12 Smartphone Apps for Professional Administrators

Apps make our lives more comfortable and straightforward. One can book a cab at any time by using ride sharing apps without talking to a live person. It makes our personal lives more dynamic, our business lives more practical and beneficial.

Top 12 Mobile Apps for Professionals

Smartphone Apps

Apps are not created equal for everyone. Each person’s need is different and hence it takes time to find a perfect app. A recent survey report says that about one hundred and thirty apps are frequently used by the organization people. The common attributes of several leading apps are usability, content, interoperability, satisfaction and stability.

How the Consumers value the App?

The Consumers value the app by considering the factors like opulent user interfaces, simple navigation, systematic information, relevant notifications, quick launch times, fast performance and engaging experiences.

Characterizing the Professionals apps Ecosystem

Interaction: Instant messaging, video calling, language learning and translation services are the most popular means of communication and general messaging.

Coordinate:  The important apps for coordinating one’s professional and personal life,  including calendars, scanners, document managers, time managers, password managers, reminders, flight trackers etc.

Task:  An app that makes a user productive on a daily basis including creative design, remote meetings, remote access, customer service, analytics and business intelligence.

Examination and Navigation:   When examining the local areas, the popular apps used by the business executives are Lyft, StubHub, Uber and OpenTable. Antivirus, Encryption, Privacy Defenders, GPS Trackers and Antitheft Technology secure and manage the mobile devices, browsers and data.

Work:  An app should satisfy the following criteria like office productive, CRM, remote meetings, remote access, creative design, analytics and business intelligence to meet the daily basis of life.   

Virtual Assistant: Emerging technologies like Alexa, Cortana, Google Now, Hound, Siri are very useful but, at the same time it haven’t achieved the status of must have tools for  the professionals. We are listing here top 12 mobile apps for professionals.  

Mobile Apps for Active Professionals:

1. Evernote:

Evernote is an app that allows people to take notes and save ideas. It can be synchronized across all devices and computers.

Notes can be searched and organized by tags and notebooks. This app has the capability of voice recording and also it can be stored. The web pages can be clipped and saved for later reading.

If a person wants to research a new regulation and gather all of the information in a single place then Evernote app can be used.

The storage is unlimited and free users are allowed sixty MB of data upload each month. For the additional data upload, then purchase of subscription should be done.

2. Linkedin:

Linkedin is the world’s largest qualified professional network. This app makes easier to stay up-to-date with people, connect with friends and new folks.

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One can edit a profile, search for companies, groups and accept people invitations, view inbox, outbox etc.

It helps to filter the content and also to keep in touch with a network. A user can make new connections through discussions and membership of various groups. It creates a great impact on an individual’s personal and professional life.

3. Camcard Free:

The main objective of this app is to scan business cards into phones at a higher speed and to eliminate the need to save paper business cards.

One can easily share contacts with the other people through SMS, email and Quick Response code. The new folks can be searched and sorted through the camcard website.

4. Google Authenticator:

This app increases the security of user’s Google accounts and social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram etc.) and Supporting applications like Dropbox, SalesForce.Com, and Microsoft account by providing a two step verification process.

Username, password and One-time password are the essential criteria needed for logging into an individual’s account.

 5. Genius Scan:

This app is particularly useful when a person is out of the professional area and has to scan and send documents to a colleague or a third party.

During this critical situation, one can quickly scan documents on the way and email them from phone as JPEG or PDF. Scanning of multiple pages into a single PDF is also allowed.

6. Flipboard:

This is one of the best news apps available. If a person is interested in a particular topic, he/she has to select the topic and Flipboard will automatically provide related news and articles from popular blogs, websites and publications.

It’s a great aggregator and conservator of news and social content. Since it places all the contents in magazine-like sections, the user can get an idea of the subjects in a shorter period of time.

7. Adobe Reader:

This app can be easily used to view and interact with PDF documents. A user can complete PDF forms, search a text or keyword, save forms, create folders, add comments or text.

The facilities of underline content and markup content with the freehand drawing tool are also available.

8. Dropbox:

Dropbox provides an efficient way to access documents, files and folders. When a particular file is saved in Dropbox, it automatically syncs and becomes available across devices like laptop, phone or iPad.

One can access files in both online and offline. Instead of sending files through emails, this app is used to share folders with third parties.

It is a mobile friendly inbox that allows users to organize incoming messages quickly and easily. The Consumers are provided 2 GB of free space.

9. DuoLingo:

This app is the most popular app for the software professionals. It teaches the basics of a second language to get through a simple conversation with locals or business partners in a foreign organization.

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This app is currently available in the Google Play Store, with over two million five star reviews.

10. Yahoo Weather:

This app is the most popular app for the professional people. It’s easy to operate and a well designed app that doesn’t blog a consumer in too many details.

The information about current forecast as well as image of the particular city with animated weather changes is also displayed. It is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

11. Mint:

It is a top rated finance app for the business folks. Using this app one can consolidate bank accounts; track the current budget, check credit card score, set up reminders to pay the bills.

It also gives the facility to deliver customized tips to save the money and how to improve the credit card score. This app is available in both the Google Play Store and Apple Store, their ratings are 4.5 star and 4.4 star respectively.

12. 360 Security:

This is an antivirus app that enhances the speed and function of smartphones by clearing memory space, junk files and improving battery life.

When more business is conducted through the mobile devices, there arises the problem of security. Many anti theft features are available in this app. It is available in both Android and iPhones.

Poor Rated Apps:

A user can share can share experiences about both the advantages and disadvantages of the app. The reviews and ratings depend mainly on four primary areas such as Security, Stability, Satisfaction and Identified Elegance. Some apps have quality scores less than fifty.

They are Weather Channel, BlackBerry, Hangouts, Skype, Messenger, and LINE. Evaluation of mobile maturity and agile development process disconnects the users and their digital experience.

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