work on the internet, you can use the online tools to reduce the PDF file size depending on your convenience.

This tool is efficient enough to compress the file even to 100kb, 200kb, 300kb as the standard limit followed by several other applications. This will allow you to avoid PDF splitting and merging while the same compress embedded graphics without actually compromising the resolution at all.


  • Shrink Folder Contents
  • Compress PDF For Email
  • Trusted PDF Compression Tool
  • Avoid PDF Split & Merge
  • Compress PDF Images
  • Reduce PDF Under 300kb
  • Upload PDF To Libraries
  • Optional Zip Compression

Just with a single click, you will be able to implement the complete batch PDF reduction and the subfolders as per the availability. Even after compressing one file, you can convert the same file by zipping the output into archives of the preferred format like RAR or Zip. This one of the best tools to compress pdf file online is supported in both Windows and Mac.

9. Sejda

compress pdf online

If you are looking for a PDF compressor that can take up to a file of 100MB to be reduced, Sejda could be the best possible option. This software works on even up to 200 pages to reduce. All the files uploaded are kept private and the files will be automatically sent to trash after 5 hours for some safety considerations. You can have the file of expected quality and the image quality will be 65% by default.


  • Popular
  • PDF Editor
  • Compress
  • Delete Pages
  • Merge
  • Split
  • Extract Pages

10. iLovePDF

compress pdf online

This is one of the specialized tools that support different languages and compresses pdf size. It is easy to work with it as you just need to enter the download link and it can be removed later. The site will always show you the strict observation to assure some security aspects. On the whole, the software will offer you all that is needed for the best compressing of the PDF.


You might have now gone through the list of top software you need to consider when you need to compress the files. So, find the right and value one to process with it.

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