How To Treat Your Blog Like A Business? A Quick Insight

In the year 2017, blogging is serious business. So if you’re looking to make money from your own blog – you need to treat it like that.

Like serious business. Now that doesn’t mean you’ve got to start dressing in a suit every day and heading to pointless meetings (unless that’s your thing, of course).

It just means you’ve got to take a professional approach to your blog, as a business, and apply business strategy and practices to running your blog.

How To Treat Your Blog Like A Business?

How To Treat Your Blog Like A Business?

This is something that will be difficult to do if you’re not established, but there’s nothing stopping you applying business practices to your new blog – it will prevent you from having to relearn those practices when you do make it big!

How to start off? Well, you want to keep growing your audience. Businesses grow their audience by identifying a target market and then appealing to that target market in various ways. As a blog, this means you want to create content for YOUR readers.

If you’re starting out – it might be a good idea to find a niche. Say you want to blog about soccer – why not choose to focus on a specific league of interest, or even a few players? These tight niches help you out – as blogs already occupy niches.

If you can find a niche within a niche, you might have hit gold. If you can create winning high-quality content on a consistent basis, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t see success.

It might not be clear straight away though. With so much competition, blogging is hard work. You’ve got to really stick at it to see the light of success and even when your blog is established you might still not see much in the way of money.

If you give up, you’ll make nothing, but if you stick at it and be ingenuitive and inventive with your content, you could find loads of opportunities to make money.

At this point it’s worth taking the time to talk about web design. There are a lot of successful blogs out there that make a lot of money and yet are still poorly designed. You can’t make that same mistake as a poor design will cost you if you haven’t got an audience yet.

If you can’t rework your wordpress or sort out your Squarespace, you really need to talk to a digital agency who can not only fix your website, but help you boost your audience in the digital arena by assisting with your social media content (which is vital as well, but you knew that).

With monetizing your blog – if you aren’t sponsoring your podcast or videos – you’ll also be asked to write sponsored content. You need to be cautious here as you can overdo it with corporate content, but remember that you aren’t charging your audience for the value you provide.

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It’s up to you, but disclaimers can always save the day. You’ll get more of this as success grows. If you want your blog to be your job – you need to treat it like a business to succeed!

Team BR