MP3 Converter App

MP3 Converter App : Brief Review and How To Download

This unusual music app allows you to listen to your favorite tunes without crashes or a glitch. Its main functionality is to turn your music and videos to MP3, and convert MP3 files to various formats on iPhone and Android. In other words, you will be able to play the track you’ve bought or downloaded, even though it doesn’t match with the file formats supported by your smartphone player. Besides that, MP3 Converter offers many other useful features:


  • No restrictions on the file size or number of converted files
  • Quality of converted tracks is preserved
  • You can convert files from your phone, or files from your preferred cloud services directly within the app
  • More than 35 file formats supported, such as 3GA 3GP AAC AC3 AMR APE and more
  • Won’t burden your processor or RAM, nor it will drain your battery

MP3 Converter App

All these practical characteristics are packed in clear design with modern user interface. This means that it is adapted to all user types and very easy-to-use. To reassure you, let’s see how to convert music files on both, iPhone and Android.

  1. Download MP3 Converter from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and choose an audio track you want to convert.
  3. Select the conversion type you need and that would be all!

MP3 Converter App

Once the file is imported, it is automatically sent to the servers for conversion. The music track is downloaded once the process is done.  After you get the result, the documents are deleted from the servers. In this way, the conversion doesn’t affect your battery or burdens your processor or RAM.

If you like to listen to music smoothly, and without disturbance, then this is a must-have app on your smartphone. Just download MP3 Converter, put music on and world off!

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