How Similar Or Different Are Personal Blogging And Business Blogging?

Personal blogging and business blogging are two major forms of blogging. The core thing that differentiates the two is that personal blogging is about expressing your thoughts to the audience, while business blogging is about promoting an idea to sell a product or service. But what are the commonalities and differences between these two major forms of blogging? It is a question that we will be answering in this article. Here we go:

Personal Blogging vs Business Blogging

business bloggine vs personal blogging

What Is Personal Blogging?

As its name suggests, personal blogging is about sharing your personal experiences or voicing your opinions on a subject. Usually, personal blogging touches upon the sensory of the audience and leaves them with a thought or lesson they should contemplate. Since personal blogging builds a narrative from a personal perspective, it uses the first person pronoun and has a storytelling style of writing.

What Is Business Blogging?

In business blogging, a blogger tries to sell a thought with his writing skills. Often, the thought is the brand story of a business. A business blogger uses the blogging platform to engage the potential customers and educate them about their business. The ultimate goal is to promote an idea that represents the spirit of a brand. In business blogging, the focus is directed towards the audience and not the blogger himself.

What Are The Commonalities

Both Address A Specific Target Audience

Both the personal blogging and business blogging cater to a specific community. They seek to create a community of people who share similar interests and hobbies. So they have a platform to express their thoughts.

Today, both the personal blogger and business blogger have easy access to their community as they can interact with them through blogging.

Both Seek To Build A Community

Both the personal blogger and business blogger take into consideration their topics based on their target readers. For example, if you are food blogger then obviously you’ll target the section of dieticians, fitness gurus, trainers, and gym instructors. You’ll be writing about the themes like the best meal for weight loss, or the worst foods that can hurt your health.

The idea of blogging is to address a specific group of audience. Once you have that in mind, you can easily educate your audience about a topic no matter if you are a personal blogger or a business blogger.

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What Are The Differences?

Personal Bloggers Have More Freedom Than Business Bloggers

A personal blog offers you a wider wiggle room for the blogging. You can write on any topic and express your opinions on any issue that can attract the readers. Besides, there are no ‘hard and fast’ rules regarding the length and content of an article.

Unlike personal blogging, business blogging focuses on both the relevancy of the article for Google as well as its value for the humans. Being a business blogger, you need to optimize your blog as per the guidelines of the Google in order to make it more visible on the search engine result page (SERP).

As a business blogger, you have to keep tabs on the set of specific keywords and use them sparsely in your content. In addition, you have to angle your writing on the trending topics within your industry so that more people engage with your blog and build a relationship with your brand. In a nutshell, business blogging caters to both the humans and machine.

They Have A Different Style Of Writing

Both the personal blogging and business blogging has a different style. A personal blog has a storytelling style of writing. In personal blogging, the writer narrates a story from a personal viewpoint. On the other hand, a business blogger writes articles with an objective approach to educate the readers about the facts of a specific subject. Often, the topic of a business blog is related to the products or services that the blogger sells on his website.

They Have A Different Design

The design of a personal blog is way different than a professional blog. Unlike a business blog, it is simpler with little navigation buttons or third-party applications. The primary reason is the fact that personal blogging is just like a diary and the only difference is the use of web publishing. Due to this reason, a personal blog has a minimal appearance with simple fonts and interface.

On the other hand, a business blog has an interface similar to a business website with more navigation buttons and third-party applications. Apart from writing and publishing, a business blog offers many other features to make your blog more functional to the visitors.

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A Business Blogger Is More At Risk

Unlike personal blogging, the business blogging involves some kind of financial risk. What you write on your business blog can have implications on your business. Let’s say you are an online retailer in garments and you deride the government policies regarding the apparel industry then you might put yourself in serious trouble if your words offend the government.

Business Blog Runs On A Strategy

Business blogging is based on a marketing strategy to promote a product or service. It keeps its emphasis on promoting an idea that is related to the core product or service of the business blog. As a business blogger, your articles have to engage the readers and inculcate in them the benefits of your product or service.

Unlike personal blogging, business blogging is a scientific process. Today, business bloggers measure every little activity on their blog, such as unique visitors, bounce rate, or the conversion rate. The ultimate goal of a business blog is to generate the leads and convert them into clients.


Both personal blogging and business blogging have their set of rules. In personal blogging, the writer shares his story from a specific point of view, while business blogging is about presenting facts in order to educate the readers about a particular topic. Hope this article informs you the differences between these two major forms of blogging.

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