How to Boost your Email Marketing Conversion Rate?

One of the oldest internet tools that refuse to run out of fashion is email. Most brands and businesses still rely on email marketing as a means of reaching out to subscribers and convince them to become a customer.

Some people still prefer the professionalism and formality of receiving an email about a product or service, rather than seeing an ad or receiving unwanted promotional calls. So, no wonder marketers and business leaders continue to use email lists and subscription buttons as a means to access a larger audience.

Steps to Boost your Email Marketing Conversion Rate

However, this requires marketing experts to lay the groundwork for email marketing optimization to boost email conversion rates and increase sales. It has been predicted that email users worldwide would have escalated to 4.3 billion by the year 2022, which means businesses can continue to use it as a reliable tool to gather information about their target audiences.

But, this also gives room to an accumulation of spam and unwanted emails, so businesses need to knuckle down to craft email systems that keep subscribers and prospective customers engaged.

Since email marketing is not going anywhere, business persons need to practice the best techniques to boost their conversion rates. Many businesses are now revisiting their previous email marketing tactics with a fresher take to generate new leads.

Here are the most effective methods outlined for you to gain the most out of your email marketing campaign.

1. Be Personal

Nothing is an overnight wonder and you can’t expect to generate maximum leads after sending one email. Adding a personalized touch to your email messages prevents them from sounding too bland or robotic and shows customers you’re interested in building a relationship with them.

When emails display that they’re coming from someone within the business, it leaves a good impression on clients and encourages them to start up a conversation with the sender to learn more about the brand. Similarly, sending a personalized email when a user leaves an abandoned shopping cart on your website has a significant effect on the buyer’s return to the website.

Try to avoid adding too many images so the reader doesn’t get distracted during the message and focus more on the text.

2. Set Up Automated Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are automated email notifications that work to entice customers to open your emails or make another purchase. They can help bring back leads or users by notifying them about a service they searched on your site or a product they purchased.

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Start a drip campaign with a standard welcome email and informing them that you’ve received their request. Then proceed by delivering the best and most useful stories over the next couple of weeks that your audience is guaranteed to find relatable.

You can then follow it with a call-to-action methodology in the form of a purchase or a follow on your brand’s social media channel. The bottom line is to establish a bond with customers so they stay on your website and improve conversion rates.

3. Offer Something to Look Forward To

Marketers can approach each day as a new way to attract clients by using visually themed newsletters for each day. When you provide readers with something exclusive, they’re unable to resist but to keep reading on till the end.

Fashion your email marketing practices to incorporate social media and website performance to take full advantage of the user’s attention. Your email is not just about the content but its originality, the way it’s presented, and how it benefits your subscribers.

What can you offer?

  • Highlight any special packages.
  • Coupons for them to redeem from an outlet near them or an online store.
  • Give discounts for all early registrations.
  • Display top customer testimonials with quotations.
  • Offer a link to the repository of downloadable content.

The point is to offer users something in exchange for their undivided attention. This is an effective way to build trust and connections with your potential customers. Once they gradually start trusting your brand, you will gain their loyalty which will lift your conversion rates.

4. Make them mobile-friendly

It goes without saying that most individuals spend time on their mobile phones than any other device and most emails are checked on smartphones. Hence, marketers stress on email optimization to generate the maximum number of leads and clicks.

Receiving an email and then having an inability reading or navigating through the content will not fetch you any conversions, so use a mobile-friendly client. Watch how competitor brands within your industry are optimizing their email messages and follow a similar pattern with a unique spin so readers are motivated to stick through the whole way.

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Make your emails as readable as possible so users can easily scroll the message without having to zoom in or zoom out.

5. Use Auto-responders for Opt-ins

Auto-responders are an effective automation tool that sends reminders to people of their subscription to your channel or newsletter. Most users have subscribed to their favorite brands and channels to receive news updates, so there’s a chance that they have forgotten about their subscription with your brand.

Thus, having an auto-responder send weekly reminders and updates can help readers to stay up-to-date with your products or services. Just fashion your emails to consist of valuable and relevant information in the form of pdf handouts, manuals, guides or even graphics to engross users with the content.

Wrapping up

Running a business requires you to build rapport and connections with consumers throughout the venture. Email is one of the oldest yet most effective digital marketing services that allow brands to directly connect with their leads that are interested in their products and services.

As you continue to refine your email marketing strategies with the help of our tips, you will learn to identify consumer behaviors which will aid you to craft the perfect email message to grip readers. Just be relevant, interesting, and creative so you wind up “pinned” or “starred” in their inbox and not in the junk folder.

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