16 Best Auto Call Recorders for Your Android Phone

# Last Updated On: February 11, 2021 #

There are many reasons why we record our phone conversations. Sometimes we want to ensure that no calls are missed and no conversation is skipped. An automatic Call recorder app is handy in situations when you don’t have pen paper with you to record major points of the conversation.  

Auto Call Recording App: The List

These app are essentially a life saver when you’re in a corporate session and want to jot down ideas of the speakers without missing anything. The article lists free automatic call recording apps for Android. Read on to find their salient features and USPs.

1: True Caller

Top 10 Best Call Recorder Apps
call recorder for android

Let’s start with our #1 call recorder app for Android platform. This noted caller ID app is now offering a phone recording feature as well. If you have Truecaller installed on your phone, you can record both incoming and outgoing calls.


  • Caller ID
  • Spam Blocking
  • Intelligent dialer
  • Chat, SMS and Calls
  • Organized and spam-free Inbox
  • Multiple themes
  • Banking
  • Record phone calls

App’s  call recording is a paid feature that comes with a premium plan. Once you subscribe the plan, all your incoming and outgoing calls are saved to your phone memory.

2: ACR

auto call recorder app
call recorder for android

ACR is our second app in the list. This is far beyond any conventional recording app. In addition to the standard recording features for your Android phone, the app comes packed with features such as auto delete old recording, password protects recordings, delayed recording and cloud service integration. 


  • Material design
  • Auto or Manual recording
  • Cloud upload support for. Auto Email. WebDAV
  • Different recording formats
  • 40+ languages
  • Audio editor
  • Recording notes
  • Search by number, name or notes

The app packs both free and paid versions. Its paid version brings some exclusive features like cloud service integration. This app offers support for 3GP, MP3 formats.

3: Automatic Call Recorder

auto call recording app

This is our third free app for Android platform. The USP of the app is that it lets you set which calls to record and which ones to ignore. In addition, the app comes packed with several striking features. 

This means it starts recording calls as soon they progress. You can however change this setting. The app features Google Drive and Dropbox integration and is available in both and premium versions.

4: Cube 

Best Call Recorder Apps for Android

This is also a decently built auto call recording app. Besides conventional phone calls, the app comes with the ability to record Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line and other voice calls of different apps.


  • Cloud backup
  • Silent mode
  • Geotagging
  • Shake-to-mark
  • Smart clean
  • Data Security

Users can set the recording on manual and automatic modes. The app features in-app playback and exclusion list of contacts.

5: Galaxy

call recorder for android

Galaxy Call recorder is another powerful app for call recording purpose. It’s pretty simple app that can be used in both manual and automatic modes. It’s also a good, simple and nice app. Like other apps, it also supports both automatic and manual recording.

  • Recording calls in automatic and manual recording modes
  • Showing grouped records extended with contact information
  • Disable recording while headphones on or Bluetooth device connected
  • Disable recording for incoming, outgoing call
  • Calling, sending SMS, creating an event from the app
  • Mark records as important, highlight and write notes
  • Stop recording from a notification

There are various options like disable recording for some contacts, for an incoming call or for an outgoing call. You can disable the recording process if headphone is on or Bluetooth device is connected. This is the best tool to use with Samsung Galaxy devices.

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6: All Call Recorder

This is our next Android automatic recording app with noted features like ability to share on WhatsApp, Google Drive etc. The app records call 3GP format and lets users lock the recording with passwords. The app is available with both free and paid versions.


  • Manual and automatic mode available
  • Recordings can be saved in important or unsorted folders
  • Advanced search options for recording
  • Supports mp3, amr, mp4, 3gp and wav audio format 

7: RMC Automatic Call Recorder

10 Best Call Recorder Apps for Android

RMC can record calls automatically or manually.  You can tweak recording settings both for incoming and outgoing calls. Furthermore, the app supports recordings in mp3, amr, mp4, 3gp and wav audio formats.

  • Recording incoming and outgoing calls in automatic and manual mode
  • Movable manual record button
  • Supports two folders to keep the recordings (unsorted and important)
  • Advance search to find recordings
  • Automatic filter recording based on ‘Known Number’, ‘Unknown Number’, and selected contacts
  • Advance rename recording files
  • Show / hide recording notification
  • Auto delete recording if not reach certain time
You can choose whether or not you want to receive recording notifications. Using the app, you can protect recordings with passcode and can also upload the recordings automatically to Dropbox or Google Drive.

8: All Call Recorder Lite 2018

auto call recorder app download

It’s another straight forward and easy to use best automatic call recorder app so far that comes with standard recording features for incoming and outgoing calls. The app packs an in-built audio player for listing to calls and features a cloud storage support.

