Free Online Photo Compressor to Reduce Image Size Online

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2020)

Are you looking for the best online photo compressor tools to compress your images before you are going to upload it online? If yes! You are in the right place. Optimizing and compressing the images for your photography sites will help you to load your website faster, which will result in increasing the higher rank in the search engine Optimization.

10 Online Photo Size Compressor

There are some photos editing and compressing tools available, in which you have to pay some amounts to get the work done. But a vast number of free photo compressor tools are available in Online. These free compressing tools are producing the results within a few seconds and deliver amazing results. Here is the list of top 10 online photo compressor tools.

1. JPEG Optimizer

online photo compressor

This is one kind of free image compressor software that allows the user to upload the photo and compress the photo online. As the name indicates, you are able to find that the tools are exclusively made only for the JPEG images. One of the main advantages of the JPEG optimizer is it allows you to resize the images before you are going for compressing.

Whenever you are uploading the resized images on the websites, it will save the loading time of the webpage. In addition to this, it also allows you to set the optimization level, and control the quality of the compressed image. This is one of the important features that are looked at by every photographer in online photo compressor, who wants to upload the high quality compressed photo.

2. Optimizilla

Optimizilla will aim to reproduce the high quality compressed images with the lowest file size possible. With the help of the Optimizilla online photo compressor, you are able to optimize the JPEG and PNG file formats. The main advantage of the Optimizilla is, you are able to view the before and after compression of the images with the help of slider features.

With the slider, you can decide how much you want to compress your image without losing the quality of the images. Whenever you want to upload the bulk amount of images, you can go with the Optimizilla photo size compressor. At a time, the Optimizilla is able to compress 20 images by setting the compression level for each photo separately.

3. io

Among the bulk image compressor software listed here, the will have a separate and permanent place. In addition to the JPEG, PNG file format, you are able to compress the animated GIF files. Unlike other online photo compressor tools, the is able to provide the compressed photo at the lowest file size.

If you want to upload the smallest size of the image, you have to go with the You can download the compressed images one at a time or even in .zip format. It also has access to export the files to dropbox or import files from box, dropbox, and drive. The free version of the will allow you to compress png image file up to 32MB each in size and a total of 100MB photos.

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4. ImageRecycle

online photo compressor

When you want to compress JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF images in single photo compressor, you can make use of image recycle. The drag and drop interface features in the Image recycle will allow you to drag the images from the desktop to the optimizer tool. In addition to the image compression, the tool is also available with the website analysis.

Whenever you are requested for the website analysis, the ImageRecycle will provide the report that is designed and help you to understand which type of image compression is suitable for the site in order to improve the site performance and search engine optimization.

The image recycle tool is offering its service for the 15-day free trial with a 100MB limit. After that, you have to avail the service by selecting any pricing plans to compress png image.

5. CompressNow

CompressNow is another easy way to reduce image file size online. It will be beneficial when you are going to compress the photos in a bulk manner. You have to simply upload the photo images that are available in the formats like JPEG, PNG, and GIF images from your computer and set the compression percentage for the images.

After a few seconds, you can download the compressed images from CompressNow and use them on your site or for personal purposes. The bulk options in the CompressNow supports up to 10 images at a time. Whenever you want to set the same compression level, you have to go with the CompressNow photo compressor. You cannot set different compression percentages for the images in the CompressNow tool.

6. Online Image Optimizer

online photo compressor

Online Image Optimizer is nothing but a dynamic drive product to compress jpeg & png images, which can help you to optimize the images in major formats and so your images will be having the faster loading capacity on the webpage.

When you want to convert your JPG image into PNG formats, you can use this amazing tool. In the online image Optimizer tool, the user is able to upload the images via URL, which means, they are able to compress the images that are already uploaded on the Website. The maximum file size of an online image Optimizer tool is about 2.86MB.

7. Resize Photos

Resize photo is another that you can mainly use it to compress the images that are available in the emails or on forums. All you need to do is simply upload the image to the resize photo tools and set the compression range between 1 to 100.

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With a few clicks, you are able to compress image without losing quality. In addition to the compression, if you want to apply any image effects from their gallery, you can go for it. The image effect includes photo effects, borders, reflections, and rounded corner options.

8. GiftOfSpeed

online photo compressor

GiftOfSpeed offers the best compression ratio for the PNG and JPEG images. This jpg image size reducer tool is using different image compression techniques in order to minimize the file sizes as much as possible. With the help of the GiftOfSpeed online image compressor, in addition to the image compression, you can also go for image expansion.

9. Trimage

The Linux users who are all want to remove the EXIF and metadata from the images can make use of Trimage. The Trimage tool will compress your JPEG and PNG images in the highest level of possible compression percentage. The Trimage image reducer is mostly suited for the Linux users and other MAC or PC will not be able to compress their JPEG and PNG images in the Trimage.

10. TinyPNG

online photo compressor

Tiny PNG is one of the oldest and popular image compressor tools to compress png image. It works well for the JPEG and PNG image files and you can upload 20 images in one go. The maximum file size of a Tiny PNG image is 5 MB.

In addition to the compression, the Tiny PNG image compressor also offers WordPress plugins and Magento extension which helps to compress image by size without any hassle conditions of manual uploading and compressing. From the free account of the Tiny PNG, you are able to compress roughly 100 images per month.


The above-mentioned are the list of 10 online image compressor. Every photo compressor will have its own features and options. You can select the photo compressor tools based on your needs and requirements. Make use of this article and select the best image compressor tool to compress the photo in the needed size without losing its quality.

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