10 Free Dictionary App Download for PC, Windows 10

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2020)

Dictionaries are the best help when we learn a new language or want to search a definition, examples or spelling of certain words. With the time they have also evolved. Now, these dictionaries are equipped with features like synonyms, antonyms, audio pronunciations and example sentences. Looking for best dictionary app offline or dictionary download? Read on.

Best Offline Dictionary App Download 2020

1. Merriam Webster
2: WorldWeb Best English Dictionary
3: The Free Dictionary
4. Dictionary.com
5. English Dictionary Offline
6. Offline Dictionary
7. Pocket Thesaurus
8. Oxford Dictionary of English
9. U-Dictionary App
10. Dictionary Linguee

1. Merriam Webster Dictionary

best offline dictionary app

Merriam Webster comes on the top on our list of best dictionary app free. However, the dictionary also offers its online version for the users. The dictionary is available for download on Android and iOS app stores. It’s a feature rich dictionary with in-built word games that turn vocab learning into a super awesome experience.

This dictionary app also offers a huge collection of thesaurus, antonyms, audio pronunciation and example sentences for the users. Its word of the day feature lets you learn a new world every day. Isn’t it a fantastic way to grab new words for day to day conversation? Its paid version is available for $2.99. Download dictionary offline now.

2: WorldWeb

best offline dictionary app

Like Merriam Webster, WorldWeb dictionary is also available in both online and offline modes. The app can be downloaded from iOS and Android apps stores. The app boasts of being an app with maximum downloads on Android. However, it lacks at some advanced features that most dictionary apps offer.

The WorldWeb best dictionary app has a suggestion feature that helps users in finding right words and their spellings. The feature seems helpful in cases when you don’t really remember a word to use.

Just provide a few of the characters of the word if you remember. The app will then populate a number of possible words with the correct spelling and their definition. WordWeb offline dictionary app is a free to download offline dictionary.

3: The Free Dictionary

best offline dictionary app

This is our third Hindi and English dictionary app. It’s also available for download on iOS and android. Among all the dictionary apps I used, I found it most detailed and explanatory. To make understand the words and their actual use, the free dictionary app cites famous quotes by bigwigs as examples.

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In addition to explaining the primary word you looked for, the app offers thesaurus for the word along with the sentence formation. In its online mode, you can access app’s premium features like audio pronunciations, idioms and sentence examples.

4. Dictionary.com

dictionary app

I frequently take help from Dictionary.com in offline mode whenever I need. And I will also recommend it if you’re looking for a great dictionary app.  The dictionary app for android is available for download.

When you search for a word, the app shows you the origin of the word. You listen to the audio pronunciation of the words you looked for. Its word of the day feature is a handy tool to help you strengthen your vocabulary. Last but not the least the dictionary.com can translate the word in over 30 international languages.

5. English Dictionary Offline

best offline dictionary app

Looking to free offline dictionary download for PC windows 10?  This dictionary offline is the answer. This Dictionary is loaded with a slew of commendable features such as etymology, pronunciation and translation of the words in major international languages.

The offline dictionary app has a unique feature that lets users swap right or left to get other words that are before or after those words, arranged alphabetically. You can also put a note on a word or bookmark it if you like to use it later.

6. Offline Dictionary App

This best offline dictionary app supports 15 languages. I personally use the app and believe that the app is the finest offline dictionary app available. You can find it having some of the notable dictionary offline features such as inbuilt thesaurus, voice pronunciation, origin of some words and sentence examples for better word understanding. This is a very lightweight app available for Android and iOS users.

7. Pocket Thesaurus

Pocket thesaurus comes handy when you want to download dictionary app free to be used without internet. You can download it from both Android and iOS play stores. The dictionary has a vast collection of thousands of commonly used English words.

For learners, the English dictionary features good number of antonyms and synonyms to help them form senescence and paraphrasing general information. If you’re a learner and willing to get into basic vocab building, this offline dictionary will be a handy tool.

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8. Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford dictionary of English is the most popular offline dictionary app so far. This is available for download on both iOS and Android phone. The app boasts of the oldest dictionaries offering detail information about the words explored.

Along with the old words and phrases, the dictionary provides information on latest phrases and vocabulary. You can use this best English dictionary both in online and offline modes. You can download oxford dictionary offline from Google play store or Oxford’s official website.

9. U-Dictionary App

U-Dictionary App

U-Dictionary is lesser known but a feature packed offline dictionary available for both online and offline users. The dictionary comes packed with a handy feature that can help you copy a sentence or a word from other apps and translate it.

The best offline dictionary offline for android even lets users to filter words alphabetically and listen to the audio pronunciation. Go for the dictionary app download that offers ability to find words using voice search by mentioning it on the search tool.

10. Dictionary Linguee

If you’re looking for a free dictionary app for Android that can help you in cross-language translation, Dictionary Linguee can help you. The app offers translation support for some of the most common languages.

In addition to its noteworthy features as an app, you can use this dictionary app free on PC version as well. The dictionary provides  example sentences and audio pronunciation. The app is easy to use and comes without annoying ads.

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