How to password protect and lock your files/folders in windows?

Windows has been one of the most commonly used operating systems for the past few decades and haven’t seen much any competition. The reason to its fame is because of the fact that it is the most user-friendly and is not as complicated as other running operating systems. We all have been using Windows since day one and it came with a series of Windows 97, 98, XP, 2007, 2010 and more.

However, the fame it has around it has also attracted those who you do not trust. These versions of Windows are only good while being used and are a bit open to threats as their security protocols aren’t dependent enough. The basic versions do not include any method of password protecting your files and folders hence, it is vital for you to use a third party software for added security. However, the basic encryption of files/folders is still possible. For example:

Windows 7, 8 and 10:


  • Select the folder/file you want to encrypt
  • Right-click on the properties of the respective file/folder
  • Tap on ‘Advanced’ button on the General Tab
  • Moreover, select the box for the ‘Encrypt contents to secure data’
  • Finally, click on ‘OK’ on both Windows

Windows XP:

  • Select the folder/file you want to encrypt
  • Right-click on the folder/file and tap on ‘Properties’
  • Furthermore, tap on the sharing tab and select the ‘Make this folder private’
  • Finally, tap on Apply and then OK
  • In case if you are using two or more accounts on your computer, you can use the steps listed below.
  • Highlight the folder/file you want to encrypt
  • Right-click the folder/file and tap on Properties
  • Click on the ‘Advanced’ button on the General tab
  • Select the ‘Encrypt contents to secure data’ option
  • Click on Apply and finally OK
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To protect files on Windows 10 using WinRAR, follow the following steps:

  • Install the WinRAR on your system
  • Right click on the file you want to protect and tap on ‘Add to archive option’. This will open the archive name and the parameters dialog.
  • To confirm it, enter the password twice. Finally, click ‘OK’ to create zip files which are now password protected.

Basic steps of password protecting folders/files:

  • Go on to the properties of a folder by right clicking on the folder
  • A new window would be opened where you need to tap on ‘advanced’ under the general tab.
  • Here, you need to check the box next to the option titled ‘Encrypt contents to Secure Data’
  • Click on the apply button and finally tap on OK and you’re done!

But the basic method to password protect folder isn’t really available in these versions of Windows. Not to forget, the basic encryptions they provide are good but only to a certain extent. Hence, it would be better for you to look out for a third-party software that is specialized in both password protection as well as encryption. Our recommendations are listed below:

Folder Lock:

A file locking software named folder lock known for both encryption and password protection. If compared, its encryption feature is rather more dependable than password protection. However, their claim is to recommend users to use encryption for extremely confidential data and reserve password protection for the regular files and folders. They let you create and use a Master Password which you must remember as once lost, it is hard to recover.

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Dashlane is a recent emerge that has gained the spotlight as well. It now works with Linux, OS, and Chrome etc. and is known for being flexible to use. It also lets you use a password changer which can reset hundreds of your passwords at once. Hence, you save on time and worry in case of any major breach.


Folder Lock however, stays at the top as it is still the most user-preferred option. Its password protection feature is quite easy and involves the basic drag and drop option. Dashlane still needs time to become the user favorite.