  • Record in your selected format
  • Enable / disable notification to start recording
  • Choose audio format
  • Save the selected call record
  • Enable / Disable password lock and change password
  • ON / OFF
  • Integrated audio player to play your recording
  • Delete the recorded calls

9: Lovakara

The app lets users set automatic and manual modes and enables users to save recordings into MP3 format. Users may transfer these recordings to its SD card as well. You can also transfer call recordings to SD card. Despite the fact that most of its features come free, you need to pay for its pro-version for exclusive and ad free access.

  • Record your calls automatically
  • Organize your call recordslist by time, group by names or group by dates
  • You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files
  • It’s FREE

10:  Note Call Recorder 

Developed by BigD Incm, this auto call recorder app for iphone and Android lets you record incoming calls and outgoing calls automatically. It records the calls in amazing sound quality. Using this app, users can even reject calls, add a phone number to blacklist and block call.

  • Sync automatic to Dropbox, Google Drive
  • Fully encrypted 
  • Last week, last month statistics
  • Automatically displays the window for you to enter notes
  • Allow to choose which phone numbers are recorded call or not recorded call
  • Play recorded files
  • Share recorded call files, the audio files
  • Search recorded calls

The app allows you upload recording to Dropbox, Google Drive in multi devices and multi accounts. The recordings are first encrypted and then uploaded.

More Automatic Call Recorder Apps: 

11. Blackbox:

Blackbox is a great and lightweight professional app for call recording purposes. You can count on many of its features that include call recording, cloud backup support, and recording quality settings. It offers lock function for security, Bluetooth accessory support, and dual SIM support.  

You will appreciate the app for many of the innovative features it has. They make the app a precious entry in the list. App’s pro version is available at $0.99 per month.


  • Record incoming and outgoing calls automatically
  • Hide Blackbox on your device
  • Track location
  • Lock Blackbox
  • Backup and restore data
  • Search, sort and favorite your recordings
  • Obfuscate your recordings from other apps
  • Whitelist contacts
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12. Otter Voice Notes: 

Otter Voice Notes is more than an auto call recorder. It’s a transcription service and voice note organizer in this list for Android users. Using the app you can listen to and organize your notes and transcribe existing voice notes.

The fact is that it doesn’t actually record calls like above auto call recording we mentioned. Instead it imports recordings from some of those apps listed in the blog. In free mode, you will get 600 minutes of transcription service per month. Once the free subscription ends, you have to pay $4.99 per month.

13. Smart Recorder by SmartMob

recorder for android

Though, smart recorder isn’t a full-fledged voice call recording app, it doesn’t the task partially. The most interesting feature of this app is that it skips silences so you needn’t to listen to it. It’s an ideal and lightweight app in the list. In longer recording durations, this voice recorder consumes more battery. Doanload Now

  • Automatic and manual sensitivity control
  • Live audio spectrum analyzer
  • Wave/PCM encoding with adjustable sample rate
  • Recording in the background
  • Save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control
  • Efficient and easy on battery
14. Total Call Recorder

Phone Call Recorder:Total  is our next app in the list. The app is available to install free of cost and lets you record and manage the phone calls quite efficiently. You can perform recording both in manual and automatic mode. .

  • Title, Description to your recording
  • Stop the recording during the call with just one click
  • Sort the recorded calls
  • User Friendly Design
  • Cloud backup
  • Set the minimum time limit to record the call
  • More refined search.
These recordings can be shared with others via Bluetooth, WhatsApp or other file sharing tools. Download Now

15. Smart Auto Call Recorder

Phone Call Recorder:

This is another amazing auto call recorder for Android users, packed with stunning features and functions.  The app can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls. You can save the recordings in MP4 format.


  • Automatically record calls while connected.
  • Enable / disable call recording
  • Records all your phone calls
  • Delete the recorded items
  • White list
  • Black list
  • Favorite List
  • Search for recordings
  • Marking important recordings
Additionally, you can set auto delete to delete recordings from the storage from a given time period. And last but not the least, once recordings are done, you can always share the same using a Bluetooth, Email, Gmail, Messaging and more. Download Now

16. Phone Call Recorder

Auto Call Recorder:

This is widely used and very popular among Android users. The app lets users record outgoing and incoming calls and also block unwanted calls.

You can also mark specific audio favorite to find it easily even if the folder is crowded with similar recordings. You can save recordings 3GP, AMR, MP3, and MPEG_4 file formats and may share the recorded call files via several sharing methods. Download Now

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