Public Wi-Fi: What Should You Worry About?

Almost every day we are using services of free public Wi-Fi. Survey shows that the majority of users are checking mail, browsing social media, shopping online and even making payments using this connection.

All these actions are putting financial sensible data at great risk as public places are beloved by hackers and snoopers.

In order to ensure solid protection of personal space while using free Wi-Fi in public places, make sure to find reliable VPN provider, who will create a safe tunnel to browse the web anonymously.

Today, working remotely is very popular and convenient which often leads to, i.e. employees trying to access corporate network by means of unprotected channel.

In public places it is extremely easy to intercept the communication between user’s tablet or smartphone and the computer one is trying to connect to and steal the information due to the fact that public Wi-Fi networks don’t have the required level of protection and any hacker having the right tools can easily access private accounts.

Such risks as the theft of login information, credit card information and other sensible data, malware distributing, access to shared documents and email apps make using the VPN services a crucial step in protecting oneself online.

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Any sensible user should find out more about VPN providers in order to ensure their safety.

What VPN provider to choose to ensure complete online safety?

The significance of trusted VPN provider is continuing to grow and it is possible finding even free services. But real quality can be for free and there are huge flaws in their operation. Here are top rated services that able ensuring online anonymity and safety:


VyprVPN offers apps that will operate impeccably on numerous popular devices with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS. This service counts over 700 servers located worldwide and provides over 200 000 IPs to choose from.

Every user has a chance to choose any server, switching IP addresses, uploading and downloading files safely and without any restrictions. VyprVPN uses following protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and Chameleon enabling users enjoying lightning speed, solid level of protection and data encryption.

2: PureVPN:

works great with every major platform such as Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and Linux, moreover, it operates flawlessly at laptops, desktops, amazon fire, consoles, SmartTV, and many more.

Service has over 500 servers that are located in 141 countries. This allows safely travel and enjoy unrestricted web browsing from any part of the world.

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3. NordVPN

service hides users’ IP and identity allowing visiting any restricted web site. No logs policy guarantees there will be no traces left after your web browsing. Double data encryption, lightning speed, safe Wi-Fi, and professional customer support 24/7 make this service invaluable.

To make it even better – NordVPN operates perfectly with popular desktop systems – Windows, Linux and OS X.

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