Top 8 Online Photo Size Reducer to Compress Image Size

(Last Updated On: November 6, 2020)

Having good and quality images on your website is very important. Using images of right size and quality not only provides a better user experience but also drives more traffic and revenue. The article covers the list of top eight online photo size reducer tools that help you reduce JPG, PNG, and GIF files size right from your web browser.

A good photo resizing app provides a slew of great features to decrease image for free. In order to use advanced features of the app, you have to spend some money. Upgrading plans can allow you access pro features like photo filters and effects, touchups, frames and without ads or other limitations. This will get you access to options like and more.

Reduce Image Size with Online Photo Size Reducer

After reading the post you can also understand the file size savings with each tool explained. These photo size reducers and image optimizers let you compress images or change file type without losing in quality.

1. JPEG Optimizer – Decrease Image Size

photo size reducer

This is our first online photo size reducer in the list. Overall, the tool is an ideal solution for those wanting to compress JPEG images. The tool can reduce picture size by almost 66%. If you’re using this tool, you can also view EXIF data and cut the image size accordingly. Additionally, you can add effects such as shadows and border to compressed images and download them on your device.

2. Karken

This popular image size reducer can cut the photo size in both Lossless and Lossy mode. The software can amazingly cut the image size by 90%.  With Karken, users can optimize JPEG, PNG and GIFs file types for free.

Files up to 1 MB can be reduced for free. However; bigger files need a pro package subscription. With pro subscription, the tool provides several add on features including image file upload from multiple sources and availability of optimized images in a zip file. Furthermore, users can reduce image  and organize compressed image files into folders too.

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3. Tiny PNG – Reduce Image Size with Ease

The tool can be used to compress both JPEG and PNG image formats. A user can upload up to 20 images for bulk reducing at a time. However, for compressing large files, you have purchase its pro subscription. Once compressed, users can download the images on their hard drive or saved to Dropbox. Tiny PNG is also available as a free plugin in WordPress repository.


photo size reducer can be handy if you want to reduce photos of any format into JPEG. The tool can efficiently handle image compression of almost any type. It’s easy to use as you all you need to do is to drag and upload your PNG, GIF, SVG or even PSD files to the website.

Image provided is first converted into JPEG format and then compressed. You can also upload image files from Google Drive or Dropbox and save the compressed file in a zip archive.

5. ImageRecycle – Reduce Image Size in kb

This is another safe and reliable photo size reducer that can compress images in multiple formats. Besides PNG or JPEG, ImageRecycle can compress even GIFs and PDF file formats too.

To start compressing, drag and drop your images on to the website and download once compressed.  The tool generates a report about the images on the website that needs compression. You have to pay few bucks to use its page optimizer feature.

The tool is available both in trial and pro versions. Its trial version comes with a cap at 100 MB. However, a pro version subscription removes this cap and can use your quota over a year on unlimited websites.


online photo size reducer

Looking for a bulk online photo size reducer in Kb? You can count on This can be trustworthy and reliable tool providing high levels of advanced compression. The platform can be used to compress image size by close to 90%. Using the tool, you can get Lossless compression for JPEG and PNG images and Lossy compression for other file types.

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7. Ezgif

‘Ezgif’ is a standard photo size reducer in kb that can reduce size of GIFs, PNGs, and JPG images with ease. The tool lets you do a lot with gif images including creating, resizing, cropping or optimizing images without any hassle.

With the help of the app you can create GIFs using JPEG, PNG and other images. The app allows users to upload up to 2,000 files at a time for compression. Moreover, you can also perform some edits before reducing the file size.

8. Simple Image Resizer– Reduce Image Size Online

photo size reducer

This is another image Resizer to reduce image that can help you to resize images based on dimensions (pixels) or percentage. Just select the pixels or percentage number hit Resize button to start compressing the image.

The app can’t automatically size the dimensions so you have to make a choice before compressing the image. Using the tool you can only cut down the size of the image. Turning image into a larger one can cause deteriorated photo quality.

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