How Our Digital Marketing Company Helped Businesses Survive

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2021)

Millions of people have lost their jobs and economies around the world are collapsing due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Both issues appear because most businesses had to shut down as they weren’t getting any sales. They aren’t getting any sales because the public has stopped going out.

If people start buying things, businesses will come to life again and they won’t have to terminate employees. Governments will also start getting taxes from buyers, companies, and workers, and the economy would start to recover.

Basically, we need to start sales again to revive businesses. The public may not be going out of their houses, they are going to the internet – now more than ever.

While other industries are suffering, we saw a clear increase in the demand for our digital marketing services. Businesses want to reach out to their prospects on the internet and convince them to purchase their product or services.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a branch of marketing that focuses on online channels to help businesses reach their goals. Business goals could be:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Attracting and Engaging Customers
  • Generating Leads
  • Making Online Sales

All these goals can be achieved through proper digital marketing. Even if the customer can’t go out, businesses can have an employee deliver the product or service to his home – that is, if the customer places an order online.

Four Types of Businesses

We divided all businesses into four categories based on how they provide their service. We defined their most important goals and created a plan for each category.

1.  Physically Delivered Services

Service providers that had to go to the customer’s location were completely shut down during the pandemic. These include laborers, electricians, plumbers, civil engineers, etc.

2. Remotely Delivered Services

Services like digital marketing, designing, and programming didn’t much suffer as most of their work is done online and they don’t have to personally meet their customers.

3. Physically Delivered Products

Businesses that sell products like electronic items and clothes suffered more than any other category of business because their customers have to leave the house to visit their store.

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4. Remotely Delivered Products

Products like software and applications don’t have a shop, nor do they need to meet their customers. They can deliver their product simply by giving the customer online access to the resource.

We Started by Developing Online Channels

First-time brands cannot be expected to ace each and every digital marketing strategy, especially during the pandemic. It is best that rather than going alone, they work with the best digital marketing agency in Singapore, which can help them optimize their performances.

From suggesting workable strategies to helping them cut down on wasteful expenditure in different areas, the best agencies became a great asset for brands in the COVID-19 period.

Businesses that have to deliver products or services physically never paid much attention to their online presence. Some of them have a website and some social media pages, but they were never properly utilized.

So, we started by developing three online channels where they can collaborate with customers and process the entire transaction online.

1. Website

A website works like an online branch of the business. Service providers needed a business website where they could get leads, and product sellers needed an e-commerce store where customers could see all their products and make a purchase online.

2. Social Media Profiles

About 3 billion people use social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on a regular basis. To target them, we created business pages of our clients on all important social channels.

3. Mobile Apps

Mobile apps make engaging and selling easy. They are crucial to build a loyal clientele. However, getting prospects to install the app is a challenge itself.

Next Came Attracting and Engaging the Audience

Once the foundation is built, the next step is to reach out to the target audience with a pitch. We had all businesses follow special safety measures to show their product or service won’t cause the spread of coronavirus and used it as one of their unique selling points.

1.  Social Media Channels

We used paid social marketing to quickly increase following and used relevant and attractive posts to engage those followers. This increased brand awareness and gave us an audience to whom we can pitch.

2.  Email Marketing

Thanks to smartphones, email has again become an effective marketing tool. We built subscriber lists and used planned email sequences to nurture leads.

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3.  Search Engine Optimization

People search all their problems on search engines like Google. We used paid advertisements to bring relevant traffic to the website while doing SEO to help benefit in the long term.

4.  Podcasts and Webinars

Podcasts and webinars work great to increase brand awareness, engage existing customers, and nurture leads. It only requires some time for a business executive and doesn’t take much investment.

5.  App Store Optimization

Through ASO, we increased app downloads and ensured it has an interface where users can process a complete transaction from finding a product or service to paying for it.

Lockdown Can be Used as an Opportunity

No doubt, it’s a difficult time. But, as they say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. This pandemic has given all small and new businesses a chance to stand in competition with big powerful companies.

Through proper digital marketing efforts, a new company can quickly increase brand awareness and attract new customers. You should acquire the help of an SEO analyst to understand how you can utilize these online channels.

If you know how to present yourself to the audience, you can sell any product or service online. Even people in the construction industry are still working because they knew how to stay safe and convince their customers.

Even restaurants are operating online and delivering orders to homes with the promise of safe and hygienic food. You just need to understand the biggest problem ahead of you and look for the most efficient solution.

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