10 Online Video Compressors to Download Today

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2020)

Usually, it is experienced that it is difficult to upload the large files over somewhere. So everybody enjoys taking videos and enjoying it so. While recording some video over the phones or some other devices usually it is observed that these videos are formed of high resolution have a larger size so due to this sometimes we are unable to upload these videos and send it over social media.

Find here some of the best online video compressor software for your disposal.

Best Online Video Compressor Tools

So there comes the need to compress these videos and bring their size into the appropriate normal size which can be easily socialized and even kept in the phone to save the storage. So here is the list of top 10 video compressors available for mac, windows as well. These can easily help us compress our videos and gives us an easy form.

1. Clipchamp

online video compressor

Although this is not a free application for the compressing of the videos but the features it is comprised of is worth its price so using this you have a lot of features available. Moreover, you get an option of the convert, compress, and record feature as well.

So all you need to do is choose the medium particularly the high or the low. The benefits of this include the multiple or the bulk conversion at a time as well as the huge option of the templates available. But the only ill of this is that it is a bit expensive and in the free mode you cannot enjoy most of its features.

2. Aconvert

This is a free application that can be easily used by the people to convert the videos and compress them. You have a variety of options available for the input format that can be used to convert the files.

But in this, there is a problem that you can only convert files less than 200 MB. Although it provides a powerful compression, tool but also is rich in the templates, which can be applied onto the files. The disadvantage of this is that no batch compression can be done and also you do not get several sharing options while using this.

3. io Online Uniconverter

This is the online free application that helps you convert your audio and video files. However, the limitation of this application is that you cannot convert larger than 100 MB so this is quite a negative for this.

The benefits of this include the faster upload of the files and conversion is also fast. At the same time, it supports almost all the types of available formats so it becomes easy for the user to directly upload the files. But owing to the disadvantage of this is that the free version has only the limited options available.

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4. YouCompress

This is a simple application that helps you compressing the files easily. Also, the unlimited number of files can be compressed using this. But in this, the compression is automatic so you do not get an option of setting it manually related to the resolution.

The benefits of this include the quick and the easy compression of the files whereas this application helps to compress directly without any involvement of multiple steps. The disadvantages include those of the no file-sharing ability and the no output format. So this becomes difficult when the automatic option is available which does not give a proper resolution.

5. OnlineConverter Video Compressor

online video compressor

This is an online application that is easy and convenient to use which is just free. So in case you are searching for a fast and quick conversion you can easily go with this and get the files compressed easily and efficiently.

The benefits of this include the wide range of formats supported as well as easy upload. So you can easily upload files even the larger files directly from the computer by the URL. The disadvantages include those of the compression of the files less than 200 MB. And the desired format output option is also not available.

6. PS2PDF Online MP4 Video Compressor

This is a web-based video compressor used to compress the files in three simple steps. Moreover, the uploading speed is pretty high and can upload files easily and fast. The benefit of this among the others is that there is no limit for the upload of the files and even the larger files can be easily uploaded.

Also, you get an option to adjust the dimensions as per your need and requirements. But the ill of this is that you do not get the option of file sharing while using this.

7. Zamzar

online video compressor

Although this is a free as well as the featured application that can be enjoyed by switching to the premium modes which is priced. It supports more than thousands of file formats and also the process of conversion is very easy and simple.

Moreover, you get an option of the online store in the pricing pack, which can be adjusted as per our needs and money. The disadvantages include that it comprises of only the basic features of compression in the free accessibility. The size of the file that can be uploaded depends upon the subscription.

8. Cloudconvert

This is a free as well as a subscription application that gives an option of converting the audio, video as well as the images. The advantages of this application include those of the powerful compression modes. Also, you get an option of batch compression with easier accessibility and use.

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It supports a wide range of formats and also gives you an option to save the files in the dropbox from whereon later you can easily retrieve. But it has some disadvantages as you can store up to only 1 GB and you need to buy for more storage the plans.

9. ConvertFiles Online File Converter

online video compressor

This is for the nonprofessional users who require free and easier applicability to compress the files. However, it supports lots of formats and can be easily used to convert the audio as well as the images and the video files.

You get the option of changing the file format easily. The benefits of this include the simpler conversion and also to a wide range of formats. However, there are some of the disadvantages that include the conversion of only files up to 250 MB. Also the process is a bit slow time consuming and is provided with the basic tools only.

10. Clideo

online video compressor

This is a web-based application that offers free as well as paid options for the conversion. Also, you need to sign in some of the accounts to enjoy the most of the benefits and convert the files in just one click.

It comprises of several options for reducing the size of the video files. It also provides video editing tools and also is a quick compression. But you do not get the option of choosing the output format and also the automatic video compression facility is also not provided by this.

Above mentioned are video compressor available either online or offline and the benefits as well as the disadvantages corresponding to them have been stated.  You get an overall idea about the different tools available and choose wisely.

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