Top 10 Text To Speech Converter Tools to Use

Technology is assisting the human community with a plethora of activities. It might be communication, entertainment, agriculture, business, etc. You can find the impact of technology to simplify the work. In such a list, the Text to Speech converter also takes place. It is the best solution and works for the benefits of the people who are fighting against dyslexia.

Best Text to Speech Online Tool

This  speech to text technology becomes the popular one these days as it is beneficial in several ways. So, there are lots of such tools available on the internet today. Some are free tools, and some are premium ones. Here is a list of such best text to speech converters you can use for your needs.

1. Natural Reader

Natural Reader is one of the free tools to convert text to speech. You can use the tool in a couple of ways. The first option would be loading the documents in the library, and it will read the file loudly. It will be suitable when you need to manage multiple files, and lots of formats are supported in this option.

With the help of the OCR, it enables you to load the photo or scan the text to read it to you as it is in the text. The second option with the converter would be the form of a floating toolbar.

In this mode, you will have an option to highlight the text in the application, and the toolbar will start to customize the text to speech option. So, you can easily feature the web browser, word processor, and several other programs. It is also a built-in browser that is used to convert text to speech without any hassles.

2. WordTalk

It is a great speech to text tool that comes with the toolbar that brings an option to customize the text to speech to MS word. With this tool, it is possible to make some editions of work, and it allows you to access through the toolbar or ribbon based on the version.

Though it is fairly basic, it can support SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 voices. The ability of the tool to read every word, sentence, and paragraphs makes a clear understanding. It also provides some options to save narrations with the number of keyboard shortcuts to quickly access the frequently used options.

3. Text2Speech

It is the text to speech online tool that is easily operated. You just need to enter the desired text and choose the voice from the available choice. You can listen to the voice and download the text file in an MP3 format.

The tool is completely free and supports different purposes. It supports 6 different languages and voices and makes it easily controllable over the text and produces a better reading experience for the users.

4. Read Speaker

text to speech

An online platform that produces TTS solutions is Read speaker. It is the software first to create a speech-enabling application for the websites, and it holds the place of the best free converter.

It is also a great text to speech free tool to help students who are with some learning disabilities. It incorporates over 35 languages and 100 unique voices to have a clear pronunciation of words. It customizes the reading area and highlights the text during reading. It enhances the app as the user-friendly one.

5. iSpeech

If you are looking for a premium tool for business and enterprise clients, iSpeech is the most suitable choice. You might be a publisher or a developer. It offers different plans, and you can choose one based on your needs. As they profess to be the most natural TTS in the market today, some of the demos available on the site may not be more clear or efficient.

However, they offer an extension API that can meet the necessary quality even without making some expensive setups. Besides, it also offers the speech to text that allows you to dictate your content that leads to a perfect complement to the text to speech.

6. Voice Dream

text to speech

With the ability to use the software in Android and iOS mobile phones, the text to speech app takes accessibility as the first and foremost preference. The team designed the app to assist people with some visual impairment and dyslexia. So, it incorporates commercial voice libraries.

With 186 voices and 30 languages, it is serving for the needs of the users. The text can have a natural cadence of sound compared to some other converters. As it is the premium, the tool will be more suitable and provides enough value for money.

7. Balabolka

If you are looking for a portable text to speech voices tool, it will be the best choice. You can install it on your desktop or store it in the USB driver to run at any place and time. You need to set the speed and cadence, have it read from the clipboard. Else, you can also import the text from the document that is similar in type.

The quality of the voice will be based on the machine you have installed the software. It does not come with the pre-installed voice, but it uses the voice of the system to maintain lightweight and portability. If needed, you can also down some high-quality voice packs.

8. Oddcast

text to speech

Oddcast text to speech is one of the finest tools that provide the voice to speak out the text dynamically along with accurate lip-sync and real-time speeds. It is operated with the record by mic or record by phone technologies to make it easy for people with some disabilities.

It does not require any programming skills. You just need to type the text in the text bin, and the character will read it for you. Users like these features as it assists them to hear the text without any hassles.

9. YakitoMe

It offers free access to AT&T Natural Voices TTR technology, and it is licensed from Wizard Software Corp, and the window voice is from Microsoft. With the tool, you can listen to these words from any documents, PowerPoint, homework, emails, presentations, RSS feeds, books, or blogs.

This text to speech reader will be the most suitable tool if you are looking for e-learning, proofreading documents, entertainment, and multitasking. Some common languages like English, German, French, and Spanish are supported by both the male or female voices.

10. Amazon Polly

text to speech

Amazon holds its place in all the areas and here as well. When it comes to text to voice conversion, the tool is more advanced. It is not only about choosing the language, but you can choose the voice and the language you need to have.

The tool will allow you to set the cadence, and it will also offer the effects necessary for the program. With great features, there is no replacement for the converter with the professional voice actor or human speaker. When it comes to cost, it is an affordable and automated text to speech converter.


The text to speech services can make life easier as it helps to convert lots of text in the readable format. It is useful in different aspects like people who love to hear things instead of reading, business meetings, etc. The technology allows people with all such wonderful conversion tools to enhance their work. So, ensure you choose the right one and enjoy the benefits over it.

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