Top 9 Best News Apps for Android

When it comes to the news, there are hundreds and thousands sites that are widely available with tons of news stuff. These news items can now be accessed via mobile apps while you’re moving. The article enlists nine best news apps for Android that you can install and use to get in touch with instant news, events and happenings.  

9 Best News Apps on Android

We are listing here top android news app. Install your favorite app now and share with us your real experience with it.

1. AP News:

How could we not list AP News being the top android app for reading news on the go?  This is one among the most installed news app that sources its news from itself along with hundreds of reliable new sources both local and nationwide. The app offers a pretty clean and decent UI. The ‘AP news app lets you access local and global breaking news from the world of sports, entertainment, travel, technology and more.


  • A feed with developing stories from your followed topics
  • Customized news alerts tailored to your interests
  • Curated content hubs for deeper insights into major news events and story lines
  • Award-winning photos, videos and articles from around the world.
  • Local-interest stories from newspapers and broadcasters.

The app comes without any subscription fee. The only down side of the app is randomly popped up annoying apps. If you’re ok with it, this app is a great addition to your Android app drawer.

2. Feedly- News App for Android

Best News Apps on Android

Feedly is another popular news app for android. The app is actually an RSS reader that lets users pull news stories from multiple sites and sources right from the app. The app can let you integrate your social accounts like Facebook, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest and LinkedIn with the app so that you could share the stuff within your social community.


  • Mobile integration
  • Smart reader
  • Trend tracking
  • Share options
  • Collaboration tools
  • Shared feeds
  • Read laterMobile alerts

Moreover, readers can also access their feed on the mobile phone and desktop computers.

3. Flipboard:

Best News Apps on Android

Flipboard comes third in the list of best free news apps on Android phone. This is quite popular among the readers and works like feedly. The app lets you create your own custom feeds with your news sources and sites you like the most.


  • More Personalization for Tech
  • e-commerce, and private sharing features
  • Flipboard App Engagement Analysis

Being free to install and with features like discovery, Flipboard is the best news app for Android you should install now.

4. Google Feed

Best News Apps on Android

Google Feed, formerly known as Google Now could be your next best android news app if you need fairly consistent stream of news feed on your mobile. Using the app you can choose the topics right from settings that interest you.

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During the course of your browsing habits, the app keeps app adding additional content in your list. This means, your news feed goes bigger by the time as feed is added with the more newsy content you have shown interest in before. The app comes with settings to let readers control what’s to see and what’s not.

5. Inoreader News App on Android:

Best News Apps on Android

We recommend Inoreader as an emerging and budding news app for Android. The beauty of the app is its ability to customize the news feeds as per readers’ taste. The app comes built with 28 pre-made topics to choose the news from.


  • Rules
  • Active searches
  • Audio players
  • Email address book with Gmail integration
  • Search in all public feeds (Pro only)
  • Unread counters above 1000
  • Full RSS Feed for all subscriptions

Other features that make the app worth installing are offline support, a decent selection of topics and reading tracker. The app is indeed an advantage for those who want to have a news app with minimum customization.

6. Pocket- Android News App

News apps for Android

Pocket isn’t an  Android news app exactly as it doesn’t offer content in real. Instead, it will save your content browse during your visit to the website. You can save your favorite content into Pocket and then come back to access it later.


  • Save images, links, and videos from the web or mobile apps
  • Read articles offline from anywhere
  • Organize saved items with tags
  • Share links via Buffer, Facebook, Twitter and Email
  • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Kobo and Web apps available

The app brings offline reading support, a great reading experience content discovery features. The app does offer users unlimited storage for bookmarking as much content they want. In addition, readers also get a tag system that helps them to stay organized.

7. Podcast and Radio Addict

The news app, as name suggest is a beautiful combo of an RSS reader and a podcast app. The app stores over 450,000 podcasts and lets readers subscribe to almost any news source that they like to read news from.


  • Built-in audio effects such as playback speed and volume boost
  • Variable playback speed for video podcasts
  • Multiple playlists support
  • Automatic update, download, playlist & deletion
  • Custom settings by podcastBackup
  • Full app backup / restore
  • Search based podcasts
  • Virtual podcasts / Audiobooks
  • Visual customization

Among the many features the app boasts of include podcast playlists, categorically organized news feeds, Chromecast support, and YouTube channel support.

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8. Reddit

News apps for Android

Reddit is the most famous aggregator of trending news topics. Currently the app is the most explored platform for accessing and reading trending news items. The app allows readers to subscribe to subreddits to read trending topics on various interests.


  • A global community about thousands of unique topics
  • Upvote or downvote posts and comments
  • Comment on any post to join in the conversation
  • Create subreddits to build your own community

Whatever the niche you like to explore, Reddit covers everything. The app is a complete package in itself. Despite the absence of advanced reading and content integration features, the app offers a decent reading experience. The app is available to install for free. However, its monthly subscription adds a few exciting features and removes ads.

9. SmartNews Android App

SmartNews is another top best Android news app that’s growing its reader base at a rapid pace. The app brings your favorite news item from a huge list of news sources and recommends top trending topics.

SmartNews, one of the freenews apps for android, is a great aggregator of trending news. The only downside is that most of the topics they cover appear like opinion blogs rather than news sites.

10. Your Local News App

News apps for Android

The app talks more about the things happening around your community. It lacks at covering the news as whole. Like any other community news app, Your Local News App shows the news and sometimes even the weather. We won’t recommend you this app if you’re crazy for having access to the real news stuff instead of community events.

Best Free News Apps for Android Phone: Conclusion

That’s all with the list of top nine best news apps for Android phone in 2019. If you think that the list is missing a few popular news apps here, do tell us in comment box. Thank you for stopping by.

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