Top 10 Home Design Software for Architecture and Planning

With the growth of technology, it is now possible to have a virtual appearance for the home that is in your mind. As it is the virtual appearance, you can easily change it when it does not fulfil the outcome. So, are you looking for a home design software that will help you out? Read ahead to find the list of software and choose the right one to achieve the best interior space!


SketchUp is one of the most comprehensive and free 3D design software that one can find on the web.  It is the powerful home design tools as it is immersive enough to make it seem like you are moving through the future home through the virtual medium. Also, it is flexible enough to make you feel like more than working with paper and pen.

When you are having the free version is perfect for hobbyists, but the pro version is more suited for the professionals in several fields like commercial interior designers, engineers, architecture, and construction. You may build the extension for the home, conceptualizing or a treehouse, or you can also have a grand design with this software.

HomeByMe– 3d Home Design Software

HomeByMe is one of the other most popular and favourite home design tools. It is free, and it comes with lots of features. The way it works and the brand will add more products to the catalogue that means you will use the real products to furnish and décor the home as per the expectations.

The perk of this is all the ability to plan your design through the very end, and it also has to access the actual furniture and decoration you need to create with space. With this tool, you will also be able to have from 2D and 3D effect to know how it will work at the final output.

DFS Room Planner

A Sofa is one of the most common investments everyone will like to have in the homes. So, when you are browsing for the new sofa with this tool, you can also redesign the room as per your wish without any efforts.  It is also perfect if you are redecorating the already existing home design.

You can use the 2D view or 3D view using this free home design software, and from there you have to choose the room shape, decide on the wall colour, input measurements and floor covering. You can even add accessories to improve the space along with the play around the area with decors to have the complete look of the sofa in the room.

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Carpetright Visualiser

Home Design Software

If you are thinking about the investment on the new flooring, this would be the other most preferable tool. It will help you to envision how your room will look with all the aspects like wood, vinyl, carpet or laminate flooring.

Simply take the photo of the room and upload it in the tool. The tool will take further responsibility to customize the wall colour and various floor types. From this moment, you will be able to prepare the room and other swatches bringing the design as per your expectations in the room.

Total 3D Landscape & Deck Premium

Sprawling is the term that is strongly associated with the minds of the people and the tool with double-edged. There are a few things that will come close to the number of sample plans available, but there are not more in number.

With this option, upfront can be a buffet. However, this becomes excessive if you know what you actually need. Unfortunately, Navigation with this best free home design software is unfriendly, and the interface is sometimes convoluted as it till try to do a little more. When it is streamlined, it will be great work.

Chief Architect Home Designer

Home Design Software

The word chief architect will stand out and unique in this tool. This tool is extremely powerful giving you spectacular 3D rendering as long as you are in the RTEM. Do not go in cold or you will find the feeling to be limited as all the good stuff will remain to have some fancy book to get it right.

The support is astonishing, and you can also work with the community of any other DIY designers to get the necessary input and advice. This will work to save the bundle when going to see the architect.


SmartDraw is the other remarkable home design software when it comes to planning for the floor. It is easy to learn, so no one is excluded from using it. It is downloaded to facilitate the intricate design and used for the several advanced designs in the floor designs.

With a seemingly endless selection of the cars, furniture, building materials and thousands of templates and floor plans, you will be able to explore an infinite amount of possible designs and layouts for the new home space. However, when you are using the free plan, you can enjoy such benefits only for the first seven days and continue further, you have to upgrade to the pro version.


Home Design Software

It is a 3D home design software and web-based tools that are used to design the platform. It will allow the architects, clients, vendors, interior designers to collaborate to interact during the designing process of the new look of the home. The detailed floor plan with multi-layered walls, advanced flooring and roofing, customizable staircase tools and false ceiling tools are available to help you to have the overall outline for the entire project.

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All the plans will be created in 2D, but you will be able to accurate it in 3D. Decorate it with the furniture from the catalogue, or create your own library of materials, hardware, appliances, wallpapers, furniture and several others. The software is robust, and it is suitable for various other options.

Archicad 23 – Best Home Design Software

It is one of the other popular choices in the list of home design software. It will assist the architects and the interior designers to create accurate construction details and estimate the quantities of building materials necessary for building the home.

This is a robust software and BIM application to coordinate the open and share the necessary documents to the engineers and consultants.  In the recent version, you can upgrade the real-time rendering and state of art visualizations that can be edited.

Easyhome Homestyler

Home Design Software

If all you need is the lighter weight tool to have a perfect shape to the plans circulating in the head, this would be the most suitable tool. With this free design software, you can easily build the floor plans in both 2D and 3D formats.

Besides, you can also pull the decors from the library of real products like paints, furnishing, art, flooring and several others. It will also help you to create the photorealistic visualization for you and your clients to have it.

Further, you can also coordinate this free home design software and design as per your needs. If you are on your budget like just for experimenting, this tool will provide an accurate representation of the design and décor ideas.  So, again it proves as the desired software.

Wrapping it up

So, you might have now seen the preferable list of software that will fulfil your wish of having good internal space. Understand the importance of such software and make enough research to choose the best and most suitable software.

